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Duluth-based trilogy on Kindle

zwonk book cover littleMy brother Allen and I are releasing three interrelated novellas set in Duluth, on Kindle. The first one is available now, Menno Zwonk: Amish Outlaw. Here’s the blurb we wrote for it: “A savage dystopian satire featuring Menno Zwonk, a larger-than-life Amish outlaw and big game hunter. Zwonk is locked in perpetual struggle with a closet-zoophiliac vegan animal rights activist, and an underground lesbian separatist organic farm. Meanwhile biotech has run amok and the fate of the world might be decided in Zwonk’s roadhouse restaurant outside Duluth, Minnesota. Ultraviolent, dirty, and hilarious, this book is as much a diabolical foodie novel as it is outrageous action tale.” Not for the faint of heart. Yes this work has been excerpted in the Transistor over many years. Stay tuned for pt 2 “Novelty Theater,” and pt 3 “The Guys Who Never Stop Fighting.” These books are action/adventure-science/fantasy with literary pretensions. But more than anything they may be seen as love letters to Duluth MN, where these ideas and characters gestated. Social Media: Menno Zwonk Facebook page, The Richardson Bros Facebook page.

Unbelievable Mirrored Underwater Ice View, Park Point


This winter

Ultimate Sand Castle Engineers of Lake Superior


Snowmelt 2


Snowmelt 2 shows the same area of Chester Creek as Snowmelt 1, but preceding it chronologically, so this video should really be called Snowmelt 1.

The Ice Under the Bridge




Video filmed in Chester Creek not too long ago.

Epic Beach Game of Foot Stomp


Starts with a long hug, ends with a brutal footstomp for my definitive win against a 7-year old. I am new to footstomp but it seems traditional in this family (my fiancee, her daughter, and her niece). This is one long clip of this game, which contains many different acts and little dramas, on the shore of Lake Superior.

I Fell In Right After Taking This Footage Which Clearly Shows Me Being An Idiot


About five minutes after this footage was taken I wandered too far onto an escarpment of ice over Lake Superior. Marching out there, intending to be careful and to stay a couple feet from the edge, I said, “Let’s go risk our lives!”

Exploring Lake Superior Ice Mid-March


Sticking Camera in Underwater Holes


Wait for it.

The Serenity of Freediving Lake Superior


Camping Whiteface Reservoir, Summer 2015


The Lake Superior Justice League


Lake Superior Aquaman Summer 2015 Highlight Reel


The “Portrait of an Artist” Art Opening at the Duluth Art Institute


This is the Oct. 15 art opening of Sarah Brokke’s show, “Portrait of an Artist.”