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Ruthie Posts

Z’s Deli

I am hearing that Z’s Deli is going to reopen in the location that was vacated by Jalapeno Express. Anyone else hear that?

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream on Lake Superior

Who can’t use ice cream during these hot days of summer! There’s a new ice cream shop at 1631 London Road (where Dairy Queen used to be). My husband and I were there on Saturday for their ‘soft’ opening and the ice cream was wonderful. They have soft-serve and traditional hard-serve ice cream. Take a detour off the Lakewalk and check it out!

Lester Park XC Ski Trails

While walking my dog I noticed pink marker tags on trees marking a route through the woods between the various trails in the Lester XC Ski area. They have been there since May. Does anyone know what they are for? SHT spur? A new ski trail? A snowshoe trail?