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The Rise and Fall of the Red Herring (the old Rocket Bar) »

Regarding the Rocket Bar renovation:

Well, folks, far-be-it from me to talk the talk and not walk the walk, but when a few hundred thousand greenbacks comprise the difference between the “talk” and the “walk,” well, shucks … it was a good run.

After receiving the initial bid from the general contractor last week, it appears we are going to have to do this in phases, if at all. The initial phase, relieving the building of a few structural ailments, will likely begin in the next month or so.

As for what will become of the place in the long run, it’s anybody’s guess. I’ve got a couple ideas, though. I think I’ll let them gestate a while, and refocus on a few things left in the wake of this, that and the other project/priority. What was that called? Oh, yeah: life.

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Breaking News: Hobo Nephews team up with Chaperone Records »

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Wanted: Harp Teacher »

Does anyone know anyone who teaches harp lessons? My 9.9-year-old daughter is interested in taking lessons in the new year. Please email me: bobnzeke @ Thanks!

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Job Opening For One Exceptional Individual. »

Now hiring for an exciting new position in an organization on the move.

Prospective hires must be/have:
- Organized and reasonably responsible
- Accounting experience
- Knowledge of Quickbooks or comprable software
- Business savvy
- Imaginative/creative
- Self-motivated

Full job description available upon request. Position starts at 20 hours/week. Salary is negotiable (may include profit-sharing). Applicants may send resume & cover letter to:

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Chaperone Records … unveiled! »

Chaperone Records is Duluth’s newest, true-bluest, local-centric record label!

Founded in May of 2012, Chaperone Records is devoted to the promotion and enfranchisement of northern Minnesota’s musically progressive community. In a world of cheap, plastic gadgetry, a product’s finest aesthetic can only be achieved through passion, insight and an honest commitment to quality. This is the foundation of Chaperone Records’ philosophy and the impetus behind its inception.

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Look what I found!! »

Yes, friends, (perhaps I’m the last to know, but) they’re here. Are other people seeing these nasties? I saw this one downtown last week. Are there other sightings? This could be fun! Who wants to plot the push-pin map? Tent caterpillar hotdish recipes??

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Chorus Line tix…if the price is right! »

So, long story super short: I have five tickets for the SOLD OUT matinee of “A Chorus Line” at the Playhouse, tomorrow afternoon at 2. Three are together, the other two are singles. The coolest part is: you name your price…and I decide whether or not it’s worth my time to meet you down there for said price! Just give a shout. 2one8.3four1.07nine3

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Kozy Fire III: The Building That Refused to Burn (Down). »

What’s up with people trying to burn down the Kozy? Anyway, I wasn’t all that surprised to come upon the eerily familiar site of firetrucks flanking the decrepit shell of our beloved Kozy last night. In retrospect: WTF??? Does anyone else think that restoring the property (NOT to its 2010 condition, silly!!), and making it a hub for the new/improved, swinging (yet still fringe) First St. business district is a good idea? Bring on the snide remarks (Constructive comments are also welcome.).

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We’re Looking For a few Good Renters. »

Real people. Real Duluth. Downtown living is real living, folks… not that other neighborhoods aren’t “real,” but come on, the casino is my neighbor!

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Occupy Duluth? Who?? Wha?!? »

Here is a brief interview with a couple of local personalities, David Ross (head of the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce) and Joel Kilgour (activist and member of Loaves & Fishes) re: Change and the Occupy movement. 

If you’re interested in what’s going on, locally, check out the Occupy Duluth Facebook Group.

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Global Goes Local »

After 32 years, the founders of Global Village (from Minneapolis) have passed the torch to a long time employee and hometown girl.
Friday, we celebrate this new chapter for the old downtown icon and present the Lotus Center, our new community yoga and dance (and more!) studio on the 2nd floor.

Please join us in our merriment and gratitude this friday, July 29th, 5-8.
-Refreshments by Rachel and Kirsten
-Music by Red Mountain
-Bellydance performance by Lady Slipper

If you can’t make it to the party, stop in any old time and see what we’ve changed and what remains the same.

Mon-Fri 10-8
Sat 10-6
Sun 12-5

25 west superior street  218.723.1177
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Got “scuzzy??” »

Does anyone out there have (or know where I could get) an external SCSI cd rom drive? I’ve been to Roch Bochs, Downtown Computer, and John’s Twin Ports Recycling (WOW). No dice. There must be someone who can help??!?

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Psst! Corporations Are Not People! »

This Friday, my dad (and uncle, I think) will accompany 2004 presidential candidate, David Cobb, on the Twin Ports leg of his national speaking tour for Move to Amend. Mr. Cobb will speak about the perils (i.e. 2010 WI governor’s race) of corporate personhood and what is happening, nationally, to abolish it. For those who don’t remember or weren’t aware, “The Monahan brothers” walked across the U.S. last May-October to raise awareness about this issue. So, come have a pint and/or some noms and get informed about an issue that is sure to foul up our lives for generations to come!

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Kozy Fire: part deux… »


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Super easy scam opportunity!! »

Digital mixer – $450 (McGregor)

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Chili and Shadow Puppetry?! Wha? How? »

That is not a typo. If you weren’t in the know about this cosmic to-do, don’t worry. It’s tonight at Harbor City School’s auditorium. The Chili Feed is a fundraiser for something-or-other, and the shadow puppetry is being performed by Harbor City kids guided by (local) master puppeteer Jim Ouray. 5:30- Feed ($5), 6:30- Sleep-themed puppet show (free!).

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Monahan Brothers Make it to D.C.!! »

Remember back in May!?!?! Well, 3,100 miles later, the old guys made it! This photo was taken at the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday, where organizers from unfurled a ginormous (20×100 ft.) preamble to the Constitution for people to sign. It was quite a display, both visually and emotionally (I’m pretty proud of my pops). The crowd was receptive and security was … cooperative. Pics from the action made it into USA Today and the Washington Post. Anyway, what a day! If this is inspiring at all, consider signing the motion at If you’re curious, here are the rest of the pics from my epic political activism adventure:

SmugMug: Monahan Brothers in DC 10-2010

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Ideas for “Neighborhood Revitalization??” »

Three weeks ago, despite countless warnings, I moved into the St. Regis Apartments (up the block from the Kozy). My goal is to be a part of (spearhead?) a revitalization, of sorts. I figure, if something is going to change, I must be an active participant in it (as opposed to ye olde hoping/praying method). The current phase involves increasing the aesthetic through art (murals, etc.). I’m quite curious if anyone has thoughts on this, and most certainly, if anyone would like to get involved. Oh, won’t you please…be my neighbor?

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Stolen car stereo! $80 reward! Caution! graphic video on disc! »

Not to laugh at other people’s misfortune … but … maybe posting it here will help them get their stereo back?

Stolen car stereo’s last night/this morning – $30 (Duluth)

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Yesterday in History »

Sorry for the belatedness, but I felt I had to acknowledge the 16th anniversary of the release of Guided By Voices’ Bee Thousand, one of my favorite rock albums of all time. Pitchfork has it at #10 in the Top 100 Albums of the ’90s, a tad low if you ask me. I may be slightly obsessed with GBV, but I think this album has something for just about everyone. “I am a Scientist!”

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