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Piano teacher and milliner originally from southern Minnesota, then Grand Marais, and lately Chicago, working on calling Duluth home

Instrument Repair »

Where can I get a flute repaired?

Preferably not Schmitt. Please let there be another option.

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Gift Guide? »

Is there a gift guide out there for (very) small businesses to advertise in?

I don’t have much of a budget so I can’t buy into big fancy ones, but there must be something out there for the little guys. Help?

(This is not a ploy to get free advertising. It’s a real question.)

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The Never-ending Duluth ISP Problem »

Charter is getting nastier. I’m getting frustrated. In the vain hope that something has changed in the world of ISPs in Duluth, I did a web search from a link in a previous PDD post from a few years ago.

Surprise Surprise. Something has changed.

Does anybody have any experience dealing with Air Fiber? From their website they don’t seem to be as big of jerks as the other guys. And that they might actually give me what they say they will.


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More sharing »

Let’s get Lyft in Duluth!

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The Current »

Why doesn’t Duluth have a repeater of the Current? What would it take to get one?

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Derelict Houses »

We’ve got two derelict houses (on one lot) next door. According to our landlord, they are owned by the city. They have some interesting tenants: a flock of pigeons, a family of raccoons and the largest skunk I have ever seen. When that bad boy goes walking past my bedroom window … oof.

We would like to ask the city to raze the buildings and put in community garden space, but I’m really not sure who I should call to get this going. Any ideas?

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Duluth Garbage Haulers »

Who has the best garbage service in town?

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Cookie delivery »

With four colleges in this town, this seems a viable business idea.

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Bike Share »

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a bike share like the Cities?
Or like Nashville?

And/or car share like Chicago?

It seems like programs that a community association would be great at administering.

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Sawmill Unpainted Furniture — what’s the deal? »

I tried to go there over the weekend and even though it should have been open, it was closed with a “For Lease” sign. Internet searches have been unhelpful. Does anybody know what’s going on? I need a dining room table!

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More happy hatting! »

I’m about to start a new beginning millinery class. We’ll start on Monday, September 24 and go for 6 weeks. Class will be from 6-7:30. We’ll begin with felt, millinery felt, which is quite different from felted wool. Think fedora or cowboy hat. That material, but not (necessarily) that shape. Only softer.

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Great time to start piano lessons »

The start of the school year is coming up pretty quickly. It’s a great time to start taking piano lessons. I’ve been a piano teacher for 18 years, and moved here from Chicago, where I taught full time, about a year ago. I’m looking for students for my growing studio.

I’ve also recently moved to a house within the city of Duluth. I’m now in a great, easily accessible spot which I would love to disclose to anyone in a private email. I’m posting a link to my hastily thrown together website that has a bit more information about me and my methods. You can find personal contact information there. I’d love to talk to you personally to discuss details of lessons, so give me a call or shoot me an email — both of which you can find on my website!

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Pavement »

Now can we talk about greening up some of these vast swaths of concrete? Let the rainwater seep into the ground instead of running down the streets, pooling in the parking lots?

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Hat Making for Everybody »

Hey there lords and ladies of the craft! There’s a new series of hat workshops about to blossom. I’ll be starting a second series of beginning hat classes on Tuesday, June 19, from 6-7:30. There will be 6 weeks to the course.

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So what happens… »

… with the deceased couches and broken tables that have been left behind?

This is a serious question not an editorial comment. I’ve never been through this period in this town and I’d like to know what happens next.

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Cello needs friends! »

I recently got custody of a cello. And happily, I’m not nearly as rusty as I thought I’d be. Seventeen years of piano teaching has helped quite a lot!

Now I want to find other people to play with! I’m at about an intermediate level. Would love to put together a quartet, but if anyone knew of some sort of orchestral option, that would thrill me beyond belief. But quartet I think could happen. Or trio. Violas are always sort of hard to find.

Which reminds me. I am also looking for a violist to play Rebecca Clarke’s viola sonata with me on the piano. It’s been something I’ve wanted to play for years but have never started because finding a violist isn’t exactly easy!

Any ideas? Anyone want to come over and play?

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Parking Lots and Trees »

This article sums up something that’s been needling me about downtown Duluth. All of the parking lots the hospitals seem to think they need could be greatly improved with a smattering of trees.

MinnPost: “Needed to fix parking blight: Lots of trees

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Millinery classes begin »

I’ll be teaching a beginning millinery class on Mondays, from 6 to 8:30 p.m., May 7 to June 11 (no class on Memorial day).

We’ll begin with the easiest material to work with: millinery-grade felt. This is not the same process as “felting” a hat. Picture the material used to make a fedora. That’s the stuff. You will learn to make a hat from the very beginning: blocking the felt, to the end: lining the hat. In the middle there are a whole bunch of steps that generally involve a needle and thread and some ribbon. Some proficiency with said needle and thread is helpful but not necessary.

Classes will take place at Otlak Felt Studio in the DeWitt-Seitz building and will cost $150 plus $56 in supplies. You can email me at emily @ for questions and to register. Space is limited, so jump right in there.

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Millinery Classes? Learn to make hats? »

I’m gauging interest in the notion (ha!*) of teaching some small classes in millinery — that is, traditional hat-making. Not so traditional that you knit and then felt, but rather the kind that leads to possibly a fedora, but with many other shapes and options.

If I find that there is interest, I will go forth and find an appropriately sized space. You can see my work at, which I just mentioned in another post on a mostly unrelated subject, so please bear with me.

* A notion is a sewing item that is not fabric or thread — like buttons or scissors.

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Mac repair in Duluth »

I know there was a conversation about this in August of 2010, but I have been unable to contact anyone from those posts. One doesn’t return my e-mail and for some reason the Mac Doctor doesn’t answer the phone or return messages. Does anyone have any advice on where I can find an honest Mac repair person that doesn’t charge Best Buy prices?

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