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The Sound of Breaking Ice »

Pushing my camera through the ice at Stoney Point a few days ago.

Helmet Cam: Shark Pilot, Diorama-rama »

What the Shark Pilot Helmet Cam saw.

The Perilous Inlet (a short film) »

Final, scored version of something I’ve released excerpts of over time.

Four harrowing stories from one of Lake Superior’s perilous inlets, as told through the magic of toys.

Winter Ruled »

Highlight reel of sights and sounds from extreme winter 2014.

Under the Ice at Stoney Point »

A Trip to Grand Marais »

Feathery Crystals of the Park Point Ice Caves »

Search for Atlantis »

Fun While it Lasted »

People’s Free Duluth Skate Rink now closed for the season, obliterated by snowpacalypse. Here we see it in its heyday, as well as its ignominious conclusion.

People’s Free Duluth Skate Rink Now Open (Updated) »

I wasn’t going to let a few inches of snow stop me from skating. I knew there was nothing but smooth ice under there. If you’ve got skates and feel like you missed your chance to skate the Big lake this year, here’s the only skate-able ice right now, expanded more since this video was taken. Bring your shovel and add an addition. I’ll keep the rink maintained as long as these conditions last. (Although it’s 20 inches thick, high winds are predicted for Thursday-Friday so we’ll see, use at own risk haha.) Location is off the Lakewalk just shy of the Vietnam Memorial.

UPDATE: Closed for the season, obliterated by snowpacalypse.

Ice Skating Around the Polar Bear Plunge »

Skated to the Duluth Polar Bear Plunge. Asked a nice gentleman from the Fire Department if the ice of the outer harbor was safe to skate and he said, “It’s 20 inches thick, that’s strong enough to hold a train. Have fun.”

Recreatin’ »

Skating Duluth’s Outer Harbor »

’Splorin »

Although they don’t exhibit the profusion of life of ocean reefs, Lake Superior’s basaltic rock formations naturally evoke a sense of sunken, megalithic cities. That is why I wear the raiment of the King of Atlantis.

Park Point Beach Party »

Ultimate Road Surfing: Duluth on Ice »

My 5-block walk to the store for a mug of coffee turned into an ultimate extreme epic insane sick street surfing session.

Fish Fountain »

Winter in Duluth »

Insane Footage of Lake Superior in December »

A Walk by the Lake »