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Where near Duluth? »

Minnesota Shoplifting Detain/Restrain Laws? »

Does anyone know the laws regarding detaining/restraining suspected shoplifters? I walked out of the mall tonight and found three Younkers loss-prevention staff holding a woman face-down in the snow, with their knees on her back attempting to handcuff her while she was telling them she couldn’t breathe.

Self Portraits While Checking Camera Settings, Summer 2013 »

Every time I turn my GoPro on to check the settings, it takes an accidental self-portrait. I junked the first ones before realizing these random shots could function as a record. So this is what summer 2013 in Duluth, MN was like, which I spent dressing as Aquaman and recreating in the water.

Duluth Trading Co Flannelytics »

The Duluth Trading Company has just posted a new blog post regarding the Top Flannel Cities in the US. I am already a tad prejudice toward them since their connection to Duluth is in name only. Now, seeing they don’t even mention Duluth, Minnesota as a flannel locale, I am even more opposed to their co-opting our city name. One would think they would at least try to open a retail store here, instead of only in southern Wisconsin and the Twin Cities area.

Vikings Fumble »

Well, I don’t really follow football, and now here’s another reason to despise the world 0f big, corporate sports. Message sent and received–athletics is a place where freedom of speech will kick your football on down the field. Boo team Vikings!

Chris Kluwe’s release by Vikings sends message that gay-marriage talk is not tolerable in NFL

In Case You Missed It »

This is too stupid to not let go unnoticed: Welcome to UMD. Again.

Let Freedom Ring (just like a cash register) »


You forgot something the other night … »

Perhaps this brief rant is more appropriate for Craig’s List, but I’ll digress anyway …  (more…)

Gear Stolen from Sacred Heart Studio »

Sunday afternoon Sept 30 someone entered Sacred Heart Studio while I was in the back office and made off with two items; a green Matchless DC 30 combo guitar amplifier and a red Fender PJ bass. I am posting a picture of a similar amp.

The theft has been reported to the police.

If you have any information about these items please contact the Duluth police or call/text me at 218-390-4794.

Thanks for any help.

Lift Bridge meme »

Minneapolis Fundraisers Haven’t Learned the Duluth Trick: Not Paying Artists »

Fundraisers cost money?


You can run but you can’t hide hate »

I stopped at the Lakeside Super One for groceries and saw that the Christian youth ministry “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide” had a table set up outside and was collecting money to “prevent teen suicide.” I didn’t immediately recognize the name of the group, but once I thought about it I realized it was this bunch.

Really? This group was labeled an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Law Poverty Center. I wonder if Super One realizes what this group represents. I will be calling and asking them that question. YCRBYCH representatives are very dishonest about themselves when they ask to speak at schools, and I would bet they don’t reveal their true agenda when asking to solicit.


In the interest of fairness to Super One Foods, PDD’s moderators are inserting Super One’s response here with the submitted post rather than burying it in the comments. (It should be clarified that the early comments to this post occurred before this information was presented.)

According to Boyd Hanson, director of human resources at Miner’s Inc., which owns the Super One Foods chain, there was never proper approval for the You Can Run But Cannot Hide group to solicit in front of the Lakeside Super One … or any other Super One for that matter.

Hanson says the group presented itself to a Lakeside Super One employee as a Christian ministry with a mission to stop teen suicide. The employee said that would be fine, but when the store manager, John Radcliff, arrived he asked the group to leave because Super One has a no-solicitation policy.

“We allow the Salvation Army to ring the bell in our entrances … some of those kind of things,” Hanson said. “But generally speaking anything that would have any kind of a political or religious-type view we don’t allow to do that. … Why this group came to our store we don’t even know. … We just don’t get involved in those kind of things.”

Kozy Fire III: The Building That Refused to Burn (Down). »

What’s up with people trying to burn down the Kozy? Anyway, I wasn’t all that surprised to come upon the eerily familiar site of firetrucks flanking the decrepit shell of our beloved Kozy last night. In retrospect: WTF??? Does anyone else think that restoring the property (NOT to its 2010 condition, silly!!), and making it a hub for the new/improved, swinging (yet still fringe) First St. business district is a good idea? Bring on the snide remarks (Constructive comments are also welcome.).

Beware Windows computer phone scam »

I just got a telephone call from (218) 625-1190, caller ID said Sevencoast, LLC. A man with an east Indian accent used my surname and said he was calling because my “Windows computer is at risk from a virus!” I said, “No, it’s not.” He interrupted and said, “Yes! Ma’am! Just listen!” and repeated it. I said again, “No, it’s not, take my name off your list and don’t you ever call here again.” I advise anyone else who receives a call like this to do the same.

I work from home. My personal computer is a Mac and my work computer is owned and operated on a VPN from a very large international company with outstanding tech support. Trust me, this is a scam.

Duluth News Tribune – Our view: Why no arrests after glitter-bombings? »

Today’s DNT op-ed: “Our view: Why no arrests after glitter-bombings?


Duluth not romantic, says FourSquare »

Um, I’m sorry… what?!?

Strib article here: “Foursquare: Romance is gone in Duluth”

And you thought apartments were expensive in Duluth … »

Zygi buys new apartment in NY

She Gets Things Done »

On Tuesday, November 15, after a long day of working on my unfinished, but indisputably kick-ass, novel, I cracked an adult beverage and logged onto the Internet to make my usual rounds.

On Perfect Duluth Day, I found a post by City Councilor-elect Jennifer Julsrud, titled “Duluth’s Plumbing Needs Big Fix,” regarding Duluth’s aging water infrastructure. Accompanied by a short YouTube video (serious people talking seriously about water, serious music playing in the background), the post listed a series of upcoming community meetings that were to be held on the subject.

Naturally, this irritated me greatly. As far as I was concerned, this was just the latest example of Duluth’s tendency to be serious one minute about issues that actually need attention, and the next minute to stampede giddily off in pursuit of unneeded, but very expensive, luxuries that we want RIGHT NOW—as if the money we spend on the luxuries has no relation at all to the money we need for necessities.


Alternative view on drugs. »

Fiber in Duluth – What’s the haps? »

Since this summer, I’ve seen several large, blaze orange coils of fiber optic cable being installed throughout the city. As of today I spotted some by Holy Rosary and up near Home Depot on Central Entrance.

Does anyone know if our Google overlords are trying to pull a fast one on us? Were area ISPs startled into actually building out their networks up here? Please tell me I’ll be browsing the Internet at satisfyingly fast speeds in the near future.