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One Night in the Tipi at Fond du Lac Indian Reservation


Frank Sander spends his first night in a tipi.

The Boomchucks Home Movie


Homegrown gig tonight, May 2, 10 p.m. at Rex Bar.

Gooseberry Falls in Spring


Video by Above U Productions.

Video: Jay Cooke Park Swinging Gate Bridge in 1939


OneRiverMN-Logo-FC-BadgeQuoth the Minnesota State Parks and Trails Facebook page: “The spring ritual of visiting the Swinging Bridge at Jay Cooke State Park during high water has been around since the bridge was built in 1924. This rare 1939 video shows a family bravely crossing the river before the bridge is damaged by high water. Since it was built, the bridge has been raised seven and a half feet to try to stay above the floods. Unfortunately, mother nature doesn’t always cooperate. Today’s visitors are crossing Swinging Bridge number five!”

For the history of the swinging bridge, visit dnr.state.mn.us.

Swinging Gate Bridge at Jay Cooke Park 1920s Swinging Bridge 1920s

“Crazy in Love” — Denfeld Lip Dub 2016, version 2


Denfeld Lip Dub 2016The original Denfeld Lip Dub for 2016 got the ol’ copyright smackdown from YouTube for usage of the Jay Z song “Run This Town.” For those of you who missed the Gold version, here’s the Maroon one.

PDD Pronunciation Guide: Karpeles


Karpeles PronunciationIn episode three of Perfect Duluth Day’s Pronunciation Guide series:

Bridgette Baker, Karpeles Manuscript Library‘s assistant to the director, demonstrates the proper pronunciation of “Karpeles.”

St. Louis River Story: Sharon Rogers


OneRiverMN-Logo-FC-BadgePeople in the St. Louis River watershed shared their connection to the river with WDSE-TV during the opening reception for The St. Louis River: Diverse Connections at the Duluth Art Institute. In this installment, Sharon Rogers talks about the quiet of the river, the birds, the wildlife and the flowers.

Fever Dream : Ever Child teaser trailer


PDD Pronunciation Guide: Teatro Zuccone


Teatro Zuccone Pronunciation KeyIn episode two of Perfect Duluth Day’s Pronunciation Guide series:

Andy Bennett, Zeitgeist Arts creative director, demonstrates the proper pronunciation of “Teatro Zuccone.”

The Boomchucks – “Antidote”

Boomchuck BirdYes, another video for this song was released a year ago, but hey, the Boomchucks like to make videos. In fact, The Boomchucks Home Movie premieres Friday night at the Red Herring.

The new “Antidote” video was shot at the Red Herring, outside the Zeitgeist Arts Building and at Carmody Irish Pub. It contains almost as many birds as a certain pair of videos from the PDD Archive.

Portage – “Hold On”


Portage released this gorgeous video shot in Iceland from their upcoming album Creatures, due out May 28.

Upcoming gig:
May 5 at the Reef Bar

PDD Pronunciation Guide: Vikre


Vikre PronunciationIn episode one of Perfect Duluth Day’s Pronunciation Guide series:

Emily Vikre, Vikre Distillary co-owner, demonstrates the proper pronunciation of “Vikre.”

Kip’s Memory Card Dump #6


Duluth photo-raconteur Kip Praslowicz has published another memory-card dump video, this one covering December 2015 to March 2016, including the Duluth Art Institute’s Annual Membership Show, the Bernie Sanders rally and on and on.

2015-2016 Duluth Shred


A somewhat lengthy montage of face-planting, ball-busting, spine-scratching ski and snowboard stunts from the past winter, compiled by Will Smyth.

This just in: It’s windy


It kind of looks like the Superior Entry Breakwater Lighthouse is going to blow over in this video via Richard Hoeg’s 365 Days of Birds.