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Does Mayor Ness realize that the tourism tax is taxing the residents of Duluth? »

Today in the Duluth News Tribune there is an article about our mayor wanting to bring back a .5 percent tax on our restaurants, hotels, and other amenities. My question is how do we as citizens of Duluth then get exempted from that tax? Should we not go to our local restaurants? Should we not go to Canal Park and support our local businesses?

This just seems unfair to those who live here to have us pay an extra tax to use our own local amenities. I’ve read that we pay very high taxes in our community compared to others, which made me wonder why we don’t get cards to exempt us from “tourist” taxes. This tax would go for the next 15 years and fund development of West Duluth. Well, that’s great, but what about us here in the Endion area? I can see taxing the hotels to get the tourists, but taxing restaurants makes me want to take my local money elsewhere.

I don’t think it is fair to those of us who live here, and if this is a push by our mayor there should be a way to exempt anyone who has a local identification.

What are the top-five bands or music acts in Duluth? »

Everyone loves a list so I was thinking of asking what people thought about the top 5 bands or music acts in this area. Not your personal favorites, but the top of the charts if we had charts. Getting a crowd and having great music.

I was thinking:
5. The Acceleratti
4. Toby Churchill
3. The Little Black Books
2. The Black-eyed Snakes
1. Trampled by Turtles

Question for Local History Buffs »

On behalf of four 8th grade boys that I am assisting with National History Day projects I am seeking assistance from anyone who could point them in the right direction. Two boys are making a short ten-minute documentary about the Civilian Conservation Corps in this area and the other two boys are making an exhibit about the Duluth Canal. They are looking for additional pictures for their projects and anyone who may be available for an interview or to answer questions. Please reply here if you can offer any help and I will pass your e-mail information along to the students. If you have any tips for them I could pass on it would also be appreciated as well. They are very motivated and competing to represent our area at the national competition in Washington DC this June.

fountainheadmn @