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Native tree and shrub sale order deadline »

Friday, April 18, is the deadline for ordering bare-root seedlings from the South St. Louis County Soil and Water Conservation District. The native trees and shrubs come in bundles of 10 and 25 plants. Pickup is May 15-17. Visit for info and order forms or call 218-723-4867.

Pre-sale Homegrown T-Shirts! »

Pre-sale T-shirts for the 2014 Homegrown Music Festival are now available. Artwork is by the wonderful Heidi Blunt. Be aware: unless you are a volunteer for the festival, this is the only way you can get a shirt this year. Pre-sale closes at the end of March.

Homegrown Field Guide Last Call »

PDD Gift Guide 2013 »

Get your commerce on. Here is PDD’s annual reminder that the real purpose of Christmas is to obtain material things … as long as they are locally made.

This being the fifth year of the PDD Gift Guide, most of you know the drill by now, but for uninitiated newbies the concept is simple: The folks behind the curtain at PDD select 15 locally-based holiday gift ideas, which are highlighted in the thumbnails above. Click any thumbnail to read details about that item. The community at large is free to add other suggestions and links in the comment section below, with some effort to not be too redundant and repeat items from the Gift Guides of Christmases Past.

PDD Gift Guide 2012
PDD Gift Guide 2011
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PDD Gift Guide 2009

“Christmas City” 45 for sale on eBay to support Bentleyville Tour of Lights »

Security Jewelers is auctioning off a mint condition 45 of Merv Griffin’s “Christmas City,” the song recorded 50 years ago to promote the Christmas City of the North Parade. Check it out on eBay. The proceeds are being donated to Duluth’s Bentleyville Tour of Lights — America’s largest free, walk-through Christmas lighting display.

Snazzy Winter-time Stationery »

Perched on the scandalously beautiful hillside of Duluth – where winter can reign – this winter-time stationery was cooked up out of a love for the quirky side of life and the delight it brings. It also was designed and printed in our Zenith City and even features a design of our harbor, illustrated with pizazz by moi.

Fresh Hops For Sale »

Hello, kind Duluthians. I have for sale three varieties of fresh hops, all picked today (Tuesday) and yesterday. Hand picked, by me, no branches, no leaves, no pesticides applied ever.

3.5# Cascades
1.2# Centennial (these smell amazing, by the way)
4 oz. nearly dry Mt. Hood

$30 for the cascades, $15 for the Centennials, $8 Mt. Hood. I will also trade for beer. E-mail me, my PDD username at gmail

Grant Dollars Available »

The Duluth Legacy Endowment Fund has thousands of dollars to give away this year. Last year, there were more dollars than requests. If you’re part of a group or know of a project that meets the criteria below, please click the link above for details. Application deadline is Oct. 1.

We fund volunteer and civic organizations working with the city of Duluth.  Grants are awarded to projects in areas of:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Beautification
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Human Service
  • Parks & Recreation

Three Bigfoot Boogie passes »

I’ve got three tickets to the Bigfoot Boogie that I’m wanting to sell. They are $25 in advance and $30 at the door, and I’m willing to sell them for $20 each. Contact me at adam @ if you’re interested, and we can set something up.

Park Point Volunteer Surf Rescue »

Help us raise funds to buy a rescue board! PPVSR T-shirts are $25 each, made in the USA, with a big logo on the back and a small logo on the front. Can be picked up or delivered — e-mail parkpointvsr @ or post on our Facebook page. Thanks!

Two Duluth Dylan Show Tickets »

Two tickets for the July 9 Duluth show and we can’t make it. With silly TicketMaster fees and tax, price is $165. Let me know today or I’ll do the Craigslist thing Monday. Thanks. My cell 349-553six

Dylan tickets »

Does anyone want two tickets to the sold out Dylan/Wilco/Morning Jacket/Richard Thompson show in St. Paul, Midway Stadium, Wednesday? They are $80 each, face. Lemme know, asap.

Dylan ticket »

I have a ticket to the Bob Dylan show at Bayfront, but won’t be able to make it.  I’ll sell it at a reduced price.  Bob Dylan on sale.  Please make a fair offer, and it’s yours.

Serenity Rings: A Custom Chainmaille Accessories Shoppe »

Hello! This is a quick invitation for folks to explore my new Kickstarter project. We are looking to fund the new “North Woods Collection,” in which are five classic weaves of stainless steel chainmaille jewelry.

If you love chainmaille as much as we do you can check out my new ETSY online shoppe. For instant gratification, we have several items available in EG steel at the moment.

If you secretly harbor chainmaille desires, send me a PM and we’ll do what we can to fulfill your chainmaille fantasies. Thanks for exploring this project!

The People Say Fox – The Roseman 7″ »

The People Say Fox have just released a 7″ single of our song, “The Roseman,” off of our recent release Glowcap. You may have caught the fantastic video by Al Skomars in the Homegrown video festival. Anyway, you can snag a copy at or at one of our upcoming shows; May 18 @ Beaner’s for Day 3 of Western Thaw, or June 8th @ Beaner’s for Pete Cich’s Birthday bash!



First release is /250 on black 7″ including screen printed covers. The record also comes with a full download of the entire 10-track album, Glowcap.

Pasture-raised Spring Chickens »

The Twin Ports is great, but it’s lacked something – a commercial source of local, pasture-raised meat birds. We heard your cry.

Locally Laid egg company is expanding into spring chickens (it’s kind of a grand experiment – wait, it’s all an experiment). Interested? Here’s a link to reserve your bird or more info here.

Thanks Community of Real Food Eaters. You’re the best.

Free Jim Carlson »

Image and stickers available courtesy of your friends Bratwurst.

Home to share »

If you are a person who can share a home and share a kitchen, this might be the greatest place. Six-hundred-plus square feet — entire second floor — with shared kitchen and bath. Beautiful views, off-street parking. Asking $500/month. Includes Wi-Fi and all utilities. Already one dog and two cats in residence.

Artisan Bread at Red Mug »

A while back PDD people were clamoring for artisan breads. Well, you can now get the real stuff at the Red Mug Bake Shop in Superior, from noon Thursday through Friday, at least through the winter. They are made by Dave Hanlon, whose breads you may have tasted at past Land Trust benefits. That’s about all I know.

Viking Dishwasher »

Is there any value in a 2010 Viking Professional Series Dishwasher that has never really worked the way it is suppose to? Are there any vendors that take this stuff on trade? Should I part it out on eBay? I traded my neighbor for it [his wife didn't like it - there is no drying element] and the drain pump went out this weekend. I don’t want to put any money into it [it's the worst dishwasher we've every had]; but it feels like there needs to be some value in it. I guess the damn thing was over 1K when they bought it and I’ve got sausage in my freezer that’s older than this thing. Perhaps I should set it out on Island Lake and sell chances at guessing when it falls through in the spring? Winner gets 1/2 the pot? [actual fundraiser by the Lion's Club in my hometown, except it was a car on the Mississippi]. Will entertain interesting offers.