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Upset (at the Mayor) in Duluth »

Check out the image that accompanies this DNT article: Meeting with the Duluth mayor (link to full-size photo). Yikes! There’s not a whole lotta love in that room (especially from Ms. Tie-Dye)!

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Heat Warning: Please do not leave your dogs in your car! »

Yes, even though it’s Duluth, summer is way too hot to leave your dog inside a car, windows cracked or not! Yesterday, I encountered a women at Home Depot who was a few minutes from having her windows smashed to rescue her dog.

Even if you don’t have dogs (or are a responsible owner and already know that you shouldn’t leave your dog in the car), please be aware of other cars in parking lots. If you see a dog in distress, you can call the police/animal control, or contact the store to have the vehicle owner paged. Please do not assume the owner will be out in time – death can occur within minutes!

And true, the thoughtful dog owner may thank you for your concern for their animal by denying the danger of hot cars and flicking you off, but at least you may have helped the save the dog’s life by getting their ungrateful asshole owner called out of the store. :)

How Hot Does it Get in a Parked Car Dr Ernie Ward

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Duluth vs. Minneapolis »

Vote Duluth

Duluth is nearing the finals, and as of right now (9:25 a.m.), we’re leading against Minneapolis! Vote for us at

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Minnesota Shoplifting Detain/Restrain Laws? »

Does anyone know the laws regarding detaining/restraining suspected shoplifters? I walked out of the mall tonight and found three Younkers loss-prevention staff holding a woman face-down in the snow, with their knees on her back attempting to handcuff her while she was telling them she couldn’t breathe.

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Another (Unexpected) Duluth-Related Kickstarter »

For those of you who know your comic book writers, the name Alan Moore is usually found at the top of most peoples “favorites” list (maybe because he’s an incredible writer, or maybe because he’s a fucking wizard and people are scared of him).

Anyway, I was watching Alan Moore’s Kickstarter video for the “His Heavy Heart” project, and was completely surprised to hear the Duluth connection!

Skip ahead to 3:45 if you want to hear Alan Moore drop Alan Sparhawk’s name as a collaborator on the project!

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Hell Yeah!!! »

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Fix One, Another Shows Up »

At this point, we may need someone named “Martini” to open their own chain of bars in order to make this trend legit.

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Sad Lost Kitty in Lincoln Park »

I found this very sweet and very sad kitten outside of my house in Lincoln Park. Is she yours, or do you know who she belongs to?

I’ll probably keep here at my house tonight and drop her off at the pound in the morning. She didn’t have a collar, but is obviously a house cat. She seems like she also has a cold/respiratory-tract infection, so I didn’t want to leave her outside.

Update: sweet kitty is now at the Duluth Animal Shelter (2627 Courtland Street – 218-723-3259).

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The Kidnappers Foil – 1938 Duluth Footage »

Starting in the 1930s, Melton Barker traveled across the United States filming “The Kidnappers Foil” for the next 40 years. No, he did not take this long to film one movie, instead he filmed the same movie in every town that he visited, perhaps hundreds of times. I’m not sure if this was part of a “home movie” business plan, or if he was ripping people off with promises of fame, but nonetheless, it’s now part of movie history.

In 1938, he stopped by Duluth to film, and though the main film is missing, there are two scenes featuring Duluthians. Maybe you have a famous grandparent and never knew it?


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Duluth is Horrible Kickstarter »

This February (maybe), filmmaker Vincent Gargiulo will be coming to Duluth to film a short movie titled Duluth is Horrible. Chip into the Kickstarter here, and/or follow the news on their blog.

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Look for a guy with a goat skull on his head… »

I found an interesting discussion about a possible video-game/real-life event happening over at /r/duluth/. Maybe we can help solve this mystery?


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Anyone growing grass indoors? »

So first off, yes, this is an odd request. Secondly, no, I’m not looking for someone growing “grass,” I’m looking for someone who is growing grass (like the kind you’d find on your lawn) indoors.

The reason I’m looking for indoor lawn is that my kitty Zero, who has been with me for 17 years, is now on life number 8.999, and may need to be euthanized within the next few days. Being that I have a short time to make her happy before the end, I was hoping I could give her one of the things she enjoyed: standing in warm grass (and likely eating it, and very likely puking it up). Seeing as the current weather conditions are not condusive to allowing a geriatric cancer-cat to have one last romp in the lawn, I’m hoping that someone might have grass growing in a warmer location. Why someone would do this, I’m not even sure, but I figured I’d ask.

If you are growing grass indoors and wouldn’t mind having a sick kitty come visit for a few minutes, please comment below (I’ll clean up any possible kitty puke, I promise). Thanks!



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Where in Duluth? »

This episode of Where in Duluth? might be a little tricky, but I decided to add it because 1) it is on a building that faces a heavily-travelled street, and 2) it also is a perfect example of a building anomaly found in this awesome webcomic:  Subnormality


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‘Where is Duluth?’ »

I stumbled upon an interesting Duluth factoid, courtesy of the Futility Closet:

In 1871 the House of Representatives was considering subsidizing railroads to serve the Midwest, including tiny Duluth, Minn. Kentucky representative J. Proctor Knott rose, produced a bucket of sarcasm…

Yet, sir, had it not been for this map, kindly furnished me by the Legislature of Minnesota, I might have gone down to my obscure and humble grave in an agony of despair, because I could nowhere find Duluth. Had such been my melancholy fate, I have no doubt that with the last feeble pulsation of my breaking heart, with the last faint exhalation of my fleeting breath I should have whispered, ‘Where is Duluth?’

Little did he know that Duluth was destined for greatness thanks in part to its railroad. Full speech here (along with annotated laugh track): The Kentucky Anthology

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Cinnamon Roll is a loving cat »

Let me start off by saying that I am already easily amused, and the sleep deprivation is not really helping in that matter…

So, I was reading the DNT’s Pets of the Week article, and found a picture of Cinnamon Roll the cat waiting to be adopted. Most of the time, these pictures are of animals looking super cute begging to be adopted, but Cinnamon Roll’s expression made me laugh. “Adopt me, or don’t. Whatever.”

Being easily amused (refer back to point A), I whipped up some simple edits that made me laugh – maybe they’ll make you laugh too (if not, try sleep deprivation).

Seriously though, someone adopt this cat – he sounds awesome!

More pics and a blank Cinnamon Roll photo if you’d like to roll your own.


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Give me your Twin Ports Halloween events! »

I will post them on for free! If it’s a major Halloween bash or a tiny haunted garage on Halloween night, I want to add it to my site!

Post your event info as a comment in this post, or email me from the contact page.

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Clean Your Closet *and* Help a Geek Girl »

For those of you who weren’t at the last Geek Prom, I was the perpetrator of perhaps the first Geek Prom marriage proposal ever (at least that I am aware of). Adam, Crystal, & Paul were awesome enough to help me with a geeky engagement, I’m hoping that the PDD community will be awesome enough to help me create a geeky wedding.

In order to pull off the ultimate gamer-geek wedding, I need the incomplete board game sitting at the bottom of your closet. Seriously. Do you have any junk games you were going to throw away? Throw them at me instead! Thanks everyone!!! :D

More info at Broken Games For Love

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Recommendations for Brake Mechanic? »

Does anyone have any recommendations for local brake mechanics, ones that are honest/non-skeevy, but also can solve a braking-system mystery that four other mechanics have been unable to fix?

First off, I hate my car and wish it were a phoenix that would burn, and from the ashes would produce a new car. I don’t believe this is a standard feature on a Kia, so I’ll have to keep this piece of crap limping for at least another year or two (you may recall my prior bitching regarding this car).

Second, I’m afraid that if this mystery doesn’t get solved, you’ll find me and my Kia at the bottom of the lake sometime this winter.

Anyone have any good suggestions? Thanks!!! I really appreciate your advice (randomly stabbing at the yellow pages isn’t getting me anywhere).

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Mysterious Metal Melodies »

I hear a band playing that sounds like it’s coming from Bayfront park, but I don’t see anything on the schedule. Anyone know the mystery of the random sounds of metal washing over Lincoln Park?

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Le Cirque Rouge Cabaret & Burlesque Show Tickets and/or Contest Thingy! »

Were you planning on going to Friday night’s Le Cirque Rouge show but don’t have your tickets yet? You’re in luck! I’m a dumbass and accidently bought 4 tickets when I meant to buy 2! Take advantage of my error in resubmitting browser form data by winning or buying 2 tickets to Friday night’s show!

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