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It’s getting drafty around here »

Right now there are 47 posts in PDD’s “drafts” folder. Items in the drafts folder are, presumably, posts that people started composing and saved with the intent of finishing later.

But maybe some of you thought you were supposed to create a draft and then the moderators publish it. That’s not how it works. We would have no way of knowing which drafts were ready to post and which were not, except to guess based on how complete we think they look.

So help us out with some almost-Spring cleaning. If you have an old draft for a post, finish it and click the blue “publish” button, or give up on it and click the red “move to trash” option.

Does anyone else miss… »

the good old days when you could run the gauntlet on PDD?

We’re feeling used »

Perfect Duluth Day hit a seemingly significant, though maybe not legitimately significant, milestone recently when it crossed the threshold of having 2,000 registered users.

Registered users, of course, are the people who have created an account on this site and are able to create posts and comment on posts. (Anyone can read PDD, but in order to be involved in discussions here you must create an account and log in.)

In recognition of 2,000+ users, we present a bunch of yammering, er, useful information, about PDD user accounts. Call it answers to frequently or not-so-frequently asked questions.

So long, Google AdSense … and other thoughts about objectionable advertising »

It’s not likely you noticed it, but on Oct. 1 Perfect Duluth Day stopped mixing in Google-generated advertisements with the other ads that rotate over there on the right side of the page. It’s also not likely you care why, but we will explain nonetheless.

Happy Ninth Birthday to Us »

Perfect Duluth Day is nine years old today — Friday, June 29, 2012. We’ll be celebrating tonight at Tycoons Alehouse and Eatery (in the board room upstairs) starting at 8 p.m. There will be cake and an array of door prizes. Come on out and share in the merriment.

PDD Calendar entry | Facebook invite

What started as a fun little experiment for Barrett Chase and Scott “Starfire” Lunt in 2003 has grown into a hideous beast containing well over 10,000 posts about everything from wood ticks to roller derby. Thanks for all the support, whether you are a PDD user, lurker or just someone searching Google for karaoke photos.

Duluth’s job growth continues as Perfect Duluth Day adds half a position »

As if recent news about AAR and Cirrus creating hundreds of jobs in Duluth’s aviation sector wasn’t enough, Perfect Duluth Day has announced the creation of one-half of a job in the important selling-square-boxes-on-the-right-column-of-websites sector. Yes, the Internet giant has launched a search for a part-time media sales representative.

Mayor Don Ness’ press conference regarding this major development is apparently still in the planning stages.

PDD Corporate President Paul Lundgren said the addition of this half job should put to rest any rumors that the popular website is considering leaving Duluth to take advantage of incentives offered by Hermantown and Esko.

“After months of working with city leaders, DEDA, APEX, the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, the West Duluth Business Club and for some reason the Duluth Amateur Hockey Association, we feel confident Duluth is the place to grow our business and add one half of a job,” Lundgren said, noting also that “interested candidates for the position can read a serious job description through the link embedded in this very sentence.”

The general public had no comment on the matter, because comments to this post are closed.

The PDD Calendar Transition Team »

Left to right in our photo are outgoing editor Abigail Schoenecker, intrepid intern Emily Haavik and … announcing the new PDD Calendar editor — Lawrence Lee.

PDD Calendar Editor Version 2.0 Wanted »

Miss Abigail Schoenecker, editor of the PDD Calendar since September, is leaving at the end of March to pursue opportunities in the Twin Cities. The Perfect Duluth Day family wishes her well and will miss her talents — so much so that we will resist the urge to make disparaging comments about the Twin Cities to reinforce our Duluth exceptionalism.

Abby’s departure, of course, means there’s a job opening. If you are interested, follow the link and the instructions therein. Don’t fear the potential rejection; we’re pretty nice about it.

PDD user account registration problem fixed »

Anyone trying to create a user account for Perfect Duluth Day from Saturday night to this morning, probably saw this:

The problem is fixed, and creating an account should work now. We apologize to those who were frustrated by this.

“Isn’t today just the perfect Duluth day?” »

Ain’t they all, Mr. Mayor?

PDD Background Color Change »

As most of you have probably noticed, Perfect Duluth Day has changed its background colors. The changeover started several days ago, and there have been some issues with the old colors popping up in a few spots …

… but we think we’ve taken care of all of those issues now. Please let us know if you see the old colors popping up anywhere.

Also, let us know if you love or hate the change. If you love the change it will make us feel good. If you hate the change we will get all defensive and accuse you of having poor taste.

Perfect Duluth Day’s 10,001st Post »

Last night’s “Lost Grey Cat in Lincoln Park” post was the 10,000th post on Perfect Duluth Day. We didn’t realize it at the time, and forgot to drop balloons from the ceiling.

Quantity is no substitute for quality, so let’s celebrate by linking to favorite posts from the past. Dig into those archives and find your favorites. And find that lost grey cat, too.

PDD Calendar Launch on Monday, Sept. 12 »

Here’s the short version of things you need to know about the big changes at Perfect Duluth Day:

1) The PDD Calendar, which has been available in test mode for two months, will be launching full scale on Monday.

2) The editor of the calendar is Abigail Schoenecker, who can be reached at calendar @

3) Effective immediately, PDD’s Blog Policies are changing a bit to discourage posting about events on the blog.

Poll: Should the PDD Calendar display or hide event descriptions? »

Two weeks ago we launched the new PDD Calendar (in test mode) and asked you for feedback. Although we received good feedback in general, there was one specific area we asked about as an afterthought in the comments and didn’t get much response on, so we’ll ask again in a more obvious and simple-to-respond-to way (though it still requires some degree of explanation):

How would you like the entries on any given day to look? Should we show the descriptions like below?

* * *

* * *

That’s how we have it now. It means you don’t have to click the event title to get the description, but you have to scroll more to look at all the events.

Or, should we hide the descriptions like below?

* * *

* * *

With the descriptions hidden it’s easier to scroll through and find an event you’re interested in, then click for more info. But you have to click back and forth if there were several events you want info on.

It comes down to more scrolling, less clicking vs. more clicking, less scrolling. Consult your median nerve and vote:

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Show the descriptions — 55.3 percent
Hide the descriptions — 44.7 percent

So, how would you like the daily calendar pages to look?

If you want to blabber about your answer, the comments are open. If you want to comment about the calendar, but not this specific element of it, please refer to the calendar intro post and comment there.

Some time in August we should have this thing running full throttle. And it probably bears mentioning again that there’s still two weeks to apply for the postion of PDD Calendar editor.

Introducing PDD Calendar Beta Test + »

Perfect Duluth Day is launching an events calendar, and for the next month or so you can preview it at it’s permanent URL:

We have created this calendar because a majority of posts to the PDD Blog are about events, but the format of a blog is not a practical way to organize that type of information. If you wanted to know what’s happening today based on PDD posts, you’d have to select the “events” category and skim through weeks of random items looking for today’s date. That is lame.

So today our calendar is born. It doesn’t have a ton of events in it yet, and it probably has some technical issues left to be fixed, but the general format is set and it has seemed to be working well during our initial testing phase.

Check it out and tell us what you think with a comment to this post or an e-mail to calendar @

Happy Eighth Birthday to Us »

Perfect Duluth Day is eight years old today — Wednesday, June 29. We’ll be celebrating tonight at Burrito Union around 8:30ish. Stop on by. There will be a weird cake and an array of door prizes. (We’ll probably be out on the deck — space and weather permitting — so look there first. Find the people with cake on their lips.)

Also, yours truly (Paul Lundgren) will be a guest today on “The Local” with Christine Dean the Radio Queen, celebrating PDD’s birthday by playing songs with “Duluth” in the lyrics or title. That’s at 5 p.m. on 103.3 FM KUMD.

Thanks to Barrett and Starfire for starting this thing and to all you bloggers, cloggers and corn doggers who keep it going. We’re on a pace to hit 10,000 posts before the end of the year. That’s kind of something.

PDD Gravatar Poll Championship »

Which PDD user has the best Gravatar?

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Don Ness — 49.2 percent

Bev — 19.7 percent

TimK — 16.6 percent

Hot Shot — 14.4

(About Gravatars)

PDD Gravatar Poll, Fourth Bracket »

Which PDD user has the best Gravatar?

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Hot Shot — 54.1 percent

Tamara — 15.3 percent

Ethan — 11.8 percent

Mary — 9.4 percent

Edgeways — 9.4 percent

(About Gravatars)

Eighth Birthday Party Announcement and Other PDD-related Matters »

Next Wednesday, June 29, is Perfect Duluth Day’s eighth birthday. As usual, we are having a little get-together, and as usual we are inviting you all, as frightening as that might seem.

So swing on by the Burrito Union next Wednesday in the vague window of 8:30 to 10 p.m. or so. There will be no program or live music or plan to get people drunk and sell them condos; it’s just our annual opportunity to meet in person and shoot the breeze with the folks who put the P in our double-D.

In addition, yours truly will be a guest on “The Local” with Christine Dean next week, celebrating PDD’s birthday by playing songs with “Duluth” in the lyrics or title. That’s Wednesday, June 29, 5 p.m., on 103.3 FM KUMD.

By the way, we should probably let you all know what’s up with some of the technical weirdness PDD intermittently experienced in recent weeks. Here are the boring details:

PDD Disinfected. Resume blogging. »

Sorry about the little Malware problem earlier today.

I’d tell you what happened, but then I’d have to ask the tech guy and he’d have to explain it to me and, well … it’s a nice day and the problem is solved.