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The Sound of Breaking Ice »

Pushing my camera through the ice at Stoney Point a few days ago.

Abominable Snowman Costume »

Does anyone know where I could get ahold of an abominable snowman costume? Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Ye Olde Duluth — Rollerskating Edition »

Duluth's Frank Bryant (right) and Raymond 'King' Kelly after skating 348 miles to set a world distance record for a 24-hour two-man relay, 21-22 January 1915.

I ran across this on the Library of Congress’s Flickr Commons photostream today and got curious. Although the original caption suggests that Bryant and King’s record was set “on ice,” the wheels on the skates the men are wearing make me skeptical–as does the background material on the Frank Bryant collection at the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center.

So, here goes:  From 1913-1916, Duluthian Frank Bryant was a dominant competitive roller skater, holding a world championship in speed skating. The photo here depicts the 25 year-old Michigan native with St. Paulite Kelly, with whom he set a world record distance of 348 miles for a 24-hour two-man relay event–the Minnesotan pair’s performance eclipsed the previous 203-mile mark set just two weeks earlier in New York. A knee injury in 1916 apparently ended his high-level skating career, but he continued skating competitively into the late 1920s. Bryant worked for Duluth’s Union Towing and Wrecking Company for 32 years, retiring in 1955; he died in 1961.

Helmet Cam: Shark Pilot, Diorama-rama »

What the Shark Pilot Helmet Cam saw.

Images from Diorama-rama 6 »

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Minnesota Workout: Shoveling Snow in Duluth, MN 3/27/2014 »

I decided to put on my boots and go out and get a little workout today as only a Minnesotan can. Here is a video of how to workout in Minnesota … with a little Minnesota accentuation.

The Perilous Inlet (a short film) »

Final, scored version of something I’ve released excerpts of over time.

Four harrowing stories from one of Lake Superior’s perilous inlets, as told through the magic of toys.

Winter Ruled »

Highlight reel of sights and sounds from extreme winter 2014.

Goat Pro Camera »

Spankie eating cheese balls.

Under the Ice at Stoney Point »

Do you find green beer to be bilious? »

This ad is from 1906.

A Trip to Grand Marais »

Feathery Crystals of the Park Point Ice Caves »

Sasha Howell Fashion Show Kickstarter »

Sasha is an amazing local talent. Support her dream fashion show and score yourself some VIP tickets.

Search for Atlantis »

Fun While it Lasted »

People’s Free Duluth Skate Rink now closed for the season, obliterated by snowpacalypse. Here we see it in its heyday, as well as its ignominious conclusion.

People’s Free Duluth Skate Rink Now Open (Updated) »

I wasn’t going to let a few inches of snow stop me from skating. I knew there was nothing but smooth ice under there. If you’ve got skates and feel like you missed your chance to skate the Big lake this year, here’s the only skate-able ice right now, expanded more since this video was taken. Bring your shovel and add an addition. I’ll keep the rink maintained as long as these conditions last. (Although it’s 20 inches thick, high winds are predicted for Thursday-Friday so we’ll see, use at own risk haha.) Location is off the Lakewalk just shy of the Vietnam Memorial.

UPDATE: Closed for the season, obliterated by snowpacalypse.

Ice Skating Around the Polar Bear Plunge »

Skated to the Duluth Polar Bear Plunge. Asked a nice gentleman from the Fire Department if the ice of the outer harbor was safe to skate and he said, “It’s 20 inches thick, that’s strong enough to hold a train. Have fun.”

’Splorin »

Although they don’t exhibit the profusion of life of ocean reefs, Lake Superior’s basaltic rock formations naturally evoke a sense of sunken, megalithic cities. That is why I wear the raiment of the King of Atlantis.

Dylan Super Bowl Commercial »

I was probably one of the few who enjoyed seeing Dylan in the Super Bowl commercial last weekend. That being said, I was a little confused about the song choice, “Things Have Changed.” For an advertisement that was supposed to spark renewed faith in the American auto industry, Chrysler picked a song that is clearly about not giving a sh*t anymore. Also, last night the Northland’s NewsCenter mis-reported that this commercial was set to “I Want You,” which was actually featured in a yogurt commercial in 1996, not the Super Bowl commercial.