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Decades before GTFO Skateboarders… »

The Ramp Riders vs The Thrashers.

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The Largest of the Duluth Apostrophe’s »

I don’t remember if this one has been added to the database yet here. I took this photo about a year ago, and noticed the sign is still up this week for all of I-35 traffic to see.

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Where in Duluth can a man get some martini’s these days? »

Still upset that Black Woods stopped serving your favorite Martini’s to go back to the more traditional martinis? Well! Have no fear for you can now get them again on Tuesdays at another fine Superior Street establishment. But keeping in the spirit of Where in Duluth?, you’ll need to figure out where.

Get your martini's!

*Tap pints also not from tap.

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I need some people to shoot. (Camera, not rifle) »

So I got this little photography art show coming up at the DAI in like, twthr… fifteen months from now and still don’t have enough good photos taken to edit from! So I’m looking for a new glut of willing volunteers to let me photograph them, or a bit of their life, sometime between right this very second, and next fall.

This could be you and your dog.

This could be you and your dog.

Curious? Full information and sign-up form can be found right over here on my website. If you do one thing this year, have it be filling out that form.

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Where In Duluth? »

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The Old Brewhouse Bar »

Anyone have any photos of the Brewhouse’s bar before it got remodeled into its current state? No better reason than that my nostalgia is flaring up.

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Where in Duluth – Flashback Edition »

Girl on her Bike, Duluth, 1977. By Tom Arndt from his book Home.

Now, I don’t actually know where in Duluth this was taken, but I’d like to know so I can go re-shoot it. The buildings in the background look distinct enough that I hope someone here recognizes them if they are still standing.

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Dark Winter Nights Vol II. »

Has the summer heat possibility of it someday being warmer than 70 degrees been getting you down? I thought so, so why not think back to better months and come to my art exhibit of winter photographs this Friday?

The opening runs from 5pm-8pm at the Duluth Photography Institute. 405 E Superior St. Or for those of you who do better with landmarks, halfway between the walk from Fitger’s to Carmody. I know you’ll be going to one or the other, so you might as well stop in and grab a free cup of cheap wine or good beer.

All the images were created in the dead of night on Zenith City streets and alleyways using World War II camera tech. Make it even more fun and turn the evening into a hip live-action version of “Where in Duluth?”. If you are thinking that “On the shore of Lake Superior!” will get you any points, you won’t.

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Old Timey Portrait Jamboree at the DPI »

On Tuesday, April 12, at the Duluth Photography Institute (halfway between the Brewhouse and Carmody) I’ll be setting up to do a free portrait for anyone* who shows up between 5pm and 7pm.

The awesome point of interest is that I’ll be using a giant wooden camera manufactured about twenty years before the Hindenburg popped. It is guaranteed to be the most authentic modern vintage photo experience you’ll be able to find.

*Disclaimer: Please don’t bring five children and expect a whole set of family portraits. Everyone who you bring that you’d like a photo of gets stuffed into a single frame. If you do bring kids and have been feeding them sugar all day, expect blurry results. This is by no means an instant process.

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Weather Fight! »

Toughest Weather City Tournament – Midwest Bracket

Duluth vs. Des Moines in round 1. How about we go kick some Des Moinian ass eh?


  • Brutal cold and snow
  • 79.6″ snow
  • 45 days of subzero cold
  • 2 days of 90+ heat

Des Moines

  • Snow/ice, river flood, severe t-storms
  • 36″ snow
  • 15 days of subzero cold
  • 24 days of 90+ heat
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Duluth Media Boners »

While I was really rooting for the “Paste Headline Here” whoopsie by the DNT, I think the Transistor gets the gold cup for its summary of today’s Polar Plunge.

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J. J. Summers Agency, 1973 »

I got one for the Duluth History Detectives. Where was the J.J. Summers Agency located?

I just received an art book of the famous photographer Stephen Shore, and it was the following photo.

Caption reads: J.J. Summers Agency, First Street, Duluth, Minnesota, July 11, 1973.

I enjoy the rare opportunity to track down the locations of old famous photographs in the area to rephotograph and want to find this one. A quick cruise through Google Street view show a could of store fronts which still looks similar (Glenwood Signs) that I’ll go inspect, but any first hand accounts of the location, or records of an actual address would be great. Visual identification may be hopeless if it has been tore down or remodeled in the past 37 years.

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Fire at Kozy Apartments »

Kozy Bar burning in downtown Duluth

A News Tribune reporter on the scene said the upper floors are fully engulfed and it appears the building could be completely destroyed.


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Corpses and Copses – New Paintings By Whitney Saurer »

Get yourself warmed up for Halloween this Friday at the Washington Galleries!

Washington Gallery will be showing Whitney Saurer’s newest works in an exhibition entitled, “Corpses and Copses.” The reception will be on Friday, October 8th from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Come to the reception for great art!

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Today on Woot… »

Something seems vaguely familiar about that netbook.

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Leif Erickson’s Latest Kill »

For those of you who didn’t drive past Leif Erickson about two weeks ago. Erickson appears to have put his viking hunting skills to use.

Leif Erickson Conquers A Man in Rubber Boots

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Someone explain this to me. »

Zits comic – 11-06-09


Love isn’t posting your wife’s/girlfirend’s naked butt & sex organs on Youtube after she’s had a mishap? I think I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

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“The Courtiers” »

The Courtiers, An Art Show by Whitney Saurer

The Courtiers

An Art Show by Whitney Saurer
September 3rd. 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Beaner’s Central

Featuring music by professional pianist Samuel Black

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My Perfect Duluth Day »

One of the many bands playing during the sidewalk day’s car show covered Tommy” />Tommy” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”390″ height=”315″> Seebach’s Apache. I’ve never felt so much bliss flow though my body while walking down superior street. It truly was a Perfect Duluth Day.

” />” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”390″ height=”315″>seebach

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The Day Your Childhood Died »

This is a public continuation of a conversation I had with my girlfriend this morning.

Sjixxxy C. 1989

We were wondering how many other people can remember the moment when they realized that toys no longer were fun? Not your adult toys like jet skis, cameras, or hand guns, but the stuff you had while your age was in the single digits. Blocks, GI-Joes, a hoop with a stick, etc..

My moment came when I was about ten. My older brother’s friend came over and gave me this little toy metal truck he had to play with. I instinctively took it to the living room floor and started pushing it in circles. It took several laps until the newly forming adult parts of my brain woke up and sparked off some internal dialog.

Adult Brain: “Why are you doing this kid? It’s not any fun.”
Child Brain: “But it is a toy truck. I’m suppose to be pushing it around and pretending that I am hauling away sacks of grain from the imaginary mill to be delivered to the grocer under the couch!”
Adult Brain: “Do you really think the imaginary people under the couch need you shipments of invisible wheat to stay alive any more?”
Child Brain: “Of course! They’ve always relied on my grain!”
Adult Brain: “Not for long sonny. You’re childhood is being pushed aside much like your pretend mill and grocer will be once that Wal-Mart under the ottoman finished construction.”
Child Brain: “Waaaa! I’m just a kid! Leave me alone! This is suppose to be fun.”
Adult Brain: “Not for long. Face the facts boy. You are not finding this fun any more.”
Child Brain: “You’re right. My childhood is dying. What should I do?”
Adult Brain: “Check in the bottom of daddy’s night stand for some matches.”
Child Brain: “Then what?”
Adult Brain: “Burn things!”

At that moment, I realized my innocent childhood was drawing to an end, and my simple toys would no longer be fun to play with.

Does anyone else remember this exact moment in their life? Please describe it in the comments.

Some dialog may be embellished for dramatic effect.

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