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Happy UMD Homecoming!

UMD Chancellor Lendley Black had a busy homecoming week, but with a nod to Jimmy Fallon and a cameo from our favorite shark-attack-preventing mayor, he’s taking some time to write out his thank you notes.

Don’t miss the Bulldog football game Saturday at 1 p.m. Tailgating starts at 11 a.m.

Woodworking supplies in Duluth

I’m trying to find aniline dye to use on wood. Google’s failing to find me anything local, but the results seem to suggest I need a woodworking supply shop. Is there such a thing in town? Google’s failing me on that search, too.

Ummm … seriously? Arby’s is airing a 13-hour Duluth-only commercial?

So, according to this Slate article, not only is Arby’s showing a 13-hour commercial, but it’s only airing in Duluth.

Arby’s is airing 13 straight hours of smoked brisket on television

I checked the date, and it’s not April 1, and I don’t think the NSA has gone so low as to manipulate my poor MacBook Air to fool me.

File Discrimination

If I were a jpg, I’d be calling my lawyer.

Matilda says:

I’m assuming this has something to do with the tabletop games, but I’ve never played either. Just another addition to the random Duluth mention files…

Another accolade for Duluth

“America’s Best College Towns” from Travel & Leisure


Too much?

I’m looking for gluten-free lefse. Has anyone seen any around?

Wood rings?

Does anyone know of a local jeweler/craftsperson who makes wood engagement rings? A friend has a loose diamond that he’d like made into a ring for his sweetie, preferably in wood.

Lodging needed for trail-care crew

A friend asked me to share this. If anyone’s got a space, please contact these folks directly.

Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores – COGGS
This week the IMBA Trail Care Crew is in town. Our lodging for them just became unavailable, so we are looking for help. The Crew consists of two people who need a large bed and their own space (i.e. not a room in a house with other people.

Good options would be:

- house
- apartment
- cabin
- donated hotel room

If anyone has a lead on something today — July 16 — please e=mail Waylon at and let him know. Thanks!

Duluth librarian/author on Slate

Article on, part of a series on camp. Shout out to Paul Roen, Duluth librarian, for his book High Camp.

Postcards from Camp, Entry 9

Divine Intervention?

Whoa. Simonson’s got angels in the outfield.

[Photo from the DNT, on the front online page today (9/22/12). Originally from his campaign announcement day, I believe, but I can't find that article without paying for it.]

Little Free Library in the Twin Ports?

Someone asked on Twitter today if there are any Little Free Libraries in the Twin Ports. So, are there any around?

(While reading the blog, I noticed that Claire wrote an article for Publishers Weekly on the movement … maybe you might know?)

Filling a pool

We just bought a backyard inflatable swimming pool. My husband insists there’s a better way to fill it with 1000 gallons of water than the garden hose.

From what I can calculate, it’d cost us about $100 to fill it that way. Can anyone weigh in? Any better ideas?

Chain restaurants are fun: Leeann Chin and other Duluth restaurant gossip

So, Leeann Chin is recruiting for employees in Duluth on Craigslist. Where’s that going to go?

And whatever happened to Noodles & Co. coming to the mall?

The Next New Thing

Am I the only one who has this feeling that Duluth might be the next new thing?

First we have Trampled on Letterman, and then on CNN. Now Tycoons is making the NYT’s restaurant section. We’re slowly getting bigger and better quirky acts to Bayfront (oh, Steve Martin, how I love thee). And I feel like I’m missing some other stuff.

Are we really on the road to becoming TwinPortlandia?