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How many pay phones are left in Duluth? »

Ah, the once-ubiquitous pay phone. I remember when they could be found on every major street corner, but if I needed one today, I would have no idea where to find one.

Are there any pay phones left in Duluth? If so, where? Confirm their existence by commenting below, but please post only current confirmations. If you have a vague memory of one existing a few years ago, that doesn’t count.


Jesse “The Body” Ventura and his Soldiers of Fortune Band: Live at the Cove in 1986 »

Jesse Ventura and his Soldiers of Fortune Band

Where in Duluth? »

Hey, St. Paul, are you okay? »

St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman giggles through last Thursday’s mayoral candidate forum as we hear from his opponents Sharon Anderson, (who seems to be taking the pro-bubble-wrap platform) and Kurt Dornfeld (who for some reason sees it a fitting place to make a dick joke).

No parking on Central Avenue »

I just noticed this No Parking sign on Central Avenue near Nicollet Street. While I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car parked on this block (there’s really no reason to park there as there are no houses or businesses on that block), I think I’d be pretty irked if I got a ticket for parking there.

Low covers Rihanna’s “Stay” »

iTunes proceeds go to Rock for Kids.

John Mark Nelson – “The Moon and Stars” »

John Mark Nelson’s video, “The Moon and Stars,” shot in Duluth aboard the William A. Irvin, is getting some MTV love.

To the OG PDDers »

On this 10th anniversary of the first PDD post, I would like to thank the original members of Perfect Duluth Day who were there at the start, helping to transform this site from a mere idea to what it’s become today:

Nick, Jim Richardson, ianjk, c-freak, cheap brown sweater, Paul, Loving Hands Massage, Jadin M. Hanson, Ms Misplaced, …, angelina, leifjohn, marie, terese, Tim, DharmaChic and then some, baci, brave_burrito, Princess Wild Cow, ubergizmo,, starfire, tamara, Kelly Boed, brain, MDR, St.G, ann klefstad, Sjixxy, Gia, Lisa, Randy, Ca-chee, JJLee, Lumpy G, Lefty, pansy, John, edgewood, Karina, buttercup, CLH, brent, amy, Brad, godsey, ericswan, sonya, brad, Chip, Cory, O’Malley, zoey, James, bryan, The Cheat, maria, Bron Bronkowski, Chris, Dana, Meghann, Purple, Melanie, David, August, laura, Laurie, WC, adam, susi, Aaron, Cameron, Suzanne, Casey, Castiron rabbit, Chase, Ben, Gwanto, evil_midnight_blogger_what_blogs_at_midnight, Allen, Beau, Jake, Bob, james, jonswan, Ironic1, scrubby, josh, Nate, Brenda, Carla, predicate nominative, -berv, MEg, Lindquist, chrisvisitor, Penguin, Kitty Brand, Mike, cork1, rollergirl, neal, P.F., Kelly:), DJ Disturbance, Tomasz, Jimmy Myers, AKA, Adam, PTduluthian, Thommy, Sam, Ramos, Arctic18cat, dr_thunder, ZB, jeffy, wmeier71, Joe, Cody, Sir.Mandrake, phlebotomist7,, CocaColaQueen, pixelEngine, De Man, pnetz, bpetersen, Vicarious, coldwaterz, michelle, gialyn, kk hodgins, hunterfoo, nyennui, bob pokorney, ILuvDuluth, lithis, Pete, Russell, Delilah, rory, Nathan Ness, (flat)eric, MuseNote, jennie b, Jamie, tremolite, mavis, carrie, annie-mosity, Lauren, budb, nat x, Wulfgar, JL, Tom Ward, wordsandpictures, whiteplasticcoaster, Jeff, Veri, sophia, Johnhenry, James Monte, the Hillside Stranger, Donny, lightning_guitar_solo, Hotter@Frankies, _|_|_, sleeper, Scott, Gritherness, ms dean, marjotheobese, JesseBC, jello-pop, matt_o, PaulBroman, cheeseblog, Mike, waveview, jarosi, Heather, KOTB, dolphynblue, KDOG, MH, oldoldoldoldoldoldoldoldold, watersfly, cocksauce, greensky, Rph, Jonathan, Vern, witrak, chicafancy, Kitsune, polaroidbaby, beret, RightElbow, Jazadah, aaron, …rtn, twistythistle, Mary S-B, and Blisstr

Where in Duluth? »


This one seems to have the Where in Duluth? Facebook group stumped. I’ve been kind of stingy with hints, though. I’ll tell you what I told them: 1) It’s outside. 2) It’s farther west than Kemps Dairy in the West End.

Ok … go!

Where in Duluth? »

I’m giving no hints. If this goes unsolved, so be it.

Superiorites and Pizza Lovers »

I’ve asked a few friends and associates about this with unsatisfactory results, so I thought I’d throw it out there for the PDD community to mull over.

In the early 90s (1990-1993), I remember going to a pizza place in Superior, but I can’t remember what it was called. Here’s what I remember about it:

  • It was open late at night.
  • It was kind of grimy and dark inside.
  • It offered a large variety of toppings. For example, I remember getting shrimp and cashews a few times. I think they also offered sauerkraut as a topping.
  • I don’t think it was a chain.

Does anyone remember a restaurant like that?

Who won Homegrown 2013? »

Who won Homegrown 2013?

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Wolf Blood — 11.2 percent
The Blasphemists — 8.4 percent
Bratwurst — 7.4 percent
Big Wave Dave & the Ripples — 3.7 percent
The Boomchucks — 3.7 percent
Various other bands – 65.6 percent

Note: Only people who were logged in to their Perfect Duluth Day blogging account were allowed to vote (to prevent people from voting multiple times). To create an account, click here. If you need help figuring it out, click here.

Homegrown Banjo Breakdown »

If you hang out on PDD or Facebook or the corner of Lake Avenue and Superior Street long enough, you’ll hear a Duluth musician complain about how many banjos there are in the local music scene. Personally, I’ve heard Duluth referred to as “the banjo capital of the world,” and I’ve heard people say — not even jokingly — that it’s almost impossible to spend a night in the local music venues without hearing a banjo. On one hand, I understand what they are saying, but on the other hand, it seems like tremendous hyperbole.

The purpose of this post is to try and figure out, as accurately as possible, the percentage of bands playing Homegrown that feature a banjo, and to discuss whether or not that percentage is an excessive amount of banjos.

Consulting with Paul Lundgren and the Homegrown Field Guide, this is the list of known banjo players performing at this year’s festival. Please help fill out this list with any omissions, if you can find them. But mind the rules: you must provide the banjo player’s name, and the band you reference must be playing this year’s Homegrown Music Festival.

1. Charlie Parr
2. Dave Carroll – Trampled by Turtles
3. Tom Maloney – Four Mile Portage
4. Shawn Neary – Silverback Colony
5. Harrison Olk – Tin Can Gin
6. Ryan LeBard – Black River Revue
7. Tony Peterson – Diet Folk
8. Tony Peterson – Saint Anyway
9. Jerree Small – Southwire
10. Marc Gartman – Coyote
11. Ben Butter – Punch the Driver
12. Ben Butter – De Se

That’s 12 so far. If there are 12 bands with banjos out of 186 bands total, that means 6.4% of the bands playing Homegrown have a banjo in them.

What are your thoughts on the banjo situation? Is this percentage as large as people make it out to be? If not, why does this false perception exist? If so, why do people choose to play the banjo, and why do people flock to see the bands that play them?

Low at 20 »

In yesterday’s story in the DNT, Alan Sparhawk, sound engineer Eric Swanson, musicians Marc Gartman, Amy Abts and Tony Bennett, and Low’s former nanny Scott “Starfire” Lunt all weigh in on the band’s 20 years of music.

It’s a great conversation and it’s one I think is worth continuing here as Low commemorates its second decade in the business and its 10th studio album, which hits the shelves on Tuesday.

What are your favorite Low memories, whether you know the band or you’re just a fan of their music?

Where in Duluth (Flashback Edition) »

Hint 1: This photo was taken in 2006.
Hint 2: The sign is no longer there.

DNT discontinues comments »

Close readers of the Duluth News Tribune’s online edition may have noticed that the site no longer allows commenting under any stories, and I think that’s been the case for several days. I’m not privy to the reasons behind the decision, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the comments they were getting didn’t add any value to the site. Quite the opposite, in my opinion.

The DNT isn’t alone in this struggle. Personally, I’ve never seen intelligent comments on a news organization’s website. I think it’s probably better for them to just stick to content creation and allow people to link to the content via Facebook or some other social site, and discuss the content there.

What do you think? Do you miss the comments or do you applaud the decision?

PDD Poll: Legalization »

Should Minnesota follow suit with Washington and Colorado, and legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes?

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Yes – 88.6 percent
No – 6.8 percent
Not sure – 4.6 percent

Should Minnesota follow suit with Washington and Colorado, and legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes?

Note: Only people who are logged in to their Perfect Duluth Day blogging account are allowed to vote (to prevent people from voting multiple times). To create an account, click here. If you need help figuring it out, click here.

Where in Duluth? »

PDD Poll: How Much Heat? »

The stereotype maintains that it’s hard to get spicy restaurant food around here because so many people prefer their food on the mild side. Where do you stand?

How spicy do you like your restaurant food?

PDD Poll: Making friends »

How hard is it to make friends in Duluth?

This is another perennial topic on PDD, previously discussed in the post, Fierce loyalty, initial aloofness, among others.