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Pixel Farmer Yields Big Harvest for Locally Laid

Friend and local pixel farmer Lucie Amundsen yielded a big harvest when she wrote a reply to a letter complaining that her actual farming operation (“Locally Laid”) was too spicy for the grocery aisle.

She’ll be on the Daily Circuit (MPR) today; the story has been picked up regionally here and here and here.

Duluth creativity (and Duluth passion for sustainability) on the map!

Ken Marunowski @Zeitgeist

kenm1 kenm2

My friend, colleague and local artist Ken Marunowski has art on display at the Zeitgeist.

It’s a new body of work, and it’s worth a look.

Robert Adams on Display

I stopped by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth, on College Street, to see the art on display by Robert Adams.

rob7 rob6 rob5 rob3 rob2 rob1

The exhibit includes didactic panels that really opened up Rob’s art to me. It made clear the conscious efforts to blend the formalism of Josef Albers and the playfulness of Rosenquist (or at least of pop art like Rosenquist’s) with a public commitment to the environment and a personal exploration of identity.

Superior Curling Club was fun

sccI spent Saturday afternoon watching friends play at the Superior Curling Club.

According to its website, the current club location was built “during the late 1980s.” “A modern new four sheet club was built at the Head of the Lakes Fairgrounds. Superior curlers worked out an agreement with the city and county on the funding of the club. The county and city contributed two dollars for every club dollar, and the curlers put in many thousands of hours in the actual construction of the new club.”

It’s a nifty facility, but it’s an even niftier sport to watch on a cold afternoon.

Holidays and Such

I saw the Wise Fool Shakespeare production of A Christmas Carol this afternoon with Lucie Amundsen.

Lucie wrote:

Didn’t make it to the Wise Fool Shakespeare ‘s Christmas Carol? Dude, you missed out. Goosebumps, guffaws and a little case of the verklempts. Thanks cast for giving up your autumn to make my Solstice.

It’s true — community theater is hundreds of hours to produce a work as awesome as this one. I am grateful, as Lucie was, for all their efforts. Jodi Kujawa stole the show, for me, as the Ghost of Christmas Present doing a little fourth-wall breaking, too. But the whole afternoon was awesome, twice as awesome because Sunday was “pay what you can,” so the crowd was even more energetic than you might expect.

Kujawa wise

I ended today shopping at the Mall, where I saw Brian Rauvola shopping, too. Brian has done as much as any one man can to sustain a culture of photography in Duluth, and it’s good to see him take a breather from that work. I still miss the Duluth Photography Institute, which was his baby.

Ladyslipper at the Red Herring; Arte de Moira

I have a lot of art experiences to relate this week, but I thought I should set aside two today, and a few more this weekend, when blog traffic is admittedly lower, I bet.

moira 2 ladyslipper2

Wildwoods Notification about Distemper

A fox was found behaving abnormally, and the St. Louis County Undersheriff was able to walk right up to him and pick him up. He seemed very lethargic, and we were not certain of what we were dealing with, at first. Was he stunned from being hit by a car? However, then he began doing this, and we knew he had distemper.

Horses and Nerds

Tonight, I am home from the opening of the new art by Patricia Canelake at the Red Herring. This follows a great Nerd Nite last night.

The Canelake opening was awesome.

10686981_10105482821813070_868808650414451462_n 10419429_10105482821274150_1788606357268843173_n

Chorus and Such

I ended my weekend at the Lake Superior Youth Chorus

Snooty Fox Tea and Honey Tasting

Photo on 12-1-14 at 6.19 PM #2 Photo on 12-1-14 at 6.19 PM Photo on 12-1-14 at 6.20 PM #3 Photo on 12-1-14 at 6.20 PM

The Facebook invitation for the Snooty Fox Tea and Honey Tasting, event indicated 80 people would attend, and that did not feel wrong. Maybe not 80, but the place was packed.

Thanksgiving Stories

My Thanksgiving started Wednesday, and I want to point a few things out.

Snow Removal Advice

A friend in Lakeside needs advice on snow removal.

Art, Friends, Food, Drink

I spent tonight walking from art to art, from food to food, from friend to friend — the midpoint of an art week.

Give to the Max Day 2014

Today is Give to the Max Day. If you would like Duluthians to be aware of your Give to the Max campaign, maybe post something in the comments?

ARAC Technology/Equipment Grant Recipients

Arrowhead Regional Arts Council granted technology/equipment funding to the following individual artists on Oct. 16. For past program recipients, please contact the office by e-mailing info @ aracouncil.org.