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PRØVE Gallery is a contemporary and experimental art gallery located in downtown Duluth.

Prøve Gallery Call for Art Under $100 »

Prøve Gallery, Duluth’s newest space for emerging and contemporary art, is seeking to give emerging artists the opportunity to gain experience and exposure and further Duluth’s community involvement and interest in the arts.

Call for Art Under $100

All work should be priced under $100. There are no theme or media restrictions. Works can be hung on the wall, free standing, laying on the floor, suspended, etc.

Tiny Art Show Call for Entry »

The Tiny Art Show, a large group exhibition at the Prøve Gallery showcasing small pieces of artwork, will be held Friday, Feb. 10. All mediums are welcome, including but not limited to; canvases, prints, custom toys, stickers, and sculptures. As long as it fits in a 12-inch by 12-inch box, it qualifies as tiny art.