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there's always one more sumbitch than you counted on showin up...

Where in Duluth? (I finally have a submission edition!) »

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Rawkin it like junior high… »

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(For lack of a better catchy title) »

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My Crackberry cracked up! »

So, Research in Motion is in all likelihood on its way out in the near future. This bodes ill for me as I’m the proud(?) owner of a 9330.

In reality, I love my BlackBerry. It’s tough and reliable … although it’s difficult to get workable apps these days.

That said, my phone did take a damaging fall (down, but not out) which killed the LCD. I’ve got a white screen after boot up which didn’t change after several attempts and “tricks” in an attempt to correct the situation. (Battery removal, MicroSD card removal, etc.) I know it’s not the op system, as the phone still works.

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A music geek’s wet dream? »

The British Arts Council is going to be making John Peel’s entire music collection available on the interwebs in May on a website called The Space.

To anyone who went through the trouble of seeking out his Sessions albums (I had a few…Echo and the Bunnymen, Siouxie, the Cure, and Einstuerzende Neubauten to name a few), Peel was a legend and his passing in 2004 was a big blow to music lovers…

I might just have to buy a bigger hard drive.

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Snow cover? »

Doe anyone got deets on snow cover outside Finland? I’m heading into the woods for the day on Sunday. Yak Trax, snowshoes or both?

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Upset Duluth? »

Duluth News Tribune:
Critics object to Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge cutbacks
(Photo by Bob King)

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The War Continues… »

Norton’s going crazy this morning while checking up on my PDD.

Blackhole Toolkit Website 5 is hitting my firewall pretty hard…

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ISO: supporting musician! (Nice guy from Minneapolis playing at Beaner’s) »

Matthew” /> @ Acadia:

So, my friend Matt’s got a gig @ Beaner’s on Aug 13, and he’s needing someone to cobill with. If you’re interested, you can hit me here for info, or get with him on facebook or on reverb nation.

Much obliged, peeps.

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Live streaming of MN House session »

Digit here

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Fox Farm > Lake County Demo Forest »

I’m trying to trail it this weekend. There are a couple of sections between here and Two Harbors that I want to tackle. My usual crew has other obligations. Looking for a #2 to cruise up Friday afternoon (4-4:30ish) and come back early Sunday afternoon.

I’m completely self sufficient, pretty serious about it type backpacker. I like to get out and bang out a few miles to get the blood going.

Anyone want to hit it with me? The weather looks iffy, but that’s why we have Merino wool and Gore-Tex, right?

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Total Eclipse »

We’re to expect a total lunar eclipse sometime in the late evening/early morning of Monday/Tuesday.

It’s almost worth it enough to wake the kids up for. I think I will.

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I know it’s not the Twins but … »

Bases loaded.

At least it’s not the Yankees. I’ve waited 39 years for this. Dad would be proud.

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Gauntlet-proof. »

PDD? Really?


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