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Northern Roots Food Documentary Glimpse »

Do you know who grows your food?

Here’s a quick glimpse of the film the UMD Ethnobots (anthropology students in last fall’s Ethnobotany course) will be premiering at the Zinema next Wednesday, at 7 p.m. Thanks to Charlie Parr for the use of his song, “Jubilee.”

Writing Nature at UMD »

For the annual Writing Nature event, Atina Diffley read and spoke at UMD. Diffley’s visit to Duluth focused on writing creative nonfiction, organic farming, sustainability and the relationship we all have to the land. It was sponsored by the UMD College of Liberal Arts as well as the departments of English and Writing Studies, and some brief clips give you a sense of her flavor as a speaker and a writer.


What’s more American than PDD? »

I don’t recognize any of the PDD community in this trailer. Were we all out of town when this guy rolled his Airstream through Duluth?

Michael Fedo read at UMD »

Michael Fedo read at UMD, and at LSC. I gained a genuine appreciation of him as a humorist.


Lunar Eclipse »

In case you missed the lunar eclipse, here’s an abbreviated version with music.

The Sound of Breaking Ice »

Pushing my camera through the ice at Stoney Point a few days ago.

Duluth Depot »

Video Archive: How many geeks can you fit into a Kia Rio? »

The third iteration of the Geek Prom happened ten years ago at the Great Lakes Aquarium. As a publicity stunt, we decided to find out how many geeks we could cram into a Kia Rio. Answer: 21. The more important question, however, was: Could we make WDIO anchor Dennis Anderson lose his composure? Answer: Yes.

R.I.P. Memorial Community Center »

The community center building at Memorial Park in West Duluth is no more. The PDD Drone did a fly through on Sunday for posterity.

Denfeld Sing-along Drone Video »

Oh, we love the halls of Denfeld
That surround us here today.
And we will not forget,
Though we be near or far away.

My Duluth: Short film about saying goodbye »

If you enjoyed it, please help me out and vote for this short film at The grand prize is a bunch of really great film equipment, which would help me make more short films in the area and another feature! Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy it!

R.I.P. Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome »

Enger Tower inside and out »

The PDD Drone takes an up-close and faraway look at a Duluth icon.

New Perspective of Duluth »

Duluth Man on the Street circa 1994 »

The low quality of this video is not just because it’s 20 years old; it’s also because I was the camera man and I probably neglected to white balance or something.

The low quality of the content is because it’s all made up on the spot. My then-UWS classmate Trent Jameson simply asked me to go shoot some video of people on Superior Street with him.

We move around a little bit, but the end location is the old parking lot across the street from the Electric Fetus, which is now where Pizza Lucé is located.

I don’t know who the interview subjects are, except that the first guy says his name is Fred York, and the woman at the end is Mary Jo Kroska. About two years after this video was shot, Mary Jo and I became colleagues at the Budgeteer News. These days she is an account executive at the Northland’s NewsCenter.

Helmet Cam: Shark Pilot, Diorama-rama »

What the Shark Pilot Helmet Cam saw.

Ice Cutter on Lake Superior »

Amazing images by Carl Sauer of an ice cutter takin’ care of business on Lake Superior.

Minnesota Workout: Shoveling Snow in Duluth, MN 3/27/2014 »

I decided to put on my boots and go out and get a little workout today as only a Minnesotan can. Here is a video of how to workout in Minnesota … with a little Minnesota accentuation.

Bliss – Important Things »

Video by Duluth rapper Bliss for a song from his new album, The Most Important Things in Life are Invisible, which will be released May 17.

Homegrown flashback through one lens »

Photographer Rich Narum strung together all of his 2013 Homegrown Music Festival photos — the good, the bad and the out of focus — for this silent video. Running time is well over an hour, so grab a beverage.