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Two Duluth Dylan Show Tickets »

Two tickets for the July 9 Duluth show and we can’t make it. With silly TicketMaster fees and tax, price is $165. Let me know today or I’ll do the Craigslist thing Monday. Thanks. My cell 349-553six

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Guy Challenge »

I was at the DQ in Superior the other day. I think maybe the men’s room is designed for aliens. Anyway, next time you’re there see if you can reach the TP dispenser while sitting on the throne.

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Duluth Junk Hunt »

A fun way to kill a couple hours this weekend.  North Shore Architectural Antiques will be there with wide range of materials, including ceiling tin, hardware, windows, etc.

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Duluth Small-business Tax Preparers »

My spouse and I work regular salary jobs, but also have a small retail side business (bigger than a hobby, but not big enough to support a family and pay insurance, etc.) I don’t think my small-time preparer is going to register under the new guidelines and I have been a little skeptical about recent year’s filings.

I’ve worked with big accounting houses in the past, but they’re way too expensive and conservative. I don’t want someone to get too clever, but also a preparer that doesn’t think every gray area automatically defaults to the government.

If you own a small business and have a bit of advice or a recommendation, I would appreciate it. If you’re a tax preparer, I’d rather hear from your customers directly.

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Six-story Jesus Struck by Lightning »

How did this story not make the PDD headlines?

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