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Speedy says “Time for a power 10!” »

Google Fiber, Duluth MN

Cmon Duluth, WE CAN DO IT!

Word is that this is the final stretch to get Google Fiber here. Community involvement MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! They want to see support from ALL fronts…You can make a difference. And this is the last lap! Click on Speedy to join a group we know Google is watching. Let them know how you’d use a Gig connection. Google indexes ALL INTERWEBZ traffic related to this so make some noise .. raise the roof .. . WORD .. as they say.

Where in Duluth? »

Points for what’s WRONG with this post?

Looks like it was a fun weekend »

Thank you to the DPD and UMDPD for being prompt when called. Still, this is unacceptable, 69 disturbance calls in one weekend!?!? What’s the cost of an average police response?

This could be you! »

cute kid to bring you beer not included

After three and a half years of exhilarating adventures and stunning full moon lake drifts we’re selling our lovely boat. It’s the perfect entry level sailboat for Lake Superior day sails, overnights (sleeps 4) and pirate actions. Was such a good boat, we upgraded! Ideal for two or more partners to go in on. This makes ownership, slippage, and maint. VERY possible even on a limited budget.
craigslist here

Liquid Galaxy »

So often I feel like this »

You and Your Johnson »

Actually, I’m more of an Evinrude guy.

Musical Roundtable @ NorShor »

This is the second round of discussions about how the “music scene” in all it’s diverse splendor, can support the re-birth of the NorShor. If you couldn’t make the last one, please please come to this one. All are welcome if you can be strategic thinking, not yell and be a force for productive forward movement. We’re primarily concerned with giving the Duluth Playhouse some feedback and guidance, from the musician’s perspective, on how to have the mezzanine become a sustainable and profitable venue for all artists and genres as they move forward with the project as a whole. Larger events, main room, upstairs theater will be covered at other times and possibly with other groups. We really want to stay focused on the Mezz. at this time.

Tuesday, 07/27 8:30pm – NorShor Theatre

FB Group

Fox? Dingo? »

Just saw this little guy off woodland and 20th. Anyone got an I’D?

Forgive me, I have a weakness »

for cheesy midi

Home Security Recommendation »

So with all the “activity” in the Hillside, I get a bit concerned. I’m thinking of paying for some peace of mind and getting a home security system. Looking for recommendations of good local companies to work with.

Har har har »

The joys of being geek!
Canned Unicorn Meat Controversy

Wadena = Not Kansas Anymore »

Thankfully, it sounds like no one was seriously injured. Sheesh. I hope they can rebuild.

Kicking it Olde School »

OK, last year I went to the Olde World Renaissance Faire in Twig and had a blast! One of the really fun acts I saw was this crazy Germanic Early Music Minstrel group called Wolgemut. They play drums and oboes and weird looking German bagpipes called a “sacbutt” or something … and then do some covers of rock tunes (along with real early music). They sounded like Led Zeppelin meets Brave Sir Robin’s band from the Holy Grail … and I thought “Hey, they’d be cool to see in a club context.” So crazy Baci decides to book them the night before Ren Fest at Carmody. My insanity is your lucky day. Playing along with them is Bob Monahan’s  experimental ensemble of local super freaks called Total Freedom Rock. So plan to come down and get your neo-post-modern freak on.

Tomorrow night with Total Freedom Rock!
Carmody Irish Pub!
Wolgemut 9p-11p | TFR 11pm – 1am
No cover!

mmm.. coffee and a morning scroll »

It continues to get better all the time.

Word nerd question »

Phrase in question:

“If you feel there is a better offering, of which I should take advantage, please let me know and I’ll switch.”

This seems so chunky and I feel like Winston Churchill when I say it. Since the preposition is in the middle of the sentence, do I need to write it this way? Couldn’t it be “If you feel there is a better offering, which I should take advantage of, please let me know and I’ll switch.”?

Bigger question, why am I so obsessive these days?

Does this make it all too easy? »


To all the inspiring electronisists of the Duluth scene »

I say thank you!

2good2btrue »

Scott Cover, suckas.


The Real Homegrown »

Stone Temple Pilots karaoke @ the Roundup Bar, bitches.