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R.I.P. Justin Paul Hair Salon »

You will be missed by all.

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Business Ideas for Old Downtown »

What type of business do you think would survive in Old Downtown once all of the storefronts are empty by the Last Place on Earth?

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Last Place on Earth first-of-the-month sale »

Drive by the Last Place on Earth today and watch your tax money going up in smoke!

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Jim Carlson is running for President? »

Is this part of the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Downtown Duluth Safety »

A dead body was found in Lake Place Park on Monday. I wonder if the police could set up a mini police station in the park. What do you think?

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Help take a bite out of downtown crime »

Duluth News Tribune: “Police hope for downtown Citizen Patrol

Let’s take back Downtown Duluth together! Tuesday, Feb. 21, 10 a.m. at the Greysolon Plaza Fireside Room.

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Duluth Crime Wave »

Is anybody else a little freaked out about all the crime in Duluth lately?

A 62-year-old friend of mine was walking home from work a few weeks ago and was brutally assaulted with a hammer by St. Mary’s parking ramp and the perpetrator was never found. There was no report of this in the media.

Now this week we have muggings and a bloody dead body found on Michigan St. How come the media is not covering this? Should we start a Duluth Crime Facebook page to keep each other informed?

What do you think?

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Is the Last Place on Earth ruining Duluth? »

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Creative Ideas for Old Downtown Issues »

I would love to hear any creative ideas or solutions to the safety, crime, loitering issues that are growing in Old Downtown.

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What do you think? »

In Duluth, synthetic pot users get high and don’t hide it

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