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So long, Stadium Lanes »

Stadium Lanes and the Clubhouse Bar have been wrapping up operations over the past two weeks. The building at 132 N. 34th Ave. W., between Wade Stadium and the ore docks, is being gutted and sold. There will be no more bowling in West Duluth … except for lawn bowling. Word is the new owner will divide the building up into some type of business center or mall, with mini storage units.

Giant among giants slain along Congdon »

October 10, 2013, I took a trip to Copper Harbor to visit the old-growth stand of white pines, many said to be saplings around the time Columbus visited America. Then while passing through Congdon Park a few days later, discovered the most amazing tree I’d ever seen appearing larger than the trees in Michigan. Looking at old photographs of the hillsides of Minnesota towns rising out of the prairies and hills of the 19th century, trees are absent throughout, scalped from the earth as far as the eye can see. Maybe some buffalo hides stacked over by the saloon, a church, a brothel, somebody feeding pigs behind the blacksmith’s shop, but no trees. This got me to wondering if Marjorie Congdon herself had protected this tree, wrapping her arms around it passionately in her lovely white dress while the press snapped photos.

There it was in the autumn light though, spiraling into the sky, a vast oasis unto itself. Through sheer fortitude, having carved its way into rock along the banks, supported precariously by one large main root, but with an all too extreme angle for its massive size. When I went down there yesterday evening, it lay a broken shattered remnant of its glorious former self. (more…)

R.I.P. Memorial Community Center »

The community center building at Memorial Park in West Duluth is no more. The PDD Drone did a fly through on Sunday for posterity.

R.I.P. Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome »

R.I.P. Duluth~Superior Magazine »

Sad to see the Duluth~Superior Magazine cease publication, announced today in a Duluth News Tribune story. DSM made Duluth feel classy. Jim Heffernan comments on his blog (Jim Heffernan’s Blog) on his six year stint writing for this print magazine headed by former Duluth News Tribune publisher, Marti Buscaglia.

R.I.P. Charlie Bell »

Eyewitness News: Duluth Businessman Charlie Bell Dies

Northland’s NewsCenter: Well-known Duluth business leader Charlie Bell dies

Duluth News Tribune: Duluth businessman, former mayoral candidate Charlie Bell dead at 64

20th Anniversary of Chinese Lantern fire »

(Duluth News Tribune photo of Jan. 16, 1994, Chinese Lantern fire)

It’s the 20th anniversary of the fire that closed the old Chinese Lantern.

Save-a-lot closing »

It’s like losing a family member in a stupid way – we got to know the employees and we relied on them for the basic staples.

Save-a-Lot in the Spirit Valley Mall is closing. It sounds like the owner is retiring. Maybe another franchisee will take it over.

Goodbye, Woodland Jr. »

Last chance to visit Woodland Middle School this weekend. Classic junior high 1980s memories of fashion issues and general awkwardness. And lots of “going out with people” started and ended often via notes.

Duluth News Tribune: Say goodbye to Duluth’s Woodland Middle School

10 November »

R.I.P. Lou Reed »

His death is locally relevant, since he wrote Perfect Duluth Day’s unofficial theme song.

R.I.P. Joe Gomer »

Joe Gomer, Minnesota’s last surviving member of the Tuskegee Airmen, has died at 93.

Statement from Mayor Ness:

Duluth lost a national hero with the passing of Joe Gomer, one of the few remaining Tuskegee Airmen who served in WWII. Joe and his family moved to Duluth in 1963 and have been an integral part of our community ever since. While we mourn, we can also take comfort in knowing that he received the recognition he rightly deserved. Joe was able to witness the unveiling of a life-sized statue at the Duluth International Airport. The Joe Gomer Monument will forever serve as a reminder of Joe’s vast contributions to our community and country.

Duluth News Tribune: Legendary Tuskegee Airman Joe Gomer of Duluth dies

Fashion Wagon – Minnesota Woolen »

I happened to see a vintage flannel that caught my eye this afternoon while taking a little break from work and strolling into a thrift store. I was shocked to see “Duluth, Minnesota” on the tag. Does anyone know where this was located? I never heard of it before.  

A quick giggle search shows the trademark was registered around 1960 and expired in 1987.

Seen in Wise Buys, Bellingham, Wash. My arms are still itching from trying it on.

RIP Mike, Mike and Tom Graffiti on Central Avenue, West Duluth »

I’m not sure when this changed but I just noticed it today.

For decades, the names of two guys named Mike and a Tom were spraypainted unceremoniously on this wall, now that has been painted over.

I met the new owner of the Italian Village a month or so ago and he seems like a great guy. He also seems to be doing a lot to expand and spruce up the storefront. So today I was only a little surprised when the graffiti that was painted on the side of the building years decades ago had been covered up by what looks like will eventually be a new mural.

Here is a post by Paul Lundgren from a few years ago with some fun history and comments about the two Mikes and the Tom who had their names painted on the building. According to the comments, it has also been painted over before, so perhaps it’s not gone forever.

R.I.P. Horseshoe Billards and Burns Bar »

To toss out some random bar gossip, I heard last night that Horseshoe Billiards in the West End closed a while back, and that Burns Bar in Rice Lake Township closed several months ago.

Which reminds me that I don’t think it was ever mentioned on PDD that La Belle in Superior closed earlier this summer. And I heard the roof caved in at the Palace Bar. Is that true? Is it still open?

What will we do without all these classy joints?

Gettin’ Ripped at Burns Bar
Gettin’ Ripped at Horseshoe Billiards
Gettin’ Ripped at the Palace Bar
Gettin’ Ripped at La Belle

Mean Beans Espresso & Creams »

I just moved into the Chester Area and have noticed that Mean Beans hasn’t been open for the past couple of days. Does anyone know if they have closed the doors for good?

R.I.P. Westminster Presbyterian Church »

Westminster Presbyterian Church demolition is underway at 4441 Grand Avenue in West Duluth. The church was a victim of the Historic Summer Solstice Flood Disaster of 2012, when a culvert beneath the building worked its way into the basement and wrecked the place. The city of Duluth bought it as part of its Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program. The church was built in 1961.

(As usual with these thumbnail galleries, click on any image to see the full-size version.)

R.I.P. Gangsta/Ghetto Spur »

Well, that was the word that I heard From my brother in a fur hanging out at the Gangsta Spur He said, “it always begins behind The Twins they trade a bottle a gin for night full of sin.” -Giljunko

Tonight is your last chance to patronize the infamous Gangsta/Ghetto Spur. It will soon be razed and a new SA will be built farther back toward the alley.

The GS joins its fallen brethren Johnny Ray’s Pizza, House of Donuts, Members Cooperative Credit Union and others I’m probably forgetting. Share your memories in the comments.

Listening to Steve O’Neil »

More than 15 years ago, Minnesota Public Radio aired a half-hour documentary about Loaves and Fishes here in Duluth. This was not long after Steve O’Neil and Angie Miller had started the first Loaves and Fishes house.

Stephen Smith produced the story. It includes lots of audio from Steve and Angie. You can listen to or download it here.

Otter Lost »

Via Great Lakes Aquarium’s Facebook page:

It has been a difficult week for us at the Aquarium. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our beloved male river otter. Zhoosh passed away early Saturday morning. He was discovered by the aquarium’s otter keeper during the morning feeding. He was 13 years old. We know many people loved him and he will be greatly missed.