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Homegrown Banners »

We’re looking for new Homegrown photo banners to run across the top of PDD during the festival. Photos shot at last year’s festival are the best candidates, but if there are compelling images of preparations for this year, I suppose that’s fair game too. For full details on banner submissions, click here. The basic info is the image must be 960 pixels wide by 167 pixels high. The Perfect Duluth Day logo will be added by PDD’s art department. Send them to banners @

The Homegrown banners will replace the regular banner photos at the top of the page starting Sunday.

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What’s more American than PDD? »

I don’t recognize any of the PDD community in this trailer. Were we all out of town when this guy rolled his Airstream through Duluth?

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From the PDD Archive: Leave a Message at the Beep — Twice But Nice Edition »

Ten years ago Starfire amassed a collection of tapes from answering machines that ended up in thrift stores. “These are spectacular glimpses into peoples lives and I can’t believe they get so casually discarded,” Starfire wrote at the time. Today we resurrect the audio files from the answering machine of the old Twice But Nice store.

Outgoing message



Las Vegas


Bettie Mae

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Five Perfect Duluth Years on WordPress »

A minor anniversary for Perfect Duluth Day: Five years ago today we stayed up late on a Friday night and switched to the WordPress publishing platform. From September 2005 to January 2009 PDD used Moveable Type and looked like this:


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PDD Calendar mobile version … you know, for your phone, so you can read it better »

Perhaps it’s strange to pick a day when most events are cancelled to make this announcement, but … well, we do things when we get around to them so here it goes: The PDD Calendar now has a mobile version. We actually launched it on Sunday, so maybe you’ve already noticed.

If you view the calendar on a phone, you should automatically see the mobile version. (more…)

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Hello, my name is October 2003 »

A search through the PDD Archives for October 2003 reveals a wild month. Rick Boo closed the NorShor Theatre (causing much reminiscing on PDD), Bone Appetit was supposed to open for Ratt at the Third Rock Bar until Ratt cancelled at the last minute, people on PDD started posting short introductions about themselves and telling ghost stories, Starfire got his jaw jacked, Jamie Ness was voted Hottest Ness Brother, a cake/fist fight broke out at Slim Goodbuzz’s book-release party, Elliot Smith died and Shaky Ray Records hosted some kind of party.

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Facebook and Twitter Login on PDD »

There were problems this week with the WordPress plugin that allows PDD users to log in via Facebook. In geek speak: “Facebook changed its API login procedures, which broke the plugin.”

We have a new plugin running now, so, if you are the sort to log in via Facebook instead of creating a PDD account the old fashioned way, please give it a try and let us know if you have problems. The new plugin also allows logins through Twitter. (If you are not logged in you can click either social icon below to launch. If you are logged in, you won’t see icons below.)

A few polls opened this week that those of you who log in with Facebook had been excluded from until now. They are still open, so there’s still time for that.

Note: Logging in will not allow you to purchase health insurance from Perfect Duluth Day.

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The Nonchalant Jaunt and other 2003 stuff »

As we exit September 2013, let us reflect for a moment on this month ten years ago. The Perfect Duluth Day Archives for September 2003 feature a number of posts about the Nonchalant Jaunt, an event in which seven hearty PDDers walked the length of Duluth, from the Wabegon Supper Club in the Superior Township to the Lakeview Castle in the Duluth Township.

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Log in to PDD via Facebook »

If you’ve wanted to create a post, add a comment or participate in a poll on PDD, but felt that creating an account would be a nuisance, well, now you can log in through your Facebook account with a simple click.


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Dispatches from the Low/Radiohead tour, Green Man, skinny dipping and other happenings from July 2003 »

July of ten years ago is the first complete month of archived posts on Perfect Duluth Day. It was a time when Facebook didn’t exist and the word “blog” was still a year away from being named Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year.

PDD was a pretty different thing back then, both in appearance and attitude. Founders Barrett Chase and Scott “Starfire” Lunt used the Blogger publishing platform initially (until August 2004). If you look at the archive, it’s getting sloppier all the time as many of the images that were hosted on other sites aren’t there anymore and most of the links are dead.

Blogger didn’t support commenting in those days, so Barrett and Scott found some other thing to use, but the company behind it went out of business years ago, so all the comments from the posts on Blogger are long lost.

Since it was pre-Facebook, and was started among a group of friends, PDD initially was used a lot like Facebook, with a lot of inane daily updates — many of which stand the test of time and are cool to revisit, while others … not so much.

So what were the major happenings ten years ago as far as PDD was concerned?

  • Starfire was a rock-and-roll nanny in Europe, traveling with Low and Radiohead (photos above).
  • The second annual Green Man Festival was held at Spirit Mountain, featuring a giant gob of bands — the Big Wu, Wookiefoot, Shannon Wright, Heiruspecs, the Black-eyed Snakes, Ol’ Yeller, Pleasure Pause, Mark Mallman, White Iron Band, Cry on Cue, Spider John Koerner, Sweet Potato, Charlie Parr, Haley Bonar and so on.
  • PDD achieved the number-one ranking on Google for the search term “skinny dipping pics.” Quoth Starfire: “I can’t tell you how proud I am of all of you.”
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Post-PDDX Banners »

Back in April we announced that we’d be retiring all of the old banners. Well, the day has come, happy birthday to us, and sayonara to the old banners. Welcome the new, fresh banners. The old banners have been archived here on Google plus.

We also announced a banner contest, any banner submitted after Jan 1, 2013 was eligible for a $100 prize. The lucky winner was Shawn Thompson, with his Bunyan-esque photo of Nate Lindstrom.

There were a lot of great entries, and you’ll begin seeing all of them at the top of the page. As always, you can continue to submit your banners to PDD by following these guidelines.

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Happy Tenth Birthday to Us »

Perfect Duluth Day is ten years old today — Saturday, June 29, 2013. The official celebration runs from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Underground in the Duluth Depot. Free keg of Starfire Ale, courtesy of the Fitger’s Brewhouse, and cash bar after that.

PDD Calendar entry | Facebook invite

Thanks for having a decade of pee-double-dees with us.

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The new way to follow PDD comments »

As you can see by looking at the left sidebar on this page, the old Recent Comments feature has been removed, and a new link for Recent Comments at the top of the page has been added.

There are three old posts (link, link and link) which detail the problems we had with our old Recent Comments feature. We think this latest fix is our best bet.

So, if you like to follow along with new comments to old posts, click the new Recent Comments link and have at them.

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Save the Date — June 29 — PDDX »

Trampled by Turtles and Atmosphere play Bayfront Park on June 29. If you are nerdy enough, you also know that is the date Perfect Duluth Day will be ten years old, and we always have a snappy little PDD b-day shindig. So we’re tying them together.

Announcing …

PDDX: Perfect Duluth Day’s Tenth Birthday / Trampled by Turtles & Atmosphere Pre-Concert Party

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The ongoing recent comments issue »

For about two months PDD has been having problems with its “Recent Comments” feature — the item in the left column that highlights which posts have new comments you might not have read.

This week we installed a new plugin for Recent Comments that we hoped would be better, but unfortunately it isn’t.

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PDD Banners »

On June 29 PDD will be awarding $100 to the person who submits the best new banner. Everyone who has submitted one since Jan. 1 will be eligible. Pre-2013 banners will be pulled from rotation on June 29, but will be kept in archival storage and maintained by nice librarians with white cotton gloves at Google Plus. Banners from 2005-2009 can be found here.

We’re also looking for new Homegrown banners. Those submissions will be eligible for the same $100 prize. For full details on banner submissions, click here. The basic info is the image must be 960 pixels wide by 167 pixels high. The Perfect Duluth Day logo will be added by PDD’s art department. Send them to banners @

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Recent comments feature maybe sort of fixed, we hope; PDD mobile version turned off temporarily »

The little spot over in the left column that highlights which posts have new comments should be working properly now. Let us know if it’s doing anything funky for you.

We broke it three weeks ago while fixing something else. Now that it’s fixed, the new problem is that it leaves an ugly gap in the left column if you’ve read all the recent comments. We’ll fix that soon and then watch what breaks the minute we do.

Also, as those of you who read PDD on your phones or tablets may have noticed, we turned off PDD’s mobile version. This is a temporary measure. The mobile version was whacking out our regular site … yadda yadda … we’ll get the geeks on it eventually, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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Recent comments feature klunky right now »

You may have noticed the little section on the left column that highlights which posts have new comments you haven’t read has been malfunctioning. We know this, and we are working on it. (And when I say “working on it,” I mean going skiing and thinking about it occasionally.)

The problem started over the weekend, when a new plugin was installed to speed up the time it takes to load the homepage. Fix one thing, another one breaks. That’s how it goes.

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Calendar Videos »

The mad scientists in the Perfect Duluth Day Calendar Labs are continually applying their impressive craniums to just one question, “How can we make our calendar that much cooler?”

Well, pop up videos, that’s how! Starting now, if there’s a video linked to the event, just click on the “Watch Video” link and it will pop up in your browser window. Movie trailers, music videos, game tutorials and more are just a click away! Then you can click away the video and keep browsing events.


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Another chance to win $100 by appeasing the PDD marketing weasel »

PDDMarketingWeasel89457Every other year or so, Perfect Duluth Day conducts a survey of its readers in an effort to figure out who they are and what their deal is. To make up for the privacy invasion, we offer the chance to win $100 in a drawing, which convinces everyone to proceed without reservation or contempt.

To participate in the survey, you do not need to be logged in or have an account with PDD at all; you just have to be a human being with the ability to click things on the Internet.

This survey has closed; thanks to everyone who participated.

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