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Housing needed Spring, 2016 (early notice)

Hello Duluthians,

After a couple of years on the southeast coast, we are returning to Duluth next spring to pursue a very exciting project of which you will become aware next summer.

I thought I’d throw out an early notice that we’ll be looking for a house to rent pretty much anywhere in … oh, let’s say Lincoln Park or eastward.

I know it’s early, but what the heck. I know the rental market is tight in Duluth.

Just a shot in the dark. Thanks!

Vicarious — thomdonaldson (at) gmail (dot) com

Duluth Commercial Real Estate Appraiser Recommendation

Does anyone have any good leads or good experiences? Or, for that matter, places to avoid? We need a property in Lincoln Park appraised, and we are not in Duluth to oversee the process.

West Superior Street / Lincoln Park Revitalization

We are looking for organizations – governmental and non-governmental – initiatives, and business groups focused on the revitalization of the areas in the title. Specifically, the area focused around West Superior Street from the Point of Rocks to 27th Avenue West.

Cursory searches online bring varied, vague, and frustrating leads. If you have any concrete information, please post the info, links, or contact info here.

So long, Duluth.

Well, we’re outta here.

A job opportunity is taking us to (much) warmer climes. We moved to Duluth in 2005, got engaged on the beach at 22nd, were married at the Beach House (while Beach House played in the background), and gave birth to a daughter who’s eyes are the color of Lake Superior. I’m glad she’ll be able to say she’s a native Duluthian.

Some things I’ll miss:

  • Snow
  • Crisp fall mornings
  • The greening of the landscape in May/June
  • The view from our front deck
  • The fog horn
  • That lake

We will miss our friends the most. And the delicious beer.

Looking for a local mortgage lender

We are looking for a mortgage lender who will talk to us like humans with unique circumstances, excellent credit, and stable income sources. We are not looking for a mortgage lender who is vague, robotic, or uncreative.

Any suggestions, recommendations, or positive experiences to share?

Frozen Superior

Will the Corner of the Lake freeze this year?

Anybody have photos or video of when it froze, solid and smooth, in 2007? Mine are long lost.