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Mystery Solved.


It was Chester Creek Spider-Man.

(photo album here of this hero in his natural habitat)

Rollin’ 218

Been sitting on this waiting for summer to peak for its release, but that never happened obvs.

Corkscrew Dive

Corkscrewed down 20 feet underwater to do a barrel roll over a field of boulders I like to explore, then spiraled back topside. Not a long dive (around 30 secs at normal speed), just a fun one with a glimpse of one of Lake Superior’s Atlantean grottos. Pretty sure the bubble that pops out @ 43 secs came out of my right ear as I pinched my nose and equalized the pressure in my skull. Water clarity perfect on this Sunday morning dive in MY church.

Ghosts of the French River, pts. 2 and 3

Starring Erin Renee. Camera: Jim Richardson.

Part one here.

Photo album here.

Ghosts of the French River (pt.1)

Starring Erin Renee. Camera: Jim Richardson.

Photo album here.

Aquaman goofs date with Superwoman

10 Slo-Mo Backflips at the Rock Beach

Coaxing a half-drowned dragonfly off the camera

Thumbs Up Review of the Captain America Movies, plus: Race and Gender in Comic Books

My review of Captain America 1&2 springboards into a professorial dissertation about race and gender in comic book characters.

Additional Things I Hated About the X-Men Films

In which I continue my brutal takedown of the X-Men movies while dressed as Aquaman. SPOILER ALERT.

Lake Superior Aquaman trashes the X-Men films


Poseidon of Lester River

  • Water-bug shadow crosses the figure @ :34
  • Minnow attack @ :43
  • Minnow head-butts a baby crayfish two times @ 1:05
  • Crayfish says aw screw it @ 1:26

Ten Flips at the Deeps

Gettin’ tired towards the end there.

Benevolent God to Crayfish and Minnows of Lester River

Two crayfish, an alpha and a beta who was a little smaller.

Aquaman vs. Brian

OK Brian the Slackline Master won but I risked more.