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Think of the Children!!


The Duluth alligator menace continues unabated as this exclusive footage shows

Duluth Alligator Stew

200 c. flour
100 c. bacon drippings
200 lg. onions
500 lbs. alligator
Season to taste
400 pods garlic
600 beef bouillon cubes
500 qts. Lake Superior water
Fresh parsley
Wild mushrooms

Combine flour and bacon drippings; brown until dark. Add water, onions, garlic, bouillon, and seasoning. Cook for 1 hour. Clean fat from alligator. Cut in bite size pieces. Put in gravy and cook in another hour. Add mushrooms and cook, uncovered, in another 30 minutes. Garnish with fresh parsley and serve over rice. Feeds approx. 85,000.

[Adapted from cooks.com.]

Kristy Marie – “Bernie Forever”


Bernie SandersNew video by Duluth’s Kristy Marie, in support of Bernie Sanders for President. Featuring instrumentation by Marc Gartman and Rich Mattson.

Video premiere July 20 at the Red Herring with Useful Jenkins, Devil’s Flying Machine and Adam Faucett.

Duluth Alligator Conspiracy #CrookedEmily


Footage sent to the Duluth News-Tribune and leaked here in the wake of Jim Richardson’s disappearance.

Mr. Nice Addresses Duluth Alligator Menace


Just Another Beach Day in Duluth


Duluth Alligator Attack Testimonial


Call for Duluth Alligator Attack Video Testimonials


Since I don’t appreciate the sass I am getting from the Mayoralty on this issue, I would like to issue a call for citizen video testimonials. Have you been attacked by an alligator in the Duluth city limits? Tell your story on PDD. Let’s MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD.

Where is the Leadership?


I will remind Mayor Larson that alligator attacks have been recorded in Duluth since at least 2011 as documented here. Just because she claims she didn’t see one on the beach yesterday doesn’t mean they aren’t out there ATTACKING INNOCENT CONSTITUENTS. It goes without saying that it will be hard to get re-elected if you are eaten by an alligator.

Duluth Mayor Larson MIA on Alligator Attacks

vlcsnap-2016-07-04-17h26m08s625A plea for action. After all that Mayor Ness did to keep Lake Superior shark-free, now is the time for the Larson administration to finally step up and tackle the growing alligator problem. We demand RESULTS.

Video Archive: Mayor Bergson says he won’t seek re-election


This clip from KDLH-TV 3 is from 10 years ago — June 14, 2006 — the day Duluth Mayor Herb Bergson announced he would not seek re-election the following year in order to focus on solving the city’s unfunded retiree health-care liability without politics interfering. At the time, the city’s health-care debt was projected to reach $300 million by 2014.

In early 2007, Bergson hinted he might run again after all, then announced two months later that he wouldn’t, only to reverse course three months after that and file to run.

His opponents in the race were Charlie Bell, Meg Bye, Joanne Fay, Greg Gilbert, Todd Gremmels, Sunny Helbacka, Reiner Nelson, Don Ness, Jim Pratt, John Socha and Robert Wagner. Bell and Ness advanced to the General Election, with Ness ultimately replacing Bergson as mayor.

Negative Voting

Paul Lundgren Saturday EssayIt’s been 16 years since I first announced in print my idea to change the American electoral process. Since then, my negative voting movement has gained absolutely no momentum, while election results have only affirmed my position.

In the summer of 2000, anyone could see the country was headed down the crapper. George W. Bush and Albert A. Gore — two of the country’s most hated men — were the favorites to become president. No one else stood a chance. I didn’t know the outcome of that election would be as controversial as it was, but obviously the result wasn’t going to be popular whether it was Bush or Gore ascending to the White House. It was clear our voting process was backward. It was time for negative voting.

When I launched the negative voting movement in June of 2000, it was already too late to save that fall’s election, and today it’s too late to fix the 2016 campaign. The timing is perfect, however, to get on the right path for 2020. So allow me to explain the simple change that would fix our broken democracy.

Live Stream from Trump Rally in Superior

Minnesota 2016 Caucus Results

Minnesota Republican Party
Marco Rubio – 41,395 | 36.24%
Ted Cruz – 33,124 | 29.04%
Donald J. Trump – 24,469 | 21.42%
Dr. Ben Carson – 8,422 | 7.37%
John R. Kasich – 6,563 | 5.75%
Write in – 207 | 0.18%

Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Bernie Sanders – 115,218 | 61.08%
Hillary Clinton – 71,887 | 38.11%
Uncommitted – 1,005 | 0.53%
Rocque “Rocky” de la Fuente – 206 | 0.11%
Write in – 193 | .1%
Martin O’Malley – 141 | 0.07%

Minnesota’s First Presidential Primary

Minnesotas First Presidential Primary

“In Minnesota, the Democrats are all for Wilson so far as the candidates for delegate are concerned. The crazyquilt presidential primary law has befuddled everybody from the rummy to justices of the supreme court. Only Albert B. Cummins, senator of Iowa, and Henry D. Estabrook of New York, are before the Republicans for their “preference.”

Full story text below: