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Slow TV: The Worst James Bond Movie


In Slow TV news, I’m taking a break this month from filming farming in meticulous detail to take you to a tourist trap in Switzerland. The World of James Bond museum sits atop Schilthorn in the Berner Oberland region because that’s where they filmed that one 007 movie with Telly Savalas. You might remember Telly Savalas from his classic Visit Duluth TV spot. George Lazenby starred as James Bond. You won’t remember him at all.

Duluth Tall Ships 2016 “Parade of Sail” Photos and Video Clip


Duluth’s Tall Ships Festival runs Aug. 18-21. The video above and photos below are from Liftoff Aerials (a/k/a the “PDD Drone”). The music is “Ocean Blue” by Duluth band Glen’s Neighbor from the album Behind the Door.

Tall Ships 2016 (2)

Three of Kip’s Dumps


Above is Kip Praslowicz‘s latest memory-card dump video, a retrospective of his life in Duluth (largely spent at local music clubs) during the wet hot summer — July 1 to Aug. 9.

Kip’s dumps have been happening more frequently than we can keep up with at PDD. Below are his two previous dumps, spanning June 3 to July 1 and March 16 to June 3 (minus the Homegrown Music Festival, which was on a separate memory card.

Duluth Alligator Attacks: The Opera


Dead Fish of the Northland


Video compilation of the dead fish I’ve seen.

Low Viz at the Ledges


The consistent rain this summer has made for a cloudy lake. Poor visibility obviates more adventuresome diving than this, so here I am in familiar territory, sticking close to shore in the crenulated shallows of the Ledges.

North Shore Aerials – Summer 2016


North Shore AerialsAnother beautiful aerial video of Lake Superior’s North Shore, this time by Open Window Productions of Minneapolis.

Duluth and North Shore – Summer 2016 Aerial Video


WaterfallSeth Butler took a trip to Duluth, and this gorgeous video was the result.

Reflectivore – “7 77/March”


ReflectivoreDirector/DP: Kjell Kvanbeck
Written by: Allen Cragin, Ryan Rusch and Kjell Kvanbeck

“7 77/March” is the second collaboration between Reflectivore and True Norse Films. The first, “Red Looking Glass,” was released in December.

Stoked Swimming Dog


Duluth Alligator Menace Documentary


A Little Trip Around Duluth


Duluth photo by Drone 117Kevin Wehmeyer of Drone 117, a new aerial video and photography business out of Chippewa Falls, visited Duluth on a recent perfect day and captured scenes around Canal Park and Leif Erikson Park.

Kiss Meets the Phantom of Duluth


Kiss performed at Amsoil Arena in Duluth on Aug. 3, and … well, if you didn’t go, there are all sorts of videos shot by a guy named Tom. If you did go, and you didn’t care much for it, well, Paul Stanley thinks you are a miserable asshole.

Paul Stanley thinks Tony Bennett is a miserable asshole

15 minutes of basement cacophony from Duluth’s Litterbox


Litterbox 2016 Bonfire CD ReleaseA “lightly edited, haphazardly shot little banger video” by Gags Gaglione from a July 29 basement show in Duluth featuring Pale in Comparison, Cat Fantasy, Trinity Test and Bonefire.

Bring the Sing Duluth – “Draw the Circle Wide”


Footage from MPR Classical’s “Bring the Sing” mass choral singing event held in April.