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Writing Nature at UMD »

For the annual Writing Nature event, Atina Diffley read and spoke at UMD. Diffley’s visit to Duluth focused on writing creative nonfiction, organic farming, sustainability and the relationship we all have to the land. It was sponsored by the UMD College of Liberal Arts as well as the departments of English and Writing Studies, and some brief clips give you a sense of her flavor as a speaker and a writer.


Michael Fedo read at UMD »

Michael Fedo read at UMD, and at LSC. I gained a genuine appreciation of him as a humorist.


Soundcloud Accumulator for Duluth Music »

If I left this thread open for a few days, and promised to alphabetize into a master list the SoundCloud pages of musicians who posted their SoundCloud links here, would anyone do that? Would it be interested?

I ask because I was posting about Tim Kaiser on FB, and noted that there were two Tim Kaisers on SoundCloud, and I wondered: what if there were a master list?

Public lecture season… »

Universities in our region rarely schedule as many public lectures in the dead of winter the way they schedule them in the spring. Driving is safer for regional guests, while longer daylight means more community members will brave the parking hazards of campuses.

As a result, then, I’ve been to too many public lectures lately. (more…)

Icebox Radio Theater: Acting Internships »

The Icebox Radio Theater is searching for performers for a two-week tour of public libraries in Northern Minnesota from June 2 to 13. We are in need of talented individuals willing to learn about a new form of theater while performing for kids and adults in a series of small shows in public libraries from Grand Rapids to Grand Marais. Must have own transportation to general area of events and for long weekend of rehearsals in International Falls. Per-show stipend plus lodging and mileage paid.

Nerd Field Report: Firefly, Nerd Nite, Icebox Radio Theatre, Arts Advocacy »

It was a week for several varieties of Nerd for me. (more…)

Stranded grebes, loons and mergansers »

It looks like we’re in for another late, cold spring, with delayed ice-out. This means we may be in for another spring full of stranded grebes, loons, and mergansers. (more…)

Life on Mars, Veronica Mars that is … »

On Friday night I went to the Zinema to see the Veronica Mars movie.

Historic barred owl! »

Wildwoods was brought a barred owl yesterday (deceased, unfortunately, likely from a window collision). This owl, when already at least 1 year old, was banded at Hawk Ridge by Dave Evans back in 1998. Based on this, he is at least 16-17 years old, and the third oldest barred owl on record. (more…)

Duluth “Underground Historian” »

The SubStreet Underground page yesterday released one of it most compelling stories, about the demolition of a St. Paul power station.

While the story is about St. Paul, the photographer/archivist/ storyteller behind the project is Duluthian Dan “Glass.” His page of Duluth projects is here. If you have yet to see Dan’s work, now is a good time.

Harbor City Rollerdames »

The Harbor City Rollerdames double-header was intense, tonight — both games at times much closer than I would have expected.

1st Game: Shipwreckers vs. Mankato Area Derby Girls
Shipwreckers 239 to MAD Girls 170

2nd Game: HCRD Nautikills vs. Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Nautikills 176 to Sioux Falls 170

“It’s Not Only Academic” — Conferences in “Social Inquiry” and in Writing »

In the last two weeks, I have been to two conferences, one at UW-Superior featuring entirely student presenters, and one at Lake Superior College. In both cases, it was clear: the university is learning to respond to the community, and the faculty and students are committed to making the community a better place.

Homelessness and Water »

I drove, again, along the highway that sometimes feels like it mostly exists to serve paper mills to see the openings at the MacRostie Art Center.


Bridge Exhibit Comes to Duluth »

The Bridge exhibit I discussed here, at the MacRostie Art Museum, is now at the Zeitgeist.

Minerva Party »

(Pictures from Minerva social media)

Minerva celebrated its second anniversary last night, and it was a blast.

Winter at Wildwoods »

What a strange life–a deer in the garage, a raccoon in the basement, a juvenile crow in the aviary, and a whole flock of pigeons, recovering from a variety of issues, in the basement bathroom and spare room of Wildwoods.

Position Announcement: ARAC Grants Manager »

Please consider applying. (more…)

Ideology and Ambivalent Ethics and More »

I was lucky enough this week to attend the Pervert’s Guide to Ideology at the Zinema2 on Tuesday. It was a frustratingly joyous experience.


Art, Gender, Duluth »

I spent part of the last night at Prøve Collective. It was a packed room, as packed as any opening I have attended in a long time, and the walls were dense with a variety of art from a diversity of artists. The photography exploring Barbie iconography reopens cultural wounds that we still have yet to close. Some of the textile work repositions arts and crafts — in this case, pushing those boundaries a little further by leaving needles and thread available to gallery-goers to create.

World’s Top Public Intellectual at Zinema »

Sarah LaChance Adams, that is, with Noam Chomsky and Michel Gondry doing backup at the Zinema 2.

About 60 people, I would guess, maybe more, attended the Explorer’s Club showing of Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? on Tuesday night.