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In a twist on the usual game of “Where in Duluth?” we this time ask for the location in Wisconsin where this seven-year-old clipping from Atlantic Monthly hangs. The article was brought to PDD’s attention because it contains a quote by Duluth’s John Ramos, who also graces this website with various posts and comments.

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Recent discussions made me think of this guy. I blurred out his sign to not make it too easy…

Amanda and Rick and the new bike »

Yesterday I saw this rain-soaked note clinging to the propane cage outside the Walgreen’s on Superior and 12th…

I thought it was odd enough to post on a well-known social media platform as a curiosity. Then Scott Lunt (aka Starfire) saw it and posted this version of the note he saw on 4th Street… (more…)

Abandoned places to see »

Does anyone happen to know where these abandoned, yet beautiful, spots are? If you have some of your own, feel free to share pictures and locations so everyone can enjoy. There is a lot of little secrets along the North Shore like these. 

(Photos are by Christian Dalbec)

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In a twist on our usual game of “Where in Duluth?” we note this time the image was not shot in Duluth, yet the flag references Duluth’s Enger Park. Ready? Set? Describe the location where this photo was shot.

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I went for a stroll on my lunch break and found PDD t-shirts for sale. Do you know where?

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Where in Duluth? “Thou Shalt Not Steal” »

Where in Duluth?


Abraham Lincoln was here … bro »

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This is probably a gimmie this time of year, but it was so gorgeous I wanted to share it.

Where on the North Shore? Boundary Islands, Pigeon Bay Kayaking »

Boundary Islands, Pigeon Bay Kayaking Trip, Grand Portage, MN

Port City Supply »

Duluth’s Cody Paulson has a new photo blog called Port City Supply, which aims to explore Duluth’s curious aesthetic, which Paulson says “falls somewhere between industry and nature.”

Port City Supply on Instagram
Port City Supply on Tumblr

It’s like 50 “Where in Duluth?” posts at once, with some scattered familiar scenery interspersed.

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