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East End Tailor »

I used to work in West Duluth, and West Duluth Sewing was conveniently accessed. I made a special trip over the last week, and to my disappointment they seem closed – as in not open for business anymore.  Anyway – Joanne was great – always happy – she could fix anything:  hem pants, repair gear, advise on relationship issues … (more…)

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Information Overload – Need a virtual tutor »

Spent a few minutes with Google looking for a decent app or website we can direct our kids to for working on the skills and concepts being introduced in the classroom. We are open to a subscription service, but don’t want to commit without some endorsement or referral from a trusted PDDer. Sure, there is plenty out there for free, but weeding through advertisements and such makes it complicated and cumbersome at times – we’d also like to track progress. Any of you using anything you can recommend? Specifically looking for math, spelling and phonics for the K-5 audience.

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Travel Advice: San Diego »

In a few weeks, I’m going to be in the San Diego area for work . The Prioress is going to meet me at the tail end for a few days. (more…)

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Bullhorn Permit?? »

One of my buddies was horsing around with a megaphone this weekend – he was announcing an impromptu ski race. The police showed up and told him that he needed a “megaphone permit” in order to OWN a megaphone [perhaps he meant "use"?]. Anyway – we have been reviewing the city permit page and can’t find the requisite paperwork. Should the authorities have referenced a different regulation? Anybody have experience with this?

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Yakima Hack »

Through some horse trading and good luck, I’ve acquired two Yakima Rocket Boxes. I would like to mount them both on the current touring rig for our upcoming summer travels, but they both hinge the same direction. I really don’t want to mount one backward, and therefore am trying to figure out if the hinges can be switched with any success.

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App Recomendations »

I know there are websites, public access TV shows, blogs, YouTube channels, radio shows and perhaps 1-900-services dedicated to all things iPad\phone\pod\touch – but I don’t have the time or interest in sorting through all of it. I need a few iPad app recommendations for the following: 4th grade Math Tutoring; Kindergarten sight word development and basic piano skill development. We justified getting an iPad as an “educational tool”; but have frankly been overwhelmed at the prospect of loading decent apps. At present, it’s a $500 machine for playing “Temple Run” and watching Netflix.  A well vetted resource for finding this information would also be valuable.

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Viking Dishwasher »

Is there any value in a 2010 Viking Professional Series Dishwasher that has never really worked the way it is suppose to? Are there any vendors that take this stuff on trade? Should I part it out on eBay? I traded my neighbor for it [his wife didn't like it - there is no drying element] and the drain pump went out this weekend. I don’t want to put any money into it [it's the worst dishwasher we've every had]; but it feels like there needs to be some value in it. I guess the damn thing was over 1K when they bought it and I’ve got sausage in my freezer that’s older than this thing. Perhaps I should set it out on Island Lake and sell chances at guessing when it falls through in the spring? Winner gets 1/2 the pot? [actual fundraiser by the Lion's Club in my hometown, except it was a car on the Mississippi]. Will entertain interesting offers.

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You forgot something the other night … »

Perhaps this brief rant is more appropriate for Craig’s List, but I’ll digress anyway …  (more…)

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Photo Archive »

I’m looking for a simple solution to “cloud type” photo storage.  Currently we attempt to consolidate all our photos on one computer via thumb drive and other work arounds.  My wife and I each have a smart phone, we have multiple digital cameras, and multiple computers to which photo’s end up being downloaded – so it gets to be a mess when we “organize” pictures.

It seems that it would make more sense for me to directly upload pictures to a remote site we all could access for viewing.  Editing would be constrained to one computer.  A nice option would be to have some sort of “syncing” tool similar to the iTunes and Google Drive solution suggested here by my earlier post.

My wife likes to edit photos and put together photo books while we are driving and therefore needs to be able to access the photos offline. So ideally, as photos were edited – these would also be reflected online post sync. There would not be a need to keep all photos locally – just the ones of interest. The syncing would only need to be with one computer; but uploads would be from various sources.

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Travel Time to the Twin Cities – first hand accounts? »

I have an early appointment in the Big Cities on Friday. Have any of you made a run to St. Paul within the past week? If so — how much more time should I budget in with construction being what it is? I’m sure the drive back up late Friday afternoon will be lovely. Serenity now!

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Advice along the way »

We are hedging our bets that fuel will be down to under $3.00 a gallon come July, making a summer vacation affordable. All kidding aside, we are heading to Calgary for the big rodeo. We’ve got 3 weeks for the trip out and back. Could I get some advice from those of you who have been out that way?

(1) Thoughts on the route?
(2) Suggestions for campgrounds?
(3) Significant points of interest?

We’re pulling a tent-camper and do not need hookups. We can get by with primitive camp sites. Along with my wife, our two kids [6 and 8] will be making the trip.

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Family-style Asian Food »

I am coordinating an event with about 12 college students attending. The dinner request is for “Chinese” [or similar]. This brought up a discussion with staff that there [apparently] isn’t any place around here that has family portions as an option. I’ve never had the need, so I don’t know if this is accurate. Regardless, could I please get some suggestions on where there is value-priced Asian style cuisine available?

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Organize my iTunes »

I’m looking for somebody to get our iTunes library consolidated and organized – or maybe some advice on how to do it. Right now it’s spread out over three lap tops and an external hard drive. Perhaps iCloud is the solution? All I know is that right now it’s a GF and I feel a bit overwhelmed thinking about it. Thoughts or advice? (more…)

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Old iMac + not-so-old MacBook = »

We acquired an old iMac, went to upgrade the OS today and got an error about it not having an Intel processor …. we like the big screen and the prioress has a not as old MacBook she wants to DX for an AirBook.

(1) Is there any way for a common man to take the good parts from the MacBook and update the iMac?

(2) Are there any other suggestions for the old iMac? Can we load some flavor of Linux on it for the web-savvy here at the Mission?

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Snowbird seeking hookup without commitment »

My parents are taking a little vacation from Minnesota down to Apache Junction, AZ [they will hike more in the 6 weeks they are there than my wife and I will all year]. They have an iPad and very little technical moxy. The condo they are in does not have ISP; and they would like temporary internet service.

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Seen this before? »

I was at Mt. Royal Foods this morning surveying the doughnut rack with my daughter and I did a double take when I saw a long-john with a slab of fried bacon laid down the middle, on top of the delicious maple frosting. I did not have my camera to take a picture. Is this a “standard build” in the doughnut industry, or is it a custom creation from the bake staff? My wife gave me strict orders to not buy sweets this morning, otherwise I’d probably be posting this on Yelp.

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First Chairs of the Season? »

I’m curious if anyone has dates of estimated chair-lift openings at area [and by that I mean "day trip"] alpine hills? Lutsen was rumored to open on the 19th of November and Big Powderhorn is scheduled to open the 10th of December.

Any advice on where to look for early-season runs?

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Duluth Dog Kennel Recommendation »

Our last few attempts at using a dog/house sitter had some unintended consequences. Some of the more interesting: various porn-related scenarios [purchased and delivered]; a Mountain Dew “ash tray” was left in front of our basement toilet [we don't smoke]; one of our cars apparently was used and the backseat mistaken for a dumpster; and a “three bears ‘bed scenario’” which resulted in a lot of laundry. Without addressing the vetting process I used in staffing, or commenting on my solicitation process, I’d like some recommendations on area kennels for boarding two dogs: one an old lab and the other an old terrier.  We’re heading up to the Lutsen area for the holiday and would love to find help up that way; but assume most facilities are in this area.

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Business Facebook without Personal Facebook »

I’m trying to get an answer to this question, and am finding conflicting answers. Can one establish a business presence on “The Facebook” without have it tied back to a specific user? For example, is the corporate Target Facebook page associated with a specific user?

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Simple Plumbing Job – DIY? »

It looks like I need to replace the lateral sewer line connecting my house to the city system. I qualify for the “up to 3K” reimbursement; but the job is estimated at “around 6K.”

In lamenting to my friends on this issue, multiple responses have been “Schultsy can run a ‘mini’ [excavator]; why don’t you have him dig out the old line? Putting in a new one is pretty straight forward – like roofin’ – you’re just paying for labor.”

Does anybody have any experience with this? Is it simply digging out the old line, removing the old house trap and connecting into the waste out from the house and then hooking up to where it feeds into the city system? What part of this would need a “licensed plumber”? I don’t have “replace sewer line” on my bucket list, and I’d rather take that 3K [which I don't have] and recreate with it.

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