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Our fresh water makes radioactive waste transport and dumping too dangerous here »

The Duluth News Tribune’s Jan. 5, 2012, editorial (re-published July 10, 2014) blithely considered the grave issue of high-level radioactive waste storage, asking with its headline, “Nuclear waste here? Actually, why not?”

For answers, editors suggested we listen to scientists. This was sound advice, but it raised a question: Which scientists? It was scientific analysis that led to the cancellation of the Yucca Mountain, Nev., dump site plan — that and the staggering 2008 cost estimate of $90 billion, which was up from $58 billion in 2001, according to the New York Times. Yucca Mountain was chosen by Congress in 1987 and was vigorously pursued to the tune of $9 billion for decades. But then a long string of scientific show stoppers proved the site unsuitable, and the Obama White House and Energy Department gave it the ax.

Formation of River Corridor Coalition »

“It is our mission to generate and facilitate conversation to monitor and advance positive development of the St. Louis River corridor communities with the overall goal of benefiting the city of Duluth as a whole.”

The genesis of this group was to bundle the active Community Clubs in the western Duluth neighborhoods, and give them an active voice in the mayor’s vision for enhancing the St. Louis River Corridor. If you have an idea for enhancements for the neighborhoods come on out — RCC is still forming subcommittees so people are able to work on neighborhood issues they are passionate about, and have an active voice. The group has been meeting since February and meets every third Wednesday of the month — social time is at 6 p.m. with official business beginning at 6:30.

We feel that it is important that the ideas about the development of the Saint Louis River Corridor come from community members themselves. This coalition has members whose residency in the area ranges from just a year to over 30 years. Each neighborhood has representation, either from currently functioning community clubs, or citizens living in a neighborhood — from Lincoln Park to Fond du Lac. We have business interests represented and other area leaders. It is clear within this group that our members have a strong passion for this area and a commitment to improve it. All are welcome to attend and participate.

Like us on the River Corridor Coalition Facebook page to keep up to date.

Almanac North – July 11 edition »

On this edition of WDSE-TV’s Almanac North:

1:30 – Tony Barrett, professor of economics at the College of St. Scholastica, and Ron Brochu, Business North publisher, discuss the latest unemployment figures in northeastern Minnesota and what industries are creating jobs.

13:00 – Twenty-five years ago this week: Independent Air, an international charter airline, brings business to the Duluth International Airport with its stops to refuel and change crews.

14:50 – Lisa Luokkala and Russell Habermann of the Healthy Duluth Area Coalition discuss the new signs that help visitors and locals walk their way to local attractions and better health.

24:50 – The week’s business news.

27:05 – Footage of World War II airplanes visiting Superior as part of the Wings of Freedom Tour.

DECC Casino? »

On the agenda for next week’s Duluth City Council meeting is a resolution requesting the state legislature “amend state gambling laws to provide for the operation of a for-profit casino at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center or other location within Duluth.” (Update: Councilor Howie Hanson has told the Duluth News Tribune his proposal will likely be tabled and later taken up at a committee-of-the-whole meeting.)

Here’s the document text:

Purchasing and Licensing Committee

Resolution requesting the state legislature amend state gambling laws to provide for the operation of a for-profit casino at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center.

Endion Station Public House opening soon »

Endion Station Public House is opening July 25. It will serve pulled-meat sandwiches and Brewhouse beer in the historic train depot on the Lakewalk, and there are plans for live music on the patio.

Any Upset Duluth folks dislike Hobby Lobby? »

I’m tired of reading blogs and Facebook posts about the most recent court ruling won by Hobby Lobby to refuse its female employees basic women’s health care and discriminate against decisions that should be made with a medical provider. I’ve organized a local protest to create awareness to the local store’s shoppers. We will be there the next three mornings at 9 a.m. until about noon with signs. We hope you will join us or help spread the word. E-mail or send your positive energy to me at cletarose @ Thanks!

Jack Campbell releases new video and Fundrazr »

Local musician Jack Campbell just released a new free single “Drive” with a video by Lakefront Films and he’s doing a crowd funding campaign through Fundrazr to make a full length record.

Fines for boozing in public to double »

With no discussion, the Duluth City Council on Monday unanimously doubled the fine for “consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places.” The likely meaning of this is that if you are sipping a jug of wine on the Lakewalk you could be fined $200 instead of $100. If you are guzzling a fine locally brewed beer, however, all officers will look the other way.

Duluth School Board members acting like … high school kids »

Our tax dollars hard at work.

Duluth News Tribune: Tempers flare at Duluth School Board meeting as Johnston’s supporters strike back

Duluth Lighthouses being updated »

My family went down to the ship canal in Duluth on Monday and noticed that the north pier light was being worked on. The light itself was wrapped up, and all the glass had been removed. The entire black upper portion of the light had been painted with grey primer. Three men in hard hats, one up on top, were at work.

The little door at the bottom of the light was open and we could see the little stairway inside. In over 35 years we had never seen that door open!

We went inside the Canal Park Museum and talked to the fellow at the information desk, a employee of the U.S. Corp of Engineering. He told us that they are in the process of updating the lights themselves on both piers, north and south. They are taking out the old Fresnel lenses out and replacing them with maintenance free plastic enclosed lights. He informed us that the U.S. Coastguard (which maintains the lighthouses) does not have the resources to maintain the lights as they are now.

One of the lights being removed is more than 100 years old.

We were sorry to see the old lights being removed. They have yet to change over the south pier light.

What else is Duluth the best at? »

Duluth won Outside magazine’s online poll for “Best Place to Live,” — also referred to frequently as “Best Outside City” or “Best Outdoors Town.” Whatever it’s called, Duluth won it.

What else is Duluth the best at?

2014 Duluth Primary Election Primer »

There are plenty of federal, state, judicial and county offices up for grabs this year, but no Duluth City Council or Duluth School Board races. Sifting in which of the active races apply to Duluthians and sifting out which are uncontested until the General Election is a bit of a chore, but the info below might be as simple as it can be laid out while remaining thorough.

Remember: Aug. 12 is one of those Primary Elections in which you have to choose a party. You can’t, for example, vote for a Republican governor and a DFL congressman. On the partisan portion of the ballot you have to vote for the same party in all races. Below are the contests that will be on that ballot, and some notes about what will be part of the Nov. 4 General Election.

United States Senator, Independence Party
Tom Books
Steve Carlson
Jack Shepard
Kevin Terrell
Stephen Williams

United States Senator, Republican Party
Jim Abeler
David Carlson
Mike McFadden
Patrick D. Munro
Ole Savior

United States Senator, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Al Franken
Sandra Henningsgard

United States Senator, Libertarian Party
Heather Johnson is unopposed in her party and will be on the General Election ballot.

United States Representative, Minnesota District 8
There will be no primary in this race. Green Party candidate Ray “Skip” Sandman, Republican Stewart Mills and Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate Rick Nolan are unopposed in their parties and will be on the General Election ballot.

Work underway on 63rd & Bristol »

The precious connector between Grand Avenue and Cody Street has been blocked off since the Historic Summer Solstice Flood Disaster of 2012, but work is now underway to reconstruct 63rd Avenue West and Bristol Street at Keene Creek.

Local Landmark Nomination for CJM Memorial »

The CJM Memorial Local Landmark Nomination will have its second reading at the Duluth City Council Meeting on June 9 at 7 p.m. The meeting is at City Hall on the third floor in City Council Chambers. The CJM Board ask that you please come and show your support. (more…)

Official Video: Trampled By Turtles, ‘Are You Behind The Shining Star?’ »

TBT music video for the new album ‘Wild Animals’ first single, “Are You Behind the Shining Star?”

Duluth vs. Minneapolis »

Vote Duluth

Duluth is nearing the finals, and as of right now (9:25 a.m.), we’re leading against Minneapolis! Vote for us at

Camera crews, form a semi-circle. It’s time to remove the Last Place on Earth sign. »

Among the throng of photographers and videographers, Lane Ellis captured this 17-minute don’t-miss-a-moment-of-the-action version of the Last Place on Earth sign being removed by city workers.

Red Herring Lounge opening soon »

As Eyewitness News reports in the video above, the Red Herring Lounge has a grand opening planned for June 5-7.

Super Bowl 52 is coming to Minnesota »

The big news was announced today by the NFL that Minnesota will host Super Bowl 52 in 2018. The Vikings, Saints and Colts gave 15-minute presentations to team owners in Atlanta, Ga. and after the voting the Vikings won the bid. Full details and video at

Minnesota paves moral high path on bill designed to compete with other leading drug companies »

In a move sure to stun future generations while staying true to his Lutheran and Epsilon roots, the Minnesota house and senate led by Governor Mark Dayton, winning the big one for his home team, finally signed into law a bill sponsored by Hibbing’s very own Carly Melin, a fine example of Range woman herself, attractive and learned, also with probable Scandinavian and German heritage, with neither of them having ever had any actual experiences or contact with the Cannabis plant themselves, on their persons or with any of their families or friends therein … (more…)