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A celebration of nerd culture: Comicon promos, games, Nerd Nites and tea duelling »

I post here a lot about arts and wildlife, but much of my passion is really for nerd culture. It’s been something I have felt a lot of this summer. (more…)

Coyotes on the Plane; Releases in the Wild »

Wildwoods Critters

A Day of Art »

I spent most of today meeting with students, but when I wasn’t with young people, I was working in art.


Changes in the Arts Community (and Your Opportunities within It) »

A local arts organization is changing its board and its staff, and you can be part of it! (more…)

Artists win Awards »

When I am not teaching rhetoric, I also volunteer with the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council.

Below is a list of recent award winners. If you see someone you know, congratulate them! (more…)

Coyote Pups »

Look who came to Wildwoods last week … a little “song dog” pup (aka coyote)! He was found by himself when he was about 3-4 weeks old, and has been raised by humans since. (more…)

Pudding (The Prøof is in the … ) »

Visit the new issue of local arts and literature magazine Prøof.

Glad to see the Ennyman and my colleague, the Dean of the School of Fine Arts at UMD, in these pages. Kathleen Roberts gives the Duluth arts community an immense gift in the labor it takes to make this publication happen.

Wildlife Adventures »

A lot of adventures at Wildwoods this week.

RollerDames end the season with energy »

…if not with victory.

The Dames lost both bouts. But more importantly, we Rollerdames fans are losing some familiar faces. The following Dames are retiring this year: SoKo Rebel, Wright Around Ya, Killah Cleta, Lady Gotcha, Nasty Fantastic, Hook N Splatter, Janet Smackson, Jilly Willy, Crumpet Crusher, Little Miss Spooky.

I am surely a fan of the Dames, but the first time I met these athletes at Buffalo Wild Wings, I got shivers. They are really, really good at their sport, and they are really, really good as a team. Dames fans will miss them.

Gone Berserk! »

I spent the better part of three days at Berserkon. This event is fast becoming a highlight in my annual calendar.

Unusual Art Opening »

The Sister Mary Charles opening reception drew close to 500 guests at the Tweed on June 4. Local art luminary Ed Newman gives his account here.


Local Landmark Nomination for CJM Memorial »

The CJM Memorial Local Landmark Nomination will have its second reading at the Duluth City Council Meeting on June 9 at 7 p.m. The meeting is at City Hall on the third floor in City Council Chambers. The CJM Board ask that you please come and show your support. (more…)

The Beach inside Glensheen »

Chabas Painting in Glensheen (more…)

DSFF Day 3 & 4 »

Last night, I saw Sorcerer and the Shorts festival at the Duluth Superior Film Festival… and I will be adding more to my thoughts before I post them.

Kathleen RobertsBut I ran into Kathleen Roberts, a local poet and a leader in the Duluth arts scene (one of the engines behind Prove Gallery). I teased that she would probably spend the weekend watching the movies in her gallery, but this is what she shared with me, instead — the movies she wants to see in the festival. Maybe she or I will see you there? (more…)

Film Fest Night 2: Stop the Pounding Heart »

Last night was night #2 of the Duluth Superior Film Fest, and I made an evening of it.

Film Festival Night 1: Clyde Iron »

Full schedule here.

Wildwoods, Woodchucks, and More »

Friday we got a call from Samantha, Annabelle, and Lorelei. While these girls were out walking, they found a woodchuck who was stuck in a storm drain. They couldn’t turn away from an animal in trouble, so they called Animal Allies. Animal Allies gave them our number.


Media Relations Internship Available »

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council (ARAC)… (more…)

Fox Kit from Park Point »


Deer in Need; Baby Porcupine Indeed! »