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Looking for wedding officiant and photographer »

My fiancé and I are planning a small informal wedding Saturday July 12th of this year in Duluth. Any recommendations on a great photographer I can check our or wedding officiant? What was your experience?

Where to donate for homeless »

Cold weather has many people wondering what they can do to help the growing number of Duluthians experiencing homelessness. Obviously we need systems change and more housing. In the meantime, the Duluth Street Outreach Team is making sure people are accounted for, connected to housing resources and as warm as possible. If you are homeless or have tips on people who may be homeless, please call our 24-hour hotline at 218-461-8505.

I’m aware of trafficking, now what? »

January is considered “Trafficking Awareness Month” or so the many e-mails and invites to special events are telling me. As a social worker and previously as a domestic violence/sexual assault advocate I have been inundated with trafficking discussions, forums, conferences, and trainings. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great. However I feel as though now I am fully “aware” of trafficking and that the social-work community as a whole is very “aware” of trafficking in the Duluth area. My question is what do I now do with this awareness to help survivors of the industry and to prevent such things from happening to new victims? What is currently being done by local sexual assault groups such as PAVSA to combat trafficking and how can a social worker, or anyone for that matter, jump in and help?

Please don’t infer that I am in any way downing the efforts to inform people about trafficking — the more who know the better. But I do feel like there is a lack of discussion about action steps, and as a person whose clients and own family members have been affected by this issue I’d like to know less how to make people aware and more about how to do something about it.

East End Tailor »

I used to work in West Duluth, and West Duluth Sewing was conveniently accessed. I made a special trip over the last week, and to my disappointment they seem closed – as in not open for business anymore.  Anyway – Joanne was great – always happy – she could fix anything:  hem pants, repair gear, advise on relationship issues … (more…)

Information Overload – Need a virtual tutor »

Spent a few minutes with Google looking for a decent app or website we can direct our kids to for working on the skills and concepts being introduced in the classroom. We are open to a subscription service, but don’t want to commit without some endorsement or referral from a trusted PDDer. Sure, there is plenty out there for free, but weeding through advertisements and such makes it complicated and cumbersome at times – we’d also like to track progress. Any of you using anything you can recommend? Specifically looking for math, spelling and phonics for the K-5 audience.

Instead of work holiday party, seeking volunteering ideas »

That awkward holiday work party — where no one really wants to go, but feels obligated. Well, we want to do something different this year and need ideas! Last year, instead of apps and drinks while milling about awkwardly, we got to do a blitz build with Habitat for Humanity. It was a blast, and it really brought us together, while helping a family in need. Do you have any ideas for this year? There would be roughly 16 of us, and we would want to be able to work together for the most part. We could take a half day to work, or even a couple hours. The tough thing would be to try to schedule this activity on a Monday-Friday, sometime around the holiday season. Any suggestions welcome!

Travel Advice: San Diego »

In a few weeks, I’m going to be in the San Diego area for work . The Prioress is going to meet me at the tail end for a few days. (more…)

Greenhouse Advice »

I’m trying to make my yard and garden more inviting to pollinators, and I’m having trouble finding greenhouses in the Duluth area that don’t treat their flowers with long-lasting systemic insecticides that get into the pollen and nectar. I don’t want to bring flowers and shrubs home that will poison the bees and butterflies I’m trying to attract. Any recommendations for where to get untreated plants locally? I’ve gotten some at Burchfiel’s and some at Boreal Natives, but they don’t have everything I’d like to plant.

Looking for a local mortgage lender »

We are looking for a mortgage lender who will talk to us like humans with unique circumstances, excellent credit, and stable income sources. We are not looking for a mortgage lender who is vague, robotic, or uncreative.

Any suggestions, recommendations, or positive experiences to share?

Bullhorn Permit?? »

One of my buddies was horsing around with a megaphone this weekend – he was announcing an impromptu ski race. The police showed up and told him that he needed a “megaphone permit” in order to OWN a megaphone [perhaps he meant "use"?]. Anyway – we have been reviewing the city permit page and can’t find the requisite paperwork. Should the authorities have referenced a different regulation? Anybody have experience with this?

GPS Instruction »

Is anyone out there savvy with a Garmin? This fella needs some instruction and he’s looking to hire someone to walk him through his device.

Duluth and Helsinki forever — and maybe Stockholm too »

I attended a screening of Helsinki Forever, a 2008 montage of video clips taken by Finnish documentary and feature film makers over the past 100 years. It opens with this scene from the 1920s.


Sanitary Sewer Easement »

Has anyone had experience granting an easement across their property for sewer installation? I may be forced to (in a situation where several close neighbors are being asked to decide whose properties the easement should go on) and am wondering if there are negative repercussions as far as property value, etc. I have read some things online about this issue, and am interested in personal experiences.

Cold, Colder, Coldest »

Has anyone else noticed that for the past two months Duluth city tap water doesn’t seem as cold as it used to? I mean, it’s cold, it’s just not the same level of… coldness it has been in the past. Is this a result of the Flizzard, the amazingly long streak of hot days, a combination, neither?

Cast iron skillets don’t go in the dishwasher »

… and thus I am in the market for housekeeping services.  We have tried two cleaning services since moving to the area and they were [ahem] sub-par.  Can anyone refer me to a solid housekeeper?

Tackle shop recommendations, etc. — Advice for getting started fishing in Duluth »

I’m relatively new to Duluth, and I’m hoping that PDD folks will offer advice as I begin learning about fishing here in the city. What tackle shops should I visit for tips and gear? Anyone want to share the location of their favorite fishing hole?

Photo Archive »

I’m looking for a simple solution to “cloud type” photo storage.  Currently we attempt to consolidate all our photos on one computer via thumb drive and other work arounds.  My wife and I each have a smart phone, we have multiple digital cameras, and multiple computers to which photo’s end up being downloaded – so it gets to be a mess when we “organize” pictures.

It seems that it would make more sense for me to directly upload pictures to a remote site we all could access for viewing.  Editing would be constrained to one computer.  A nice option would be to have some sort of “syncing” tool similar to the iTunes and Google Drive solution suggested here by my earlier post.

My wife likes to edit photos and put together photo books while we are driving and therefore needs to be able to access the photos offline. So ideally, as photos were edited – these would also be reflected online post sync. There would not be a need to keep all photos locally – just the ones of interest. The syncing would only need to be with one computer; but uploads would be from various sources.

Seeking Commerical Kitchen to Rent »

We’re looking for a commercial kitchen available to rent ASAP. Ideally, it would not be a shared space, but we’re open to all suggestions. Thanks, PDD community, we could really use your help on this.

Beware: Duluth Attacking Otters »

Please beware of attacking otters in the Duluth area. There is at least one attacking otter on the loose at Island Lake and where there is one there has got to be more.

Anoka triathlete suffers 25 bites in otter attack in Island Lake near Duluth

Duluth Tap Water »

Does anyone know the situation regarding drinking tap water in Duluth/Superior are the flooding? Have there been any advisories regarding contamination?