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Coyotes on the Plane; Releases in the Wild »

Wildwoods Critters

Coyote Pups »

Look who came to Wildwoods last week … a little “song dog” pup (aka coyote)! He was found by himself when he was about 3-4 weeks old, and has been raised by humans since. (more…)

Wildlife Adventures »

A lot of adventures at Wildwoods this week.

Seven Bridges Road »

There are now survey stakes running through the woods along Seven Bridges Road between Bridge One and Bridge Two. A couple of huge old white pines have been marked with tape. Apparently they are in the way of the plan to move the road over.

DSFF Day 3 & 4 »

Last night, I saw Sorcerer and the Shorts festival at the Duluth Superior Film Festival… and I will be adding more to my thoughts before I post them.

Kathleen RobertsBut I ran into Kathleen Roberts, a local poet and a leader in the Duluth arts scene (one of the engines behind Prove Gallery). I teased that she would probably spend the weekend watching the movies in her gallery, but this is what she shared with me, instead — the movies she wants to see in the festival. Maybe she or I will see you there? (more…)

Wildwoods, Woodchucks, and More »

Friday we got a call from Samantha, Annabelle, and Lorelei. While these girls were out walking, they found a woodchuck who was stuck in a storm drain. They couldn’t turn away from an animal in trouble, so they called Animal Allies. Animal Allies gave them our number.


Media Relations Internship Available »

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council (ARAC)… (more…)

Fox Kit from Park Point »


Deer in Need; Baby Porcupine Indeed! »


Bear »

In early spring, bear moms often “park” their tiny cubs in or next to a tall “refuge tree” while they go off to forage. The cubs can climb to safety if they feel threatened, and can sleep up in the branches, out of harm’s way, while they wait for mom to return. Mom may be gone for a while. Read more about “refuge trees” here.

Wildwoods got a call yesterday morning about a small cub all by herself. After touching base with Dr. Rogers at the Bear Center, we’ve asked the folks who called about the cub to keep an eye on her from a distance, while keeping curious onlookers, dogs, etc., away. We want to give mom every chance to come back and reclaim her cub.

Public lecture season… »

Universities in our region rarely schedule as many public lectures in the dead of winter the way they schedule them in the spring. Driving is safer for regional guests, while longer daylight means more community members will brave the parking hazards of campuses.

As a result, then, I’ve been to too many public lectures lately. (more…)

Stranded grebes, loons and mergansers »

It looks like we’re in for another late, cold spring, with delayed ice-out. This means we may be in for another spring full of stranded grebes, loons, and mergansers. (more…)

Historic barred owl! »

Wildwoods was brought a barred owl yesterday (deceased, unfortunately, likely from a window collision). This owl, when already at least 1 year old, was banded at Hawk Ridge by Dave Evans back in 1998. Based on this, he is at least 16-17 years old, and the third oldest barred owl on record. (more…)

Harbor City Rollerdames »

The Harbor City Rollerdames double-header was intense, tonight — both games at times much closer than I would have expected.

1st Game: Shipwreckers vs. Mankato Area Derby Girls
Shipwreckers 239 to MAD Girls 170

2nd Game: HCRD Nautikills vs. Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Nautikills 176 to Sioux Falls 170

Smokers needed »

The School of Medicine at UMD is enrolling smokers for a “quit smoking” research study. All participants will receive one-on-one counseling for smoking cessation and will work with staff to set and prepare for a quit day. Effects of stress and appetite are also evaluated and all participants are compensated for their time. For more information please call 218-726-8896.

“It’s Not Only Academic” — Conferences in “Social Inquiry” and in Writing »

In the last two weeks, I have been to two conferences, one at UW-Superior featuring entirely student presenters, and one at Lake Superior College. In both cases, it was clear: the university is learning to respond to the community, and the faculty and students are committed to making the community a better place.

Where in Duluth? »

I went for a stroll on my lunch break and found PDD t-shirts for sale. Do you know where?

Winter at Wildwoods »

What a strange life–a deer in the garage, a raccoon in the basement, a juvenile crow in the aviary, and a whole flock of pigeons, recovering from a variety of issues, in the basement bathroom and spare room of Wildwoods.

Position Announcement: ARAC Grants Manager »

Please consider applying. (more…)

Duluth Humans of New York »

Somehow I missed that Duluth was mentioned on the popular Facebook Page, Humans of New York. Presently 3.2 million are fans of the page, which inspired a bestselling book of the same name. What can we learn about Duluthians in this post? We’re hardworkers who care about the women in our lives.