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Help us with a theory »

The other day, a friend and I were talking on Facebook about personality types according to Myers-Briggs and we noticed that, just in our circles of Duluth friends, there’s a huge proportion of one type of Myers-Briggs personality.

We then wondered if this was just coincidence or does Duluth have a larger-than-usual percentage of this relatively rare personality type.

So we’re turning to you all to help.

Please take this test (it’s free) and then post your results and the city in which you live. Thanks!


The test starts underneath the text box at the top of the page.

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Name this song … »

Can anyone name this artist or song? A friend of mine has had it for about 15 years and has never been able to find out what it is titled or who it is sung by. Zune, Shazam, and Soundhound have not been helpful. Perhaps this august group will be…

Unknown by Unknown on

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Do you know these people? »

From Craigslist today: (

Found 1GB memory card in a purse from Goodwill. Do you know these people? I thought that they might want their pictures back.

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Arrowhead Auto Body or ABRA Auto Body? »

After a car accident, I need to get the car repaired. My insurance has a “Circle of Providers” that it prefers (although I can go to anyone I choose and they will still pay) but using the “Circle of Provider” guarantees the work for the life of the car by the insurance company.

It’s mainly cosmetic damage. I am not out any money for this accident (not my fault) so cost isn’t a concern for me. The two providers they have in this area are Arrowhead Auto Body (home of the catchy jingle!) and ABRA Auto Body.

Any thoughts? Recommendations? Don’t go theres?

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A plea »

Donald Pridemore, Wisconsin Legislator, Says Single Parenting Leads To Abuse

I am starting to lie when people ask me where I grew up because of shit like this. If you aren’t aware, Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grotham, along with Wisconsin State Representative Donald Pridemore,  both Republicans, sponsored a bill in the Wisconsin Legislature that would mandate the state Child Abuse Prevention Board conduct public awareness campaigns emphasizing that single parenthood is a leading cause of child abuse.

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Meet Rick Nolan »

Rick Nolan is running against Chip Cravaack in the 8th Congressional District.

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Duluth’s Limerick, 2012 Version »

There was an old man from Duluth
Who wept when he thought of the truth,
Remembering the chances with lots of refinances
and once while at Fon-Du-Luth.

(apologies, as I’m not really a good poet…)

Here is the original:
There once was an old maid from Duluth
Who wept when she thought of her youth
of all the missed chances at her school dances
and once in a telephone booth.

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Duluth Videographers »

I am looking for a videographer that can help me with a project. I am looking for someone that is creative, unique, and likes people. It will be a compensated project, and needs to look good. Any suggestions or contacts?

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Controversy! »

With the notable exceptions of the PDD Grammar Post and the PDD Troll Zone, what has been the most controversial post on PDD?

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Rick Nolan for Congress »

Come and meet Rick Nolan, our candidate to defeat Chip Cravaack! Join us at the Reef and get to know this phenomenal man, who has the knowledge, savvy, drive, and humor needed to defeat ol’ Chipper. Let’s rally with Rick!
Thursday, July 14 (that’s tonight, folks)
The Reef Bar – back room

2002 London Road
Duluth, Minnesota
starting at 730pm
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Mastodon meets Chef Ramsey »

“>Vegan Black Metal Chef

Okay, kiddies, I expect to see this at the WFC!

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Challenge: Gary/New Duluth vs. East Hillside/Chester Park »

The challenge is to list the Pros and Cons of living in either location. GO TEAM GO!

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Where in Duluth? »

All right, folks, ready for another round? Where is this? Bonus points if you know what it is!

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We Are One »

We Are One

Please join us for a Noon Rally at City Hall to draw attention to the attacks on collective ing and workers’ rights across the country as well as the right wing’s “cuts only budget” that rates high in political rhetoric and low on moving Minnesota forward. These attacks and budget cuts impact real people and we want to stand up to them.

Then this evening, join us for a silent march and vigil to remember and honor Dr. King and all those who have been silenced in the struggle for equal rights. We will meet at the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial at 5:30pm then march silently to the federal building where we will be greeted with music and will hold a vigil.

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How Pandora gets from the Choir Practice to Low »

I’m always interested in how my Pandora gets to where I want it to go by just a seed. It’s like magic.

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Duluth Citizenship Test »

Today jessige and I were having lunch together and we pondered the question: how long do you have to live here to be considered a native? (We’re both transplants from Eau Claire, Wisconsin that have lived in this area for ten years or more.)

Well, that topic has been done before here on the ol’ PDD (someone else can find it, I wasn’t able to), so we extrapolated it to “what questions would you put on a ‘Duluth Citizenship’ test?”

What are the essential things that you have to know to be considered a native Duluthian?

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Members Cooperative Credit Union »

If you are a member of Members Cooperative Credit Union, please Facebook, call, or email them and ask to keep an office presence in the Duluth Hillside area. They have closed their Hillside office, due to building structural issues but have not mentioned any plans to relocate anywhere nearby.

memberservices @ or 1-218-625-8500
Please spread the word!

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Morpheus and the Dude »

For your viewing pleasure, Morpheus (from The Matrix) explains the Matrix to the Dude (from The Big Lebowski.)

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Will Walleye-gate Matter? »

The attempt by St. Louis County Commissioner Dennis Fink and State Senator Satveer Chaudhary to circumvent the standard Department of Natural Resources process for changing fishing regulations on the Fish Lake Resevoir has already cost Senator Chaudhary his DFL endorsement and may likely cost him his job. The question is what impact will the Fish Lake scandal have on Commissioner Fink’s bid for re-election?

But first, a quick review. Commissioner Fink and Senator Chaudhary (who represents the northern Minneapolis suburbs) are both property owners at Fish Lake. In April, Fink wrote Chaudhary asking for his assistance in raising the size limit for fish caught at Fish Lake. Because larger walleye are less tasty, the effect of such a change would be to discourage recreational fishing there. In his letter, Fink misrepresented the sentiments of Fish Lake residents regarding such a change and expressed frustration that the established DNR process for making such a change would take too long.

In response to Fink’s letter, Chaudhary used his influence to have a provision inserted in this year’s Natural Resources Bill to create a special regulation for Fish Lake. The fallout from Chaudhary’s actions resulted in the governor’s veto of the entire Natural Resources Bill, an investigation of Chaudhary by the Senate Ethics Committee, and a decision by the DFL Executive Board of his senate district to strip him of his party endorsement. Chaudhary now faces a primary challenge by a popular former DFL legislator.

Chaudhary has paid dearly for his role in this affair. What impact will it have on Dennis Fink?

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No Bad Apples »

Members of RWDSU-UFCW Local 220 in Williamson, NY, have been trying to negotiate a contract with Mott’s, a subsidiary of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. The company is looking to slash wages by as much as $1.50 an hour for each and every employee, and is trying to take away the workers’ pension plan. There is no economic necessity for what the company is seeking to do. It is a profitable, growing company.

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