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Where in Duluth: Wildwoods Continuing Education Edition (a)

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This one seems to have the Where in Duluth? Facebook group stumped. I’ve been kind of stingy with hints, though. I’ll tell you what I told them: 1) It’s outside. 2) It’s farther west than Kemps Dairy in the West End.

Ok … go!

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I’m giving no hints. If this goes unsolved, so be it.

Where in Duluth, the trashy version »

This is from today, FYI. And it all sits in my recycling now. You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

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In a twist on our usual game of “Where in Duluth?” we instead ask, in reference to the photo above, who in Minnesota? The image above was shot circa 1970 near what is now Elm Creek Park Reserve, a 4,900-acre park straddling Maple Grove, Champlin and Dayton, near Osseo.

On the right in the photo is Gary Lund, former owner of Gary’s Place, a bar in Carver. These days Gary’s Place is Lisa’s Place, where there will be a benefit for Gary on June 1.

But who is that on the left? He is famous enough that you should know.

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Another installment of the exciting game in which the person who is the first to identify where the photo was shot is the winner of great dignity and respect.

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Where in Duluth: Buzzfeed edition »

I was reading through this list of things Minnesotans are [allegedly] too nice to brag about and I saw this picture, figured it was from Duluth, and it is.

From Buzzfeed, the ultimate warming house in Duluth, MN

Minnesotans do brag about all of this stuff all the time, but it’s fun to see it on Buzzfeed. Click the pic to see the entire post, several items have a Duluth connection.

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Where in Duluth?

Duluth is where the heart is. Where in Duluth, MN?

Bonus points if you can figure the swatch of land that the heart covers. I’m stumped on the scale there, but at a minimum I’m thinking Proctor and maybe Esko and a township or three.

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Hint 1: This photo was taken in 2006.
Hint 2: The sign is no longer there.

Where in Duluth can a man get some martini’s these days? »

Still upset that Black Woods stopped serving your favorite Martini’s to go back to the more traditional martinis? Well! Have no fear for you can now get them again on Tuesdays at another fine Superior Street establishment. But keeping in the spirit of Where in Duluth?, you’ll need to figure out where.

Get your martini's!

*Tap pints also not from tap.

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Where in Duluth? — Some easy ones »

From time to time on PDD we like to play a little game called “Where in Duluth?” The first person to name the location of the photo wins bragging rights.

Since this one is so easy, it will be followed up in the comments with a few more easy ones, because it just seems like the right thing to do.

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