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"At ten o'clock the old, long out-of-print science fiction writer announced it was his bedtime. There was one last thing he wanted to say to us, to his family. Like a magician seeking a volunteer from the audience, he asked someone to stand beside him and do what he said. I held up my hand. "Me, please, me," i said. The crowd fell quiet as i took my place to his right. "The universe has expanded so enormously," he said, "with the exception of the minor glitch it put us through, that light is no longer fast enough to make any trips worth taking in even the most unreasonable lengths of time. Once the fastest thing possible, they say, light now belongs in the graveyard of history like the Pony Express. "I now ask this human being brave enough to stand next to me to pick two twinkling points of obsolete light in the sky above us. It doesnt matter what they are, except that they must twinkle. If they dont twinkle they are either planets or satellites. Tonight we are not interested in planets or satellites." I picked two points of light maybe ten feet apart. One was Polaris. I have no idea what the other one was. For all i knew, it was Puke, Trout's star the size of a BB. "Do they twinkle?" he said. "Yes they do," i said. "Promise?" he said. "Cross my heart," i said. "Excellent!" he said. "Now then: Whatever heavenly bodies those two glints represent, it is certain that the Universe has become so rarified that for light to go from one to the other would take thousand or millions of years. But i now ask you to look precisely at one, then precisely at the other." "OK," i said. "I did it." "It took a second, do you think?" he said. "No more," i said. "Even if you had taken an hour," he said, "something would have passed between where those two heavenly bodies used to be, at, conservatively speaking, a million times the speed of light." "What was it?" i said. "Your awareness," he said. "That is a new quality in the Universe, which exists only because there are human beings. Physicists must from now on, when pondering the secrets of the cosmos, factor in not only energy and matter and time, but something very new and beautiful, which is human awareness." Trout paused, ensuring with the ball of his left thumb that his upper dental plate would not slip as he sad his last words to us that enchanted evening. All was well with his teeth. This was his finale: "I have thought of a better word than awareness," he said. "Let us call it soul."

Lions&Creators – “Hands” (Live at Beaners 10.1.11) »

From our CD-release show on the first of October. Physical and digital copies are up for sale here. Duluth is the best!

Lions&Creators – “Growing” »

Lions&Creators just released their album in Duluth on Saturday and now the whole thing is up to stream on our Bandcamp, which is here. You can buy it there for only $5! (and it comes with a few extra surprises too). Physical copies will be available at The Electric Fetus soon.  All hand made, designed by the band.

A really awesome review can be found here and a video review here” />here” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”390″ height=”315″>, if you’re into that sort of thing. Give it a listen!

2.18! »

A musical co-mingling for you’re personal auditory pleasure sensors that promises to be friendly to all inner ear receivers! Bring mom&pop and brother&sis, this one is for all to hear! There is rock for one and rock for all, post-rock, math-rock, alt-rock, small-rock, big-rock, igneous-rock, sedimentary-rock, and plenty more rock jokes where that came from! Come on out if you like rock(s)! Beaner’s Central is the place to be!

This Saturday! »

Looking for cheap entertainment? »

Tiny Moving Parts
The People Say Fox
Leif Hinkel

5 p.m. | $4 | all ages
The Encounter | 201 E. First St.

Come have some fun and enjoy the positive vibes and jones soda, etc., etc.

Saturday, Feb. 20 | The People Say Fox & Tiny Moving Parts »

Tiny Moving Parts (math rock from Benson,MN)
The People Say Fox (local alt favorites)
Lions & Creators (first show, members of Road Warrior and Infected Wednesday w/ special guest; Greta Konkler)
Leif Hinkel (acoustic positivity)
5 p.m. | $4 | All Ages
@The Encounter | 201 E. First Street

Friday, November 20th | Music for Hibernation »


doors @ 6 | music @ 7
A night of good times and positive vibes!
Come have fun!

Young Widows and La Dispute | Sunday, September 27th »

*this is also road warriors LAST show*

Punk show at HCIS this Tuesday! »

HCIS Punk Show-4/21/09
yet another show put on by harbor city’s own Michigan Street Productions team;
featuring something for everyone of all ages
6 PM
.Arrowhead stage.HCIS.4th Floor.
Check it Out!

Show At Harbor City International Theatre Tommrow Night! »