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The Way North: Duluth »

In a series for the New York Times, Damien Cave and Todd Heisler travel up Interstate 35, from Laredo, Tex., to Duluth, chronicling how the middle of America is being changed by immigration. They spend day 37 in Duluth.

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Thumbs Up Review of the Captain America Movies, plus: Race and Gender in Comic Books »

My review of Captain America 1&2 springboards into a professorial dissertation about race and gender in comic book characters.

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Swim Creative Tour »

The Minneapolis Egotist showcased Duluth advertising agency Swim Creative for its Thursday Tour last week.

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Outside Magazine Best Places to Live poll »

Duluth goes head to head with Columbia, MO. in the first round. (And it’s kicking their butts so far.)
You can vote here – no need to sign in or register.

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Lake Voice News #Five3Duluth Project »

Duluth’s Lake Voice News is teaming up with KUMD radio and the UMD Statesman to celebrate the kickoff of summer fun on the Great Lakes, and it’s all about you and the unique activities you love.

On Saturday, May 3, get out and show us how you have fun in Duluth with a quick pic at #Five3Duluth on your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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The three TV anchors »

I’d like to know some comments or questions to lay on Fox 21′s Dan Hanger, WDIO’s Darren Danielson, and KBJR’s Kevin Jacobsen for “Final Edition” tomorrow. Even though it airs at 6 p.m. on KUWS (91.3FM), we record the program at 12:30, so we’ll need your suggestions before then. Serious or not so serious, let’s have at it. Thanks.

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North – Minnesota’s Magazine »

I discovered this online, monthly magazine yesterday and it is positively outstanding. I think it went live in September 2013.

North is a free feature magazine that showcases Duluth and the region — inspirationally to those fortunate enough to live there and aspirationally to those of us who don’t and wish we did.

The magazine is aesthetically a pleasure to read and the abundant photographs enhance the reader experience. North seems to strike a balance of outdoor recreation, culture, dining, leisure, travel and human interest stories about local entrepreneurs that no other local magazines have accomplished.

It is polished and has a metropolitan sophistication without giving the impression that it’s trying. I really feel that it captures the essence of Duluth’s renaissance as I see it.

Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

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Duluth News Tribune website redesign »

The DNT’s new website rollout seems to be going exceedingly well. Day three …

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Wired’s 15 Most Fascinating at SXSW – Duluthian Mike Scholtz »

Mike Scholtz and Amy C. Elliott

Wired magazine posted “The 15 Most Fascinating Filmmakers and Stars at SXSW” and right up there with Tilda Swinton, Robert Rodriguez, and Jon Favreau is our very own Mike Scholtz and his partner on Wicker Kittens, Amy C. Elliott.

Wicker Kittens premiered at SXSW, and apparently got great response. Here’s the trailer.

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Enbridge »

Why is Enbridge banging out “we’re great on safety” ads on Pandora lately — oh, I get it.

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Go west, young man »

Star Tribune: Duluth visitors, please look to your right, too

The focal point of Duluth Mayor Don Ness’ State of the City Address will be creating a secondary tourist destination along the St. Louis River.

“We have the largest freshwater estuary in the world in the St. Louis River,” Mayor Don Ness said. “You have all of these amazing natural amenities and outdoor recreation experiences in a fairly small concentrated area.”

The plan comes as hundreds of millions have been spent — with a similar sum still to come — to clean up the St. Louis River, saddled for decades with old industrial pollution. It is in concert with efforts to revitalize the long-neglected working-class part of town, where factory hands raised families in tight-knit communities near their jobs.

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Trampled by Turtles’ song deserves Oscar »

There I was, sitting in a cavernous multiplex theater at Duluth 10. The movie, The Way Way Back, is one that I had actually chosen by accident. Or chosen erroneously, I mean. The Mrs. and I were on an impromptu date night and picked The Way Way Back thinking that it was actually another movie I had heard about.

A good 30 minutes in I realized both my error, and that the film was not what I had hoped for, a fluffy summertime coming-of-age story, and that it was instead a sort of dark, introspective coming-of-age story that just happened to be placed in a summer setting. At points during the movie I could actually viscerally feel my own awkward teenage summer loneliness flaring up in some deep, dark buried place in my gut. So the film makers nailed that part.

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Another accolade for Duluth »

“America’s Best College Towns” from Travel & Leisure

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Superior Skydivers Crash footage »

Hey, I can see my house from here.


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The Economics of Sulfide Mining: Benefits and Costs »

This address was given by Dr. Tom Power, Professor Emeritus at the University of Montana about a week ago in Duluth.

Dr. Power’s lecture was presented by the Friends of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and in association with the Duluth Chamber of Commerce. The forum was moderated by Duke Skorich. I’d like to thank the Clyde Ironworks facilities staff for doing something that I think more facilities should do, they made the house PA system available for media to run a direct, clean line for recording purposes.

I’m going to be doing ongoing coverage of this issue in my role with WGZS-FM in Cloquet which is a radio Service of Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. I am interested in thoughtful reactions and comments related to this material. Resources and other sources of information and even rebuttals, etc would be helpful to me. As ever though, let’s keep the discussion cordial and productive.

Dr. Power references a number of slides during the presentation and I did also take video but I am low on broadband and time this summer so I don’t know when that video will ever be available publicly. However, you can download a version of the powerpoint here here (pdf)

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TV stations afraid of the word “vibrator” »

Renegade Theater Company has been having trouble landing interviews on local television stations for their upcoming play, In the Next Room, or the Vibrator Play, because of the word “vibrator” in the title. The odd thing is that other plays that have dealt with subjects as diverse as incest, menstruation, torture, murder, marijuana, drug use, and so on have had no trouble getting airplay.

So, Duluth media, what’s that all about? Why does a vibrator scare you more than any of these things? Why the sudden prudery?

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Duluth & North Shore Kayaking on NPR »

NPR’s weekly sports show ended with a feature on the area’s whitewater kayaking.  Hear Only A Game’s story on SoundCloud.

Some terrific photos are on the show’s Flickr stream, too.

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Another Duluth dateline in the Onion »

24-year-old receives sage counsel from venerable 27-year-old
DULUTH, MN—Generously bestowing the kind of wisdom that only comes with age, worldly and venerable 27-year-old Matthew Owen took the time last night to offer his enlightened counsel to 24-year-old family friend Dennis Paige.

Other Onion stories with Duluth datelines:

… and there are probably some we missed.

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Diversity in the Media »

KUWS‘s Final Edition is a valuable local resource — a place where media professionals can reflect on the work they do and the impact they have on the community.

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The Publishing Conference that Was Rescheduled and Rearranged »

David Wong addresses 40 people at UMD

David Wong addresses 40 people at UMD

So, Architect, Author or Urban Ecologist David Wong of Vancouver BC extended his stay through Monday. (more…)

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