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Duluth Library Fine Coupon

fine foregiveness

Poking around the Duluth Public Library website and found this new Fine Forgiveness program. It’s a coupon worth up to 5 bucks off whatever you’re in the rears for. Get your library card out of hock!

Free Bulletin Boards in Duluth???

I’m looking for some places in Duluth where I can post some Community Action Duluth posters promoting our free MNsure and SNAP assistance program where they can be seen by wide audiences. If you know of a good place where our poster won’t be immediately ripped down or apart, I’d love to hear of it. Thank you!

Was your great-aunt a milliner? Or grandmother? Or second cousin?

I’m working on an art and history project that tells the story of women milliners from our state’s past. Millinery was one of the only professions open to middle-class women for a very long time. I’m looking for your relative who made hats. Or rather, I’m looking for stories about your relative who made hats. Anytime from the 1890s until the 1950s. Please contact me if you’ve got a relative who was a milliner!

“… the second time as farce.”

Contra Karl Marx, history repeats itself, but both times as farce.

Apparently Duluth, Georgia is missing a giant plastic chicken.  So the city named in homage to Proctor Knott’s big joke is stealing a page from Two Harbors.

Screenshot 2015-05-13 23.34.52

Options for Duluth Zoo?

Various recommendations have been made for the revamping of the Lake Superior Zoo. This was reported on in today’s DNT, but I was unable to include the link here. I am curious to hear about the opinions of the PDD community.

Graffiti Graveyard: Let us in!!!

As a graffiti artist, I feel the city should open up that desolate spot under the bridge again, so artists like myself don’t have to be in constant fear of our police department. I also believe that Duluth should have designated legal graffiti areas, like many other cities around the world. The reason we do what we do is because galleries won’t accept our work as “art.” They never even glance at the little guy. All we’re trying to do is make our mark on the world.

Business Analyst Position at St. Scholastica

The College of St. Scholastica has an opening for a technical professional who will provide support and development to projects and process improvement initiatives. The business analyst, technical will join the college’s Business Technologies team of business analysts, project managers and developers that supports administrative, customer relationship management and web systems.

Last Week: Living Large, Locally

Avoiding Homegrown until Friday, when I see my friend Emily Jayne play at Sir Ben’s… but still today enjoying Darin Bergsven at Dubh Linn. Time to reflect on the week.

Monday, I spent some time with Tim Jollymore, an author who arrived at UMD because of the hard work of Veronica and Mareesa and the awesome students in the Writing Club. Jollymore talked to the students about his craft as a writer — and it was an amazing afternoon for all of us.

Cabin season approaching– Free ice packs?

We have a massive surplus of ice packs due to our subscription to Plated (highly recommended). Every week we get two “Nordic Ice” packs— they are made out of some starch that you can put down your drain in perfect safety and they seem to stay frozen for almost a week. I’m not kidding. I could throw them out, but cabin and fishing season is upon us and it seems that nobody ever has enough ice packs. Except for us.

I’m going to leave them in a box on the bottom step of our apartment at 517 E 6th St. Please pop by and pick up as many ice packs as you like.

It’s a Little Free Ice Pack Chest.

ARAC Individual Artist Awards

Your Legacy Sales Tax, with some money from the General Fund and from the McKnight foundation, makes possible these Arrowhead Regional Arts Council awards to individual artists in Duluth and the region. If you see a friend on this list, say “Woot,” would you?

This Week: nerds, boogers, robots and more

Untitled design
Here’s a bit of what you’ll find on this week’s PDD Calendar:

The Nerds are having another Nite at Teatro Zuccone, the 22nd annual Empty Bowl fundraiser is at the Depot on Tuesday, The Boogers are at the Duluth Public Library, there’s a fundraiser for the Duluth East robotics team and the Miller Hill Mall is the site of the Kelly Services Job Fair.

The Tom Lehrer revue Tomfoolery opens at UWS, the Shrine Circus comes to town, Episode 14 of Kirov by Night goes down at the Underground, lawyers rock Clyde Iron and DS Pride honors Dan Hanger at Greysolon Plaza.

Selling 2.5-inch squares for fun and profit

always be closingFor the first time in three years, Perfect Duluth Day has an opening on its advertising sales force. Click here for the full job description. In addition to healthy financial remuneration the position comes with tremendous prestige and the occasional pastry item.

Wildwoods: Deer and Eagles

From Wildwoods: a heartwarming, yet bittersweet story about people who saw animals in trouble and decided to do something about it. Then, a depressing story, so sad.

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I want to raise and slaughter sheep in my Duluth backyard

Lambs rather … I enjoy the old-world taste of their meat and find it difficult to procure at my local super mart. I feel their presence would reduce the amount of lawn mowing while cutting down on my risk of heart attack or stroke as they sooth me with their constant bleating and licking of salt from my fingers. I’m talking like one or two maybe, but there is some (dumbass) rule in zoning preventing me from doing this legally, or they’d be everywhere. What if it was small and I kept a muzzle on it at night?

Arrowhead Regional Arts Council Awesomeness

Do you want to see what your regional arts council is funding in your community? Check out the list below, congratulate friends and neighbors who won money, then take a look at the bottom of this message for more about ARAC.