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Cute Lil’ Cave


Just a cute lil’ cave.

Freediving the Harbor Buoy (Slomo version)


This slomo version is a composite of already released raw footage. I made three 30-second dives at the buoy. I am bad at estimating depth and I don’t have a depth gauge. I just wanted to reach a confirmed 30 feet, and diving the buoy was a way to do that since its depth is known. Maybe next year I will hang out down there a little longer since I can stay under a minute. But I was freaked out; although small potatoes in proper freediving circles, it represented a personal best and I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be. I also wasn’t sure what I’d find down there or what the visibility would be, so I approached it with trepidation. Visibility was decent but not great, so I remained wary of a small fear of being startled by fish emerging from the gloom. There had also recently been a prominent death in the freediving world. So to get psyched, that morning I read the comic-book version of H.P. Lovecraft’s horror story “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” about a man who (spoiler alert) discovers he is part of a lineage of half-human, half-fish monsters (found in “The Lovecraft Anthology vol. 1″ edited by Dan Lockwood, published 2012 by SelfMadeHero.) As usual if I die, my brother is instructed to recover the camera and post the footage to PDD immediately.

Where to have a bonfire in the Duluth area

If a family wanted to have an outdoor memorial service that included a bonfire somewhere in the Cloquet-Duluth-North Shore region, where might they go?

Underwater Dog Footage


Jasmine the dog, walked by lifetime Duluthian Jerry.

Duluth Sunset from Park Point


Remnants of Retaining Wall off Lakewalk


Swimming the shallows can be my favorite.

REI Gives $75k to Superior Hiking Trail


REI gifted 10 American trail systems a total of $500k.  The Superior Hiking Trail “won” a chunk of the money through an online poll.  Cheers, voters and REI!


No boards, snow, or wheels needed

Video by  James Holak

Crushing the Outer Harbor with Canoe Support Crew


Contains excerpts of the recent buoy-diving and swimming the hole at Uncle’s Harvey’s videos. Here you see them in context of the epic day crushing the best dive sites of the outer harbor. Canoe support crew was Jeff Greensmith and Sean MacManus. Dove the buoy and looked at railyard artifacts, ruins of the old breakwater wall, swam the hole at Uncle Harvey’s, and goofed around at its collapsed pillar. All the ruins are around 125 years old I believe. Topped it off with brews at Endion Station.

Swimming Through the Hole at Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum


Diving the Buoy


Depth: 30 feet. This is the red buoy in the outer harbor within sight of the Vietnam Memorial and Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum. Thanks to my canoe-based support team, Jeff Greensmith and Sean MacManus, who towed me out there on my floaty raft. At the 1:18 mark you can see the concrete block the buoy is tethered to but the shot is brief as I didn’t want to dally.

Lake Superior North Shore Cruise


Video by Aaron Goodyear.

Invasive weed control in Fond du Lac

In the ditches of Fond du Lac, near Perch Lake, wild parsnip is flowering and going to seed. In southeastern Minnesota this weed fills every ditch and uncultivated field and I believe this is poised to do the same in our region. I think that with five or 10 willing volunteers it could be possible to prevent or delay this invasion. I have not seen this plant growing in other areas, so perhaps if this patch is dealt with we might avoid a larger problem. The highway department has been made aware of this weed and for now is not mowing the area to avoid spreading the seed farther. The highway department does not have a plan to deal with this year’s seeding plants.

This Sunday, Aug.9, at 11 a.m. I will be in the ditches of Fond du Lac near Perch Lake cutting individual plants with a pruning shear and carrying them up to the roadside to be bagged. The job is too large for me alone and I would like to ask for help. If you can help please show up at 11 a.m. wearing long pants, a long-sleeved shirt and gloves. Some people do have skin reactions when dealing with this plant. If you have a pair of functional pruning shears please bring them. I will bring extra shears. Depending on the crew size I hope to spend no more than two or three hours with this task. I can be reached by e-mail at hanlondm @ gmail.com or by phone at 218-722-4990.

A Boat Ride on the Lake


Best Underwater Footage of Duluth’s Atlantean Ruins


Underwater footage of Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum off the Duluth Lakewalk in relatively clear conditions. First I videoed the collapsed column in 9 feet of water, Then because visibility was so good, I swam around the base of the building structure too. That is 16 feet deep according to a depth chart I saw once.