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This amiable Ursoid made his way from the bottom of Woodland to upper Endion (Highland Park sub-division to be more precise), across 8th (9th) and I assume to Chester Bowl for some Music in the Park. I saw him silently walk up behind a pit bull and move along, not once breaking out more than a saunter the whole time.

Happy Higgs Boson! »

This is an excellent “get-up-to-speed” doc on what the Higgs boson is all about. It’s a very well spent hour. Personally, I’m more of a silly-string theorist myself but these guys might be on to something.

We think good here »

Richard Florida (rise of the creative class) writes about a study to identify the “Brainiest” metros. St. Louis county makes it into the upper tier. Way to go! Now why are we still saying “The Martin Road?” It’s just Martin Road!

Rental Density 1, Heritage Homes 0 »

Turning front yard into parking lot

I’ve sat back and let the rental density issues take their Darwinian course and here’s what you get. Ever since the 300′ rule was allowed to lapse, we’ve had five homes in two blocks flip. Here’s a particularly wonderful example of a classic old Duluth bungalow. It’s 100 year old front yard facing Woodland Avenue will be no match for the Kamatsu at the hands of a boarding house proprietor. He’ll be able to park six vehicles here.

Contact the city council, individually, by email and let them know that they should support reasoned developments to house renter’s near UMD and that they should oppose efforts to nullify regulations which help guide and motivate intentional development. I am not anti-student! I am anti-profit above community.

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With Trampled by Turtles and Two Many Banjos, I thought we could tap into the deep history of local banjoery. A clue, this is outdoors.

Journey »


More than a Feeling

After sitting around a fire in the dark with my band mates last night instead of running through our Homegrown set because we needed to flail, celebrate, berate, challenge and lock arms, I got to thinking about bands as vehicles for journeys. How communal music can be. With Homegrown coming on quickly, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the power of collective music making, in a band and a “scene.” How it can weave together lives and a community.

Visualize this »

So, seeing the Wind Map led me to many eyes and the work of these two inspiring technologists of the people.

I thought I’d share.


World Domination? Step 1: Get Secret Lab »

Attention fellow mad scientists! After years of searching and countless minutes making phone calls we have finally made contact. The secretive and mighty Ronin Motorcycle Collective has obtained rights to lease the most excellent and prime secret laboratory location in Duluth. Oddly totally hidden and yet right in front of everyone’s nose at the same time we are ready to assemble an initial team of elite and dedicated moto-enthusiasts, crazy ass artists, techno-hackers and general all around collaborative individuals willing to commit and create the Zenith city’s first Co-operative and collaborative moto/hacker/art/wtf space.

Red sun in the morning »

Northern Lights in Norway

Bjørn Jørgensen Image taken: Jan. 22, 2012 Location: Grøtfjord close to Tromsø, North Norway

Also to listen to the effects, check out the software defined radio from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The low and middle bands show the activity.

Tinfoil hats for Sunday! »

Looks like we’ll have an “earth directed” coronal mass ejection this weekend. I guess there goes what’s left of our ice candles from Christmas.


Don’t Be Sad »

PDD inspired Crowd Sourced Text Adventure »

Before Call of Duty and Elder Scrolls, there were these quirky little things called Text Based Adventures. Primitive on the graphic front (with NO graphics in them), these were the first dungeon crawlers and computer based rpgs like Minnesota’s own Oregon Trail. In 1982, this was super addictive stuff. Well, as I’m an active user of Goolge Docs, I came to realize that it might be possible to use their forms and spreadsheets to “crowd source” the content for a text based “pub crawler” or some text based questing game based in the PDD ethos.

Sorry, this is where my mind goes when I’m feeling ill and home alone from work for the day. So I started a test survey. It’s not perfect or definitive and really just a test so I can have a bit of crowd sourced data to try and put together in game form.  Once there’s a few entries, I’ll make a game out of it. I hope to refine the survey to better automate the process. So, take a few minutes and unleash your inner geek. BTW, This is NOT an official PDD sponsored thing and no folk bands will be hurt in the programming of this game.

Talk back to Chip »

Here’s your chance to let our man in New Hampshire … er, I mean Washington know what we really think. Take the quick survey. I chose the “Tax Increases” option.  I was lucky enough to get this because I’ve sent him email before. I thought many of you might not have known that he’s soliciting opinions, so here you go.

To inspire your weekend »

The Invisible Panopticon: Spying On America’s Top Secret Intelligence Geography | Motherboard »


Top Secret America Government Work Locations

Notice the red dot on the zenith city. I go to a’thinkin .. hmmmm … what!? who? Jeno? Loll? Storm Analysis Consultants? Hmmm…

Woot, Nerdz! WTG. »

On the DNT story! This is for you …