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Duluth vs. Minneapolis »

Vote Duluth

Duluth is nearing the finals, and as of right now (9:25 a.m.), we’re leading against Minneapolis! Vote for us at

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Who won Homegrown 2014? »

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Who won Homegrown 2014?

Bratwurst — 9 percent
The Blasphemists — 7.5 percent
Red Mountain — 6 percent
The Black-eyed Snakes with Charlie Parr — 4.5 percent
Wino, WI — 4.5 percent
Various other bands — 68.5 percent

Bratwurst wins Homegrown for the second time in three years! (Photo by Derek Montgomery for MPR)

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Survey: Bike Parking in Duluth’s Multimodal Transit Center »

Building on the popularity of its on-bus bike carriers, the DTA wants to gauge local demand for both secure (key fob-access) bike-parking areas and regular bike racks as part of its design for the new multi-modal transit center in downtown Duluth.
Please take a moment to fill out this short survey if you would be interested in using this type of bike storage.

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Northern Lights Express Survey »

There is a survey listed on the Minnesota Department of Transportation page for the Northern Lights Express(NLX). The Northern Lights Express is a proposed high-speed passenger rail project that would provide rail service between Minneapolis and Duluth. If constructed, NLX will operate on approximately 155 miles of existing Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail corridor.

The survey closes on March 15. It doesn’t take long to fill out.

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Perfect Play or Musical of 2013: Duluth Playhouse Children’s Theatre’s Cats »

It was a big year for Duluth theater in 2013, with eight productions receiving a significant number of votes for the honor of best play or musical. In the end, the Duluth Playhouse Children’s Theatre production of Cats emerged as the favorite.

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Best Play or Musical of 2013 (Final Ballot) »

Of the 18 plays or musicals originally nominated for this poll, three have advanced to the final ballot — Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Cats and The Pillowman. Now it’s time to pick the winner.

What was the best play or musical of 2013?

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Cats (Duluth Playhouse Children’s Theatre) – 42.3 percent
The Pillowman (Renegade Theater Co.) – 33.3 percent
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (Renegade) – 24.4 percent

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Poll: Best Play or Musical of 2013 »

This poll is now closed. The three plays advancing to the final ballot are:

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson – Renegade Theater Co.
Cats – Duluth Playhouse Children’s Theatre
The Pillowman – Renegade Theater Co.

The other nominees were:

Almost, Maine – Duluth Playhouse
Burnt Part Boys – Renegade Theater Co.
Collected Stories – Duluth Playhouse at the Underground
Everything You’ve Done That Hurt Me – one-man performance by Jonathan Manchester
Frozen – Duluth Playhouse at the Underground
God of Carnage – Duluth Playhouse
Godspell – Duluth Playhouse
How the Grinch Shut Down Christmas, or, I Saw Rudolph Twerking Santa Claus – Rubber Chicken Theater
Last Summer at Bluefish Cove – UMD Theater
Merry Wives of Windsor – Wise Fool Shakespeare
Metamophoses – Duluth Playhouse
The Princess Bride (live read) – Rubber Chicken Theater
Seussical the Musical – St. Scholastica Theatre
Tuesdays With Morrie – Duluth Playhouse at the Play Ground

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Perfect Album of 2013: Ryan Van Slooten’s Victory March »

With at least 50 albums released by Duluth-area musicians in 2013 — including Low, Retribution Gospel Choir, Trampled by Turtles and Charlie Parr — Ryan Van Slooten’s third solo work had to be considered a long shot in a poll to choose the best local album of the year.

Well, Van Slooten can begin his Victory March; the upset is complete.

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Poll: Best Album of 2013 (Final Ballot) »

According to previous PDD polls, the top three Duluth-related albums of 2013 are: Christoph Bruhn’s Weekends on the Frontier, Southwire’s self-titled debut and Ryan Van Slooten’s Victory March. The voting so far has been close, so we’ve set up this final showdown. Follow the text links above to listen to the albums on Bandcamp, then make your choice below.

What was the best local album of 2013?

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Ryan Van Slooten’s Victory March – 45 percent
Southwire’s self-titled debut – 31.9 percent
Christoph Bruhn’s Weekends on the Frontier – 23.1 percent

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Poll: Best Album of 2013 (The Final Six) »

The people have spoken, and now it’s time for them to speak again. According to our previous poll, the top six Duluth-related albums of 2013 are: Cars & Trucks’ Theatre Stardusk, Christoph Bruhn’s Weekends on the Frontier, Tim Kaiser’s Microphone Obscura, Low’s The Invisible Way, Southwire’s self-titled debut and Ryan Van Slooten’s Victory March. Now it’s time to pick the winner, so again we ask …

What was the best local album of 2013?

This poll is now closed. Christoph Bruhn, Southwire and Ryan Van Slooten have advanced to the final poll.

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Poll: Best Local Album of 2013 »

Among the roughly four-dozen albums released by Duluth-area musicians in the past 12 months, 19 received mention in our call for nominations for Best Local Album of 2013. So now we attempt to identify the strongest in the field and ask you, dear reader …

What was the best local album of 2013?

This poll is now closed. These six albums advance to the final poll.

Cars & Trucks – Theatre Stardusk
Christoph Bruhn – Weekends on the Frontier
Tim Kaiser – Microphone Obscura
Low – The Invisible Way
Southwire – Southwire
Ryan Van Slooten – Victory March

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Favorite Duluth Albums of 2013 »

Oh, isn’t it just so typical to ask a question like this at the end of the year? Well, with something like four-dozen albums released by local musicians in 2013 it’s hard to keep up. Someone has to inform the general public of what’s essential. And that someone is you. Let your preferences be known in the comments.

And yes, this is leading into a poll.

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… and now for the jury of public opinion »

Duluth police officer Jouppi found not guilty of assault

What do you think?

This poll is now closed. The results are:

This is total bullshit — 90.6 percent
Jouppi was defending himself and the jury’s decision was wise — 9.4 percent

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Perfect Pizza Restaurant: Thirsty Pagan »

For half a century, Sammy’s Pizza dominated the local Italian pie scene with its trademark thin crust and tasty sauce. Pizza Lucé came along in 2001 and shook things up with unusual toppings and a funky vibe. These days, however, Thirsty Pagan Brewing has won over pizza connoisseurs in the Twin Ports with its deep-dish pies, loaded with Wisconsin cheese. The TPB was the clear winner in PDD’s best pizza restaurant poll.

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Perfect Burger Restaurant: Anchor Bar »

There is no shortage of great burger joints in the Duluth area, but the undisputed king of them all for the past three decades has been the Anchor Bar. Among the other dozen nominees in Perfect Duluth Day’s poll, only the Fitger’s Brewhouse pulled a significant chunk of the vote. When the two went head to head, the Anchor took 61 percent, and the Brewhouse took 39.

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Perfect Asian Restaurant: Hanabi Japanese Cuisine »

Duluth was a late adopter to sushi. Although sumptuous vinegared rice rolls showed up as a special menu item at a few places around town in prior decades, it wasn’t until 2006 that Zen House opened on the city’s border, technically in Hermantown, and became the first consistent, daily sushi source. Zen House added a second location in Downtown Duluth in 2009, but Hanabi Japanese Cuisine opened at the start of 2010, immediately becoming Duluth’s sushi king. It’s also the best Asian restaurant in town, having garnered 36.6 percent of the vote in Perfect Duluth Day’s poll.

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Perfect Vegetarian Menu: Duluth Grill »

Duluth doesn’t have an exclusively vegetarian restaurant, but there are a number of places that go out of their way to cater to the non-carniverous. Among them, At Sara’s Table / Chester Creek Café and Duluth Grill stood out in Perfect Duluth Day’s polling, and in the head-to-head matchup Duluth Grill came out on top with 64.2 percent of the vote. It is Duluth’s best restaurant among vegetarians.

This is Duluth Grill’s second PDD Award, having already been named Best Breakfast Restaurant, so we’re recycling the same photo of owner Tom Hanson from the previous plaque presentation.

Rather than repeat information from the breakfast post, we instead present this new three-minute video by Dudley Edmondson featuring Hanson discussing his commitment to utilizing fresh, organic and local food suppliers.

PDD Awards Index

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Perfect Mexican Restaurant: Mexico Lindo »

Duluthians complain about their Mexican restaurants almost as much as they complain about the weather. The cuisinal affective disorder is prevalent enough that Perfect Duluth Day was compelled to include a “none are worthy” option in its poll to determine the best Mexican restaurant. When the voting was complete, however, one enterprise was worthy: Mexico Lindo.

Owners Felipe Mata and Pedro Aranda opened Mexico Lindo on the top floor of the Fitger’s Brewing Complex in 2010. Duluthians had high expectations, based on the reputation of the Mexico Lindo that opened five years earlier in downtown Cloquet. Though some have never stopped squawking that the food and service at the Duluth location is inferior to that in Cloquet, those in the voting majority just cram a Burrito Cancun in their yaps, let the Oaxaca cheese drip down their chins and wonder what the griping is about.

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Perfect Italian Restaurant: Va Bene Caffé »

Mary Kay and Jim Berarducci run a tiny Italian restaurant overlooking a massive lake. The combination of cozy atmosphere, magnificent view and delicious cuisine is no accident; “va bene” is Italian for “it goes well.” Readers of Perfect Duluth Day agree it does, indeed, go well. In a poll they chose Va Bene Caffé as Duluth’s best Italian restaurant.

The menu includes antipasta appetizers, pizza, panini, gnocchi, pasta, fish, steak, soups and salads. Many items, such as the sauces, dressings and breads, are made from scratch with imported Italian products.

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Vote for the best pizza, burger, Asian, vegetarian, Mexican and Italian restaurants »

In the top four categories below, an elimination round was held to determine the finalists. In the last two, the number of nominees was short enough to skip an elimination round.

Which restaurant serves the best pizza?

This poll is closed. The results were:

Thirsty Pagan Brewing — 45.9 percent
Pizza Lucé — 24.7 percent
Sammy”s Pizza — 17.6 percent
Vintage Italian Pizza — 11.8 percent

Which restaurant serves the best burgers?

This poll is closed. The results were:

Anchor Bar — 61.3 percent
Fitger’s Brewhouse — 38.7 percent

Which restaurant serves the best Asian food?

This poll is closed. The results were:

Hanabi Japanese Cuisine — 36.6 percent
Pak’s Green Corner — 25.4 percent
Taste of Saigon — 22.5 percent
Sala Thai Restaurant — 15.5 percent

Which restaurant has the best vegetarian food?

This poll is closed. The results were:

Duluth Grill — 64.3 percent
At Sara’s Table / Chester Creek Café — 35.7 percent

Which restaurant serves the best Mexican food?

This poll is closed. The results were:

Mexico Lindo — 29.5 percent
None are worthy — 25.6 percent
Azteca’s Mexican Grill — 19.2 percent
Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant — 14.1 percent
Little Angie’s Cantina and Grill — 6.4 percent
Maya Family Mexican Restaurant — 5.1 percent

Which restaurant serves the best Italian food?

This poll is closed. The results were:

Va Bene Caffé — 40 percent
Bellisio’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar — 18.8 percent
Valentini’s Vicino Lago — 18.8 percent
Gannucci’s Italian Market — 17.6 percent
Green Mill — 4.7 percent

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