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Z’s Deli »

I am hearing that Z’s Deli is going to reopen in the location that was vacated by Jalapeno Express. Anyone else hear that?

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream on Lake Superior »

Who can’t use ice cream during these hot days of summer! There’s a new ice cream shop at 1631 London Road (where Dairy Queen used to be). My husband and I were there on Saturday for their ‘soft’ opening and the ice cream was wonderful. They have soft-serve and traditional hard-serve ice cream. Take a detour off the Lakewalk and check it out!

Lester Park XC Ski Trails »

While walking my dog I noticed pink marker tags on trees marking a route through the woods between the various trails in the Lester XC Ski area. They have been there since May. Does anyone know what they are for? SHT spur? A new ski trail? A snowshoe trail?