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Okay, I confess I am not a Mn resident, but have friends in the area. I get out to St Louis & Lake county areas at least once a year, sometimes more. One day I hope to move to the area. Currently living in Maryland.

From DNT: Bentleyville days may be numbered? »

Someone always has to try to ruin a good thing

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Where in Duluth? »

Who was here before the current business expanded into this area?

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Flood repair/cleanup photos? »

Everyone has shared flood shots, how about any repair/cleanup/recovery shots? Road repairs, grading washouts etc. Not as much impact but something that should be saved for down the road showing how things came back together. People from afar are interested in how its going.

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Wild Rice Pizza in Duluth? »

Anyone know of a restaurant that sells wild rice pizza?  Looking for something like the ones at  Sven & Ole’s pizza in Grand Marais. (Wild rice, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, olives, peppers onions).  Simple, yet different.

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