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Coaxing a half-drowned dragonfly off the camera »

Thumbs Up Review of the Captain America Movies, plus: Race and Gender in Comic Books »

My review of Captain America 1&2 springboards into a professorial dissertation about race and gender in comic book characters.

Additional Things I Hated About the X-Men Films »

In which I continue my brutal takedown of the X-Men movies while dressed as Aquaman. SPOILER ALERT.

Lake Superior Aquaman trashes the X-Men films »


Poseidon of Lester River »

  • Water-bug shadow crosses the figure @ :34
  • Minnow attack @ :43
  • Minnow head-butts a baby crayfish two times @ 1:05
  • Crayfish says aw screw it @ 1:26

Ten Flips at the Deeps »

Gettin’ tired towards the end there.

Benevolent God to Crayfish and Minnows of Lester River »

Two crayfish, an alpha and a beta who was a little smaller. (more…)

Aquaman vs. Brian »

OK Brian the Slackline Master won but I risked more.

I cleared the harbor of ice singlehandedly. You’re welcome! »

Here’s how I did it.

Giant Water Bug, Outer Harbor by Lakewalk »

The Giant Water Bug is among the largest insects in North America. Size was at least 3 inches long. They live around the edges of lakes where they trap air under their wings and dive for small fish and frogs. This mature adult probably overwintered in the mud.

A Visit to the Dollhouse Store »

Thanks to Bev at Teeny Weeny Miniature Cottage for letting me shoot this video in her store (2031 W. Superior St., Duluth).

Playing with Late May Ice »

Hear Original Local Music »

A buddy of mine in Nashville set this website up to help local music all over: Use it to listen to, search for, buy and sell local music throughout the United States.

“The site helps listeners find and support new music, while providing independent artists a platform to be heard and sell songs — with no contracts, commitments or cuts taken from the sales.”

On Facebook here.

Ice Chunks Floating By »

Tangled Rebar »

At the Minneapolis Comic Con »

Fisheye View of Chester Creek »

The Sound of Breaking Ice »

Pushing my camera through the ice at Stoney Point a few days ago.

Helmet Cam: Shark Pilot, Diorama-rama »

What the Shark Pilot Helmet Cam saw.

The Perilous Inlet (a short film) »

Final, scored version of something I’ve released excerpts of over time.

Four harrowing stories from one of Lake Superior’s perilous inlets, as told through the magic of toys.