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Amanda and Rick and the new bike »

Yesterday I saw this rain-soaked note clinging to the propane cage outside the Walgreen’s on Superior and 12th…

I thought it was odd enough to post on a well-known social media platform as a curiosity. Then Scott Lunt (aka Starfire) saw it and posted this version of the note he saw on 4th Street… (more…)

So, who thought this was a good idea? »

Driver Pays the Price »

Is it true that on a very cold winter day a bus driver was assaulted by a rider? The DTA #2 bus was running late due to I-35 South being closed and traffic running slow due to icy road conditions. A rider waiting for about an hour boarded the bus and allegedly grabbed a phone-like devise and began to beat the driver. The driver was buckled in his seat and thus defenseless so other riders came to his rescue. Did this really happen in Duluth? It’s great to see the customers stepping up and helping their driver. Did anyone witness this?

RIP Mike, Mike and Tom Graffiti on Central Avenue, West Duluth »

I’m not sure when this changed but I just noticed it today.

For decades, the names of two guys named Mike and a Tom were spraypainted unceremoniously on this wall, now that has been painted over.

I met the new owner of the Italian Village a month or so ago and he seems like a great guy. He also seems to be doing a lot to expand and spruce up the storefront. So today I was only a little surprised when the graffiti that was painted on the side of the building years decades ago had been covered up by what looks like will eventually be a new mural.

Here is a post by Paul Lundgren from a few years ago with some fun history and comments about the two Mikes and the Tom who had their names painted on the building. According to the comments, it has also been painted over before, so perhaps it’s not gone forever.

Amy & Freddy »

Amy & Freddy performed at the Duluth-Superior GLBTAQI Pride Festival Saturday, and they were hilarious. An Ethel Merman-style showtunes lounge act interrupted with crowd observations and gags — and once Amy engaged with the ASL interpreter on stage, the vaudeville was on:

“Wait a minute — you sign whatever I say??”

Twins bar re-opening? »

I have heard rumors but cannot confirm. Does anyone have any info?

Pirate Pizza »

There’s a new covert pizza alternative operating out of a secret location on Goat Hill here in Duluth. Pirate Pizza delivers home made pizza from a home made oven with largely local ingredients to your door via a motorbike that once, according to the pirates, “used to run contraband around the Gaza strip.”


The Economics of Sulfide Mining: Benefits and Costs »

This address was given by Dr. Tom Power, Professor Emeritus at the University of Montana about a week ago in Duluth.

Dr. Power’s lecture was presented by the Friends of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and in association with the Duluth Chamber of Commerce. The forum was moderated by Duke Skorich. I’d like to thank the Clyde Ironworks facilities staff for doing something that I think more facilities should do, they made the house PA system available for media to run a direct, clean line for recording purposes.

I’m going to be doing ongoing coverage of this issue in my role with WGZS-FM in Cloquet which is a radio Service of Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. I am interested in thoughtful reactions and comments related to this material. Resources and other sources of information and even rebuttals, etc would be helpful to me. As ever though, let’s keep the discussion cordial and productive.

Dr. Power references a number of slides during the presentation and I did also take video but I am low on broadband and time this summer so I don’t know when that video will ever be available publicly. However, you can download a version of the powerpoint here here (pdf)

Free Jim Carlson »

Image and stickers available courtesy of your friends Bratwurst.

Chipotle coming to the Twin Ports! (?) »

I have it on decent authority that work is being done right now to bring four or five Chipotle restaurants to the Twin Ports area. My source says that one of the stores is destined for Cloquet and the rest are going to be in Duluth/Superior.

I won’t get too excited until the doors open, but I think many will agree that this is a long time coming for this area. No more trips south just to get a burrito (yes, I’ve done that).

Open House »


Ask the City of Duluth to use eminent domain to claim vacant houses for our affordable housing stock.

Armory: Love it, but would also love this »

I was reading the (DNT Duluth Armory flood damage article) and happened upon this comment:

I wonder if the Armory Arts Org has bitten off more than it can chew. This place is really a white elephant but that is the regretful truth. The scale of difficulties in dealing with a place of this size, age and state of disrepair – now with flood damage and other problems – It’s just not going anywhere!

An alternative would demolish the Armory and devise an arrangement that would masterplan the whole city block around a public square. Around the square, the Armory Arts Org could pursue the music and recording studio it wants in a purpose-built facility. The farmers market could relocate to the square, perhaps attracting a public food hall (bakery, butcher, fishmonger, flower market, eateries) of Northland food producers. There could be artist studios and galleries, artisans’ workshops, seasonal pop-up shops and lots of outdoor plaza space. Much needed student and artisan housing on site would make it 24/7 and give roots to the Creative Corridor.
The whole place could grow organically but adhering to design criteria and sustainability (environmentally and fiscally) with public:private financing from the city, charities, arts organizations, guilds, co-ops,developers and private benefactors.

It would really rejuvenate the east Downtown, East Hillside and anchor some really positive things there for everyone to enjoy – the young, the elderly, the craftsmen, the artists, the students, the families – Duluthians.

- Blighty

I just thought it was a very interesting thought. I live in the neighborhood and would enjoy walking the dog past this and perhaps even patronizing it.

Lake Superior Honey Co. Kickstarter »

On the heels of a Duluth City Council vote to broaden legal beekeeping within the city, Jonathan and Erin Otis of Lake Superior Honey Company announced the launch of an online campaign to raise funds for the expansion of their successful honey company. Continue the story at:

Dan Hanger gets the last word »

Did anyone else catch Dan Hanger’s feelings on some footwear at the very end of tonight’s (Thursday) Fox 21 newscast?

“I don’t like boots.” … awkward silence … roll end credits.

I only wish I had the video clip.

The Flame Nightclub, Duluth version »

The new Flame Nightclub at 26 N. First Ave. W. in Downtown Duluth opens on July 29.

7 West Tap House »

Apparently the old Ragstock location at 7 W. Superior St. is going to be transformed into a bar. Consider this a “before” shot.

How “Bikeable” is Duluth? »

…more than you might expect, according to the folks who stopped by our bike station at Lake and Superior on Bike to Work Day a couple of weeks ago.

Duluth vs. Superior »

On almost every point, Superior suffers by comparison. Duluth has 90,000 inhabitants; Superior has 30,000. Duluth has some of the most impressive nineteenth-century architecture in the Midwest; Superior is famous for asphalt shingles and insulbrick. Duluth is known for first-rate medical facilities; Superior has an oil refinery. Duluth has Spirit Mountain and a ski jump; Superior is flat as a turkey platter. Superior is clearly inferior to Duluth, but if you like an underdog, you have to love that town across the harbor. I sure do.

–Barton Sutter, from “Sister City,” an essay in his book Cold Comfort: Life at the Top of the Map

A & Dubs »

It’s back. First day I’ve seen A and Dubs open this year.

I couldn’t find any reviews from burgerdogboy for some reason and he’s usually got Duluth hand food pretty well covered. However, I did find this little blurb on Jim Heffernan’s blog.

PDD reader-generated A & Dubs stories are most welcome in the comments.

Willie the Warlock »

Yesterday I was out at The Princess Bride with a couple of goslings and other uberfans at the Zinema for their excellent Saturday-morning-movies-for-the-whole-family series. That would have been awesome enough, but they threw in free juice boxes for the kids, but it got even better. In the place where we expected the opening previews, or maybe a video short to roll we were treated to this 2006 video, by Duluth’s Willie the Warlock

Willie the Warlock Youtube video