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Apparently dog modeling is cool »

Danecdote – The Departure (2012) »

CD Release Show »

There will be art by Avery Cassar as well.

‘Mise en Place’ Pre-Orders Available »


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What’s the best way to explain sound? »

feat. Shea Westhoff

Puzzlestone by DANECDOTE

Danecdote @ Chester Creek Cafe »

Come check out the set! Unfortunately it will be my last one for some time, as I am finishing up work on the new EP and full length releases. There will be various free CDs for people to take with them (as well as 3 other side project releases). Show starts @ 9PM on Tuesday. See ya there!

Free ‘Danthropology’ CDs! »

Pizza Luce —— The Electric Fetus —— Chester Creek Cafe

(5 per establishment)

Or download free here.

&Hearts »

Reshaping Live Electronica »


Calling all computer-music fans! Dig this! 3 Reaktor ensembles running simultaneously through Live6. The main keyboard (with cleverly placed stickers) houses a dominant ‘effect’ range (left 8 white keys) and a dominant ‘loop’ range (right 8 white keys). The other two midi boards are used for volume, some delay effects, reverb (and it’s decay), and misc. VST’s. I created the loops in Live6 prior to loading them into this set to record. ENJOY!

PS: I apologize for the sound getting a bit nasty in there. it was recorded from an iPhone, hanging on a ceiling fan.

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Had some fun with the guitar the other day… »


Robyn – ‘Dancehall Queen’ »


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Damaged »

I wish Jim Oberstar would either:

a) learn how to read from a Tele-Prompter


b) memorize any future on-air speeches.


a good judge of character
an inspection specialist,
DNA diagnosed
just like the rest of us.
blessed with trust
till I bleed rust,
heavy hanging cross
can’t say no the boss.
obedience is law
but the law is flawed,
judge less less he be judged
teeth nails and claws.
nose deep in the trough
anorexic feeding frenzy,
starving for knowledge
has become so trendy.
culture in a blanket
wrapped up and comfy,
i pave a future
cuz the road is bumpy.
parallel pacifist
road rage activist,
swerving and cursing
I woke up in a casket.
to the left of my view
was a case full of baskets,
then a blackout happened
erupting all magic.
uplifting the pen
mightier than the sword,
to my brian i gave faith
and to my self I swore.
to bail out the blood
that my heart pours,
through the words I write
emotional sores.

through the words that i write…
emotional sores…


Pogo is an artist who creates music from movies.

Exhibit A:

more videos all over Youtube
download all albums @


The Penetration of Homegrown »

Denied or not, you’ll see me play a short set Tuesday night at Chester Creek Cafe/At Sara’s Table. A friend of mine who is playing there tonight (Rory James) has decided to give up some time from his Homegrown slot to allow a few musicians to, well, “get up there and show their stuff.” Come see my roommate, Avery (Slave Dog) and I get a little ‘experimental’. Hahahahahaha. And no, this penetration will NOT be a safe procedure ;)

Good Ol’ Random History »

I stopped by Amazing Alonzo the other day and picked this beauty up for a cheap 6 bucks. Packed full of weird facts and stories of history dating back to Moses. Topics range from how we used to treat the mentally ill, crime and punishment (including mass executions of heretics and misconceptions of the guillotine), cocaine cough drops, and did you know that the French had a fascination with enemas well through the 19th century?! Seriously good read. Pretty certain they don’t have another copy, but search for it.

Danecdote Live – April 28 »

So I noticed after posting many a flyer around town that some people just didn’t like them, and proceeded to tear them down. Go figure. Anyways, this is my last ditch effort to get the people of Duluth down to the Rex tonight. I promise lots of fun and plenty of dancing opportunities.

My fellow Duluthians, I plead for your faces to appear tonight, and your bodies and your energy!

My Insecurities Make Me Wanna Prove Things »

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