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Trampled By Turtles Commemorative Handprints Project


Selective Focus: Duluth

Tamara Jones

Tamara Jones, “Full moon over the Lake”

There is no way to comprehensively describe Duluth with an inane little photo feature, but I do think this week’s image’s alternations between grandeur and ruin say something about this place; what we value, what we’ve let moulder. Duluth is a place where our failures aren’t hidden. Its broken roads and crumbling industries, all set on that capricious gem of a lake impress the psychic landscape, and inform our present strivings.

Glensheen: the Musical

Glensheen the musical

Glensheen, a musical based on the book by Jeffrey Hatcher and music and lyrics by Chan Poling, opens at the History Theatre in St. Paul on Oct. 3 and runs through Oct. 25.

Good lord.

Where in Duluth? #132

where in duluth sept 2015

Time for another installment of Perfect Duluth Day’s ultra-thrilling photo-trivia sensation. Where in Duluth was this shot taken?

Selective Focus, “Community”

Ashley L. Behrens

Ashley L. Behrens, “The Joys of Color”

Even though we might not feel a part of it, or intentionally cast ourselves to the margins, we live- without choice- within communities. What we do to broaden, to expand that meaning defines us; how many and of what sort we’ll include. Let’s celebrate here the pulling together, the belonging, and the recognition that no one, as was said, is an island.

Local artists and organizations receive grants

Kathleen McTavish will partner with the Duluth Art Institute to provide a year-long, hands-on digital lab and series of workshops to explore, experiment, create, and share new media tools and processes.

Kathleen Mctavish will partner with the Duluth Art Institute to provide a year-long, hands-on digital lab and series of workshops to explore, experiment, create, and share new media tools and processes.

Duluth artists and organizations received a total of $58,820 in arts funding from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council to produce projects and creative learning opportunities in the local community. There are many wonderful projects to look forward to in Duluth this year such as the installation of Mary Plaster’s puppets at the Duluth Children’s Museum, or the workshops Kathleen McTavish will be leading at the Duluth Art Institute. Duluth is fortunate to have so many creative people and organizations producing projects and events that engage with the local community.

Fall Reading List: A Hillsider and a Buried Man

Hillsider by Don Ness The Emancipation of a Buried May by Eddy Gilmore

Two books lead the list of recommended local reads this fall: One is a new book by Duluth’s outgoing mayor, which will no doubt generate tons of attention before anyone fully reads it. The other is an impressive memoir published back in March by a humble Lakesider, which deserves to be held up next to Duluth’s highest ranking literary office.

Selective Focus: Fringe

Jason Linus

Jason Linus, untitled

Where’d we be without the square pegs, the odd ducks, and the outliers? Blaine, probably. Feels like I’ve landed somewhere that not only appreciates, but cultivates individuality. Not eccentricity for its own sake or ostentatious outrageousness; still, there is a climate of mutual support here, and a community that values unconventional ways of approaching life, accommodating people and schemes that yield weird, unanticipated, often gratifying things.

Putting Duluth on the map

Duluth Fire Button Duluth Experience Logo

Posting the Duluth Fire button to the Duluth Button Collection recently made me think of the Duluth Experience logo, which reminded me that Perfect Duluth Day briefly had an on-the-map logo at the end of 2003, before the official and current logo was developed in 2004.


Are there other logos putting Duluth on the map? And yes, I did notice the mark on the Duluth Fire map seems to be placed over Floodwood. I also think the old PDD logo artist intentionally made it look like the tip of Lake of the Woods was broken off.

2015-2016 Duluth-area Theater Primer

PDD Theater Primer Logo
Theater season is upon us, and the Duluth/Superior area has you covered. There are a variety of shows happening every month, ranging from comedy to drama and something for the kiddos.

Something for a rainy day


I’d heard about Rainworks quite a while ago and filed it away in my mind as something awesome that I’d never be lucky enough to see. And then they had a Kickstarter. I’ve already made my pledge, in the hopes that they reach their goal and I can put up some rain activated artwork in my neighborhood but I think the Twin Ports would be a great candidate for lots of this … something to make us look forward to rainy days instead of dread them. However, there are only seven days left in their Kickstarter and there is a ways for them to go!

Teachers and parents, think of the potential for you! Anyone really. If enough of us got this set up, you could have rainy day scavenger hunts all over Duluth or Superior.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.”

Chatting with Artists

In the past few weeks, I have had too much coffee with artists.

Deer Woman: A Vignette, edited by Allie Vasquez and written by Elizabeth LaPensée featuring art by Jonathan Thunder. Winner of the Awesome Foundation Portland’s Peoples’ Choice Award.

Selective Focus: Harvest

Annie Dugan

Annie Dugan, untitled

Harvest is the time to reap what we’ve sewn, and to stow our goods for the difficult days ahead. It’s the time to decide what merits entry into our sod huts, and what is left to the elements. Often this is based on a degree of conformity to norms, on a willingness to fit in, and to play along. We decide what’s suitable to sustain us, cede diversity to the predictable, and leave the rest to wither on the vine.

Selective Focus: Hold on Summer

Ann Klefstad

Ann Klefstad, untitled

A recent New York Times article noted how difficult the end of Summer can be, especially for people “of a certain age” who focus on what’s left in the hourglass, and rue the many things undone that likely will remain so. But it ends on a hopeful note, in finding solace in the smaller things we managed; I had my 1st swim in Superior, I’ve been working steadily on my first book with numerous local colleagues, and I’ve eaten several Rustic Inn pies. Hardly a squandered season.

2016 Minnesota DNR Trout and Salmon Stamp

2016 Trout and Salmon Stamp Competition.  First Place:  Dean Kegler

Duluth artist Dean Kegler won the 2016 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources trout and salmon stamp contest with this painting of a brown trout. His artwork was previously featured on the 2009 pheasant stamp.

The trout and salmon stamp validation is sold for $10 along with fishing licenses and is required for Minnesota residents age 18 to 64 and non-residents older than age 18 and under age 65 to fish designated trout streams, trout lakes and Lake Superior, and when in possession of trout or salmon.