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Help the Camp Miller Crafts Room »

The Arts and Crafts room at YMCA Camp Miller gets a small budget every year but we’re looking to expand that to include a more comprehensive and skill based artistic experience! This year I’m the Arts Specialist and I’m looking for donations so I might be able to teach fiber arts, ceramics, paper making and wood working. Friendship bracelets are great, but if campers could leave camp with a new hobby like knitting or pottery, they’d be able to explore a craft with a greater artistic potential.

Icebox Radio Theater: Acting Internships »

The Icebox Radio Theater is searching for performers for a two-week tour of public libraries in Northern Minnesota from June 2 to 13. We are in need of talented individuals willing to learn about a new form of theater while performing for kids and adults in a series of small shows in public libraries from Grand Rapids to Grand Marais. Must have own transportation to general area of events and for long weekend of rehearsals in International Falls. Per-show stipend plus lodging and mileage paid.

Images from Diorama-rama 6 »

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Submit art for Superior Storm Drain project »

Sidewalk areas next to six storm-sewer drains in Superior will be painted by local community artists. To submit a draft design by the April 17 noon deadline go to for the entry form and more information. The artists must be residents of Superior, work in Superior, or go to school in Superior and be above 18 years old. Each of the six finalists will receive $200 once the art work is completed in May.

Cabin Fever »

Sound design created by Bryce Kastning.

Life on Mars, Veronica Mars that is … »

On Friday night I went to the Zinema to see the Veronica Mars movie.

Wired’s 15 Most Fascinating at SXSW – Duluthian Mike Scholtz »

Mike Scholtz and Amy C. Elliott

Wired magazine posted “The 15 Most Fascinating Filmmakers and Stars at SXSW” and right up there with Tilda Swinton, Robert Rodriguez, and Jon Favreau is our very own Mike Scholtz and his partner on Wicker Kittens, Amy C. Elliott.

Wicker Kittens premiered at SXSW, and apparently got great response. Here’s the trailer.

“Plumb” by Caleb Wood »

Caleb Wood drew columns of freehand animation directly onto the gallery wall at Duluth’s Prøve Gallery for this snappy little video.

Homelessness and Water »

I drove, again, along the highway that sometimes feels like it mostly exists to serve paper mills to see the openings at the MacRostie Art Center.


Bridge Exhibit Comes to Duluth »

The Bridge exhibit I discussed here, at the MacRostie Art Museum, is now at the Zeitgeist.

Seeking: Homegrown 2013 Photos »

It’s that time of year again. If you have Homegrown 2013 photos you’d like to have considered for inclusion in this year’s Homegrown Field Guide, send me an email: adam [at] transistormag [dot] com.

Thank you, fans!

Minerva Party »

(Pictures from Minerva social media)

Minerva celebrated its second anniversary last night, and it was a blast.

Transistor tran bashing? »

I can’t help but bring up the Transistor’s latest cartoon that has spurred a lot of commentary in the Facebook world.

The cartoon has a male figure with the words “She had a dick” in a speech bubble above his head. The bottom of the cartoon makes the statement, “Best reason to break up.”

Is this really the best humor Duluth’s got to offer on the front of its premier arts/culture zine? It is hurtful and tasteless. For posing as such an open-minded literary mag, this cartoon is discriminatory toward our transgender community.

Perfect Play or Musical of 2013: Duluth Playhouse Children’s Theatre’s Cats »

It was a big year for Duluth theater in 2013, with eight productions receiving a significant number of votes for the honor of best play or musical. In the end, the Duluth Playhouse Children’s Theatre production of Cats emerged as the favorite.

Painting in the BWCA »

Duluth artist Ken Marunowski describes the process of making a wilderness landscape painting.

Diorama-rama – March 29 »

Sarah Heimer says: “Hello all! Getting the word out that the Diorama-rama is happening this year on March 29 at Sacred Heart! This a call out to anyone/everyone interested in making a diorama for a super fun one night show. (For those of you who don’t know … a diorama is a box with a scene inside it.) Anyone is welcome to make and show one, the more the merrier! They can be any shape, size, theme that you want. It will be a night of music and art and fun and it only happens once every two years. Feel free to contact me for more info. Tell your friends!”

Art, Gender, Duluth »

I spent part of the last night at Prøve Collective. It was a packed room, as packed as any opening I have attended in a long time, and the walls were dense with a variety of art from a diversity of artists. The photography exploring Barbie iconography reopens cultural wounds that we still have yet to close. Some of the textile work repositions arts and crafts — in this case, pushing those boundaries a little further by leaving needles and thread available to gallery-goers to create.

World’s Top Public Intellectual at Zinema »

Sarah LaChance Adams, that is, with Noam Chomsky and Michel Gondry doing backup at the Zinema 2.

About 60 people, I would guess, maybe more, attended the Explorer’s Club showing of Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? on Tuesday night.

Trampled by Turtles’ song deserves Oscar »

There I was, sitting in a cavernous multiplex theater at Duluth 10. The movie, The Way Way Back, is one that I had actually chosen by accident. Or chosen erroneously, I mean. The Mrs. and I were on an impromptu date night and picked The Way Way Back thinking that it was actually another movie I had heard about.

A good 30 minutes in I realized both my error, and that the film was not what I had hoped for, a fluffy summertime coming-of-age story, and that it was instead a sort of dark, introspective coming-of-age story that just happened to be placed in a summer setting. At points during the movie I could actually viscerally feel my own awkward teenage summer loneliness flaring up in some deep, dark buried place in my gut. So the film makers nailed that part.

Call for Photo Submissions: 4x V3.0 »

The Duluth Photography Institute’s 4x exhibit is back (pronounced “Four-by” as in 4×6, 4×8, etc.) We are hoping to get over 200 submissions this year!