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Call for Art: Nightmare Nasty »

Washington Gallery is searching for grotesque, eerie, disturbing, weird, nasty, and uncomfortable pieces of visual art and poetry. The exhibit “Nightmare Nasty” will be opening Oct. 26. Gore, guts and everything in between are wanted.

Good morning, Capitan. What would you like with your coffee? »

Next month, Christine Stark — a student with the University of Minnesota Duluth, who is completing her master’s degree in social work — will complete an examination of the sex trade in Minnesota, in which she compiles anecdotal, first-hand accounts of aboriginal women, particularly from northern reservations, being trafficked across state, provincial, and international lines to be forced into servitude in the sex industry on both sides of the border.

Vice: First Nations women are being sold into the sex trade on ships along Lake Superior

My Close Call at the Deeps »

I had a foolish close call cliff-jumping, but got it on video. Here’s the bone-chilling tale of hubris and naked luck: hottest day of the year but the lake was ice cold so I went to the cliff-jumping swimming hole on Lester River known as the Deeps. I’d made a video there before of jumping from up high, but I hadn’t jumped from the highest point yet, so I tried it.

UMD Makeouts »

Yes, there is a Twitter page dedicated to posting photos of University of Minnesota Duluth students making out. It’s called UMD Makeouts, sporting the hashtag @UMD_makeouts.

Predictably, most of the photos are poorly shot. Some of them highlight cute little lovebirds, but more of them fall into the raunchy, drunken or questionably consensual categories.

Activity on UMD Makeouts seems to have dramatically slowed since mid June, either because of summer break or because good taste sometimes prevails over trends.

Cindy Vu wrote a commentary in March about this subject for the Statesman. PDD apologizes for not latching onto this saucy tidbit until five months after it was hot.

Lake Superior Gator Attack »

Many people don’t realize Lake Superior is infested with fearsome man-eating alligators.

Disturbing Lake Superior “Scars” »

Can’t say I have identified any chemical trails over the Twin Ports (maybe they know that only the lake can control the weather around here), but this sad image has a strong effect.


Duluth native launches Kickstarter campaign to support local eco horror flick »

Duluth native, Jim Ojala, has been a professional special makeup/creature FX artist in New York and Los Angeles and now wishes to bring his first directorial feature film back home.  It is an eco-horror film called, Strange Nature, revolving around the real-life frog deformity outbreaks in Minnesota that spread across the country and where it might lead.  Check it out and support if you can — and please share.  Since the production will be casting mainly locals maybe you’ll even get a role.

Solitude Hill – Woodland Cemetery »

This tiny old cemetery is about three miles off of Tower Avenue in Parkland, a town south of the city of Superior and east of the town and village of Superior, near the Nemadji Golf Club, at the end of Cemetery Road.

Apparently it’s called “Solitude Hill,” despite the fact that a short distance away is the shot-up orange sign that reads: “No hunting or trespassing without permission. Only NRA members need apply.”

Is it haunted? Go there at night and then let us know.

The Two Faces of Al Franken »

watch?v=rnWKagBdpco” />watch?v=rnWKagBdpco” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”390″ height=”315″>

Minnesota Senator Al Franken loves Big Brother.

Is it over yet? »

Photo taken June 3, 2013. According to Thom Storm, this is the latest date snow has stayed on the Chester Bowl ski hill by about a month.

Free Jim Carlson »

Image and stickers available courtesy of your friends Bratwurst.

Local film makers producing horror film right here in Duluth. »

Murder Pretty, a local independent group of film makers dedicated to producing fun and interesting horror films, is producing its first slasher movie, How Pretty You Die right in Duluth. Filming begins March 28. Check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Open House »


Ask the City of Duluth to use eminent domain to claim vacant houses for our affordable housing stock.

Okay… »

Who needs Photoshop? »

Gander Mountain ad is troubling »

This morning’s Gander Mountain promotion, “Great Holiday Deals” displays the Bushmaster .223 paired with a 2000-round case of ammo. Both are on sale this week.

Isn’t this the type of weapon used in the Sandy Hook massacre?

Free Sign! »

I will produce and ship this sign to anyone who would like to stand next to Mr. Jankowski in Bentleyville and exercise their First Amendment rights. The sign is approximately 2′ x 3′, printed on corrugated plastic, two sided, with arrows pointing in both directions for your convenience.

Rod Raymond – Part II »

Rod is under the gun. Again.

This time with a side of, “WTH is going on in the Chancellor’s (former) office?” Is it time for Rod to hang up the UMD gloves?

Duluth News Tribune: “UMD investigates two new complaints against Raymond

Duluth News Tribune: “Ex-UMD official: He advised firing Raymond, was demoted

Old PDD Post: “Regarding Rod Raymond

Halloween banners »

Got any good Halloween photos? It’s the annual call for Halloween banners on PDD. Remember, not every photo makes a good PDD banner.

Some basic rules:
The image must be 960 pixels wide by 167 pixels high. The Perfect Duluth Day logo will be added by PDD’s art department.
The lower portion of banner photos serve as background to the navigation bar, so crop your image with that in mind. Make sure essential elements are not in the area that will be obscured. Don’t stretch the photo to make it fit the ridiculously horizontal proportions. That always looks poopy, and will probably disqualify the photo from bannerdom.

If all of this is too much to wrap your head around, or you don’t have the right image editing software, e-mail the uncropped photo, and we’ll do our best to crop it so it looks good.

Send them to

Duluth-related zombie movie trailer »

Apparently making homemade trailers for movies that don’t exist is becoming a trend. Here’s the latest in the series.