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Road Socialist Report: Down Low on the High Bridge »

According to transportation officials, the Blatnik Bridge has been designated “fracture critical” because it only has two main elements supporting the span of the bridge.

Original Fox 21 story here

Distinguished Gentleman’s (and Ladies) Ride to Benefit Prostate Cancer Research »

On Sept. 29, I’ll have the honor again this year to be the local host of a global motorcycle ride. This year, along with polite riding and dapper dressing, we’re trying to raise awareness (and money) for the cause of prostate cancer research. Please see the DGR website for more info and to register. Ride in style with chaps and lasses from across the globe.  More details on our Facebook page.

Reaping and Sowing »

JC Beelds for you

J.C. bleeds for you.

Duluth News Tribune: Last Place on Earth owner Jim Carlson assaulted at store

Next Hipster Trend »


Over! PBR says

When you’re not busy blowing off work trolling PDD for the next thing to love about Duluth, come over to this new website, Think of it as a “helpdesk for hipsters.” Maybe together we can save a life.  Here we’ll identify, categorize and quantify the trend status of all aspects of hipster culture. You can join as a subscriber, or like our FB page. Make fun comments and build up enough “tredtrons” let you post your own identified hipster trends.

Mack Attack, Crispin Hellion and Girl Biker »

Will Stoneman Get ready for the Dusu Film fest. Each year, this thing gets better and better. I thought I’d share what I’m excited about. Actually it’s three things.

For those of you who were around while Iron Will took over the city in 1993, there’s a bit of a reunion. Mackenzie Astin will be back in town to help us all “put a poultice on it.” The reunion is Sunday and there’s a Facebook page about it. Seriously though, this will be the fun kids event of the festival. The event is free and a reception will be afterward in the Depot Underground.

Eric Tretbar, formerly of Minneapolis mods the Funseekers, has a friggan cool looking film about … um … well it’s called GirlMeetsBike … so it’s a girl and a motorcycle … and well, it just looks cool and he’s a suuuper nice guy so get your cafe ride on and ton-up to the Zinema to see that one.

Finally, Crispin Hellion Glover’s Big Slide Show … Crispin Friggan Glover in Duluth??? WTF is with that? This looks to be even more surreal than an Iron Will reunion and a cafe biker movie … so Duluth .. no more bitchin’ that you ain’t cool!

Where in Duluth and Why? »

Where for 10 points; why so worn out for 50 points.

R.I.P. French Larry »

photo: video grab by Bruce Ojard

Larry Whalen was an early member of Colder By The Lake, an original resident of Emerson and bohemian fixture here until he moved to Madeline Island.  Known for his oriental rug collection, early adoption of the interwebz and absurdist dancing, he is also noted in the “Beloved Characters of Duluth” PDD gallery. Recently he was in hospice in Ashland and passed away due to some form of tumor. I’ll fondly remember many rehearsals with CBTL, his love of Ramses cigs and hazy  coffee induced snickering. With the passing of Doug Moen and Larry we’ve lost some significant freak power here in Zenith City.

Breanne Marie v. Tangier 57: Hallway Battle »

See what you’ve done now Mr. Lundgren! When will there be enough pain to satisfy you?


Where in Duluth: Springtime Kitchy Quirk Edition »

It’s a kitsch-splosion!

I tried to rotate it CW in the media library but it no stick, so I guess you have to tip your head.

Duluth welcomes robotic overlords… And the kids who make them »

All ur future are belong to bots.

What it was like in Duluth before Homegrown »

Not sayin, just sayin … »

Ok, I had written this a week or so ago, then didn’t publish, but now with the next film showing up … I have to say something …. is Duluth the epicenter of icky?

With several filmmakers coming to Duluth and making films which extol the … er … um grittier nature of our fair city, I’ve come to wonder if we aren’t letting others define how others see us with their films. Firstly, hats off to anyone who can herd all the cats and get a film or video made, I know because I’ve done it.  I’m not decrying the fact that these director/producers are here and making us look “horrible” or licentious or evil cultish. Truly, thanks for shooting your show here! But come on! Isn’t Duluth worthy of something cute, quirky, poignant, beautiful or at least just mundane? You are correct to say, “STFU Baci and just make a film yourself!” and you’d be spot on to say so. I wish nothing more than I had the time to put toward making a film, set in Duluth, that showcased how perfect our days here are.

Robots! »

This years robot challenge. This will be the ultimate nerd party of the year. PLEASE support this event in Duluth, it’s an awesome and inspirational spectacle. They’ll need help to pull it off this year.

Duluth’s Lake Superior has become a double regional due to the rapid expansion of robotics in the region. This event will attract 104 teams, with the potential of bringing 3,000-5,000 people to Duluth. Free and open to the public, the Northern Lights and Lake Superior Regionals are looking for volunteers for this big event. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Jay and Chris Dillon at

Calling all 218 geeks! U.S. FIRST Robot Competition looking for judges. »

Morgan Freeman is calling you!

This March, Duluth will be the location of one of the largest high-school robotics competitions in the country. We need judges! Judging involves assessing process more than product. Technical expertise is not the primary qualification. Management, organization and outreach are huge assessment points. Do not think that you need to have knowledge of robotics to judge. I partnered with Darren Danielson of WDIO (if an anchorman can do it, so can you! … jk jk Darren). If you at all have an interest in helping young geeks blossom into “gracious professionals,” this is a way to do it! And it’s a blast!

Take Five – Dave Brubeck »

11/17/12 – Great Day for a Sail »

Yep, another reason we are benefiting from global warming denials. Caught this guy coming in a few minutes ago from a wonderful morning sail.

Let Freedom Ring (just like a cash register) »


Where in Duluth? »


Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride »

Several of us motor enthusiasts will be putting on our finest Sunday clothes and taking a distinguished ride about town after enjoying a spot of tea at the rose garden, wont you join us at 1pm on Sunday the 30th of September? It’s part of a world wide “Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.”  We’ll be joined by distinguished riders, of all genders, from across the world. Please plan on attending. Please note, this is a slow and safe ride for the purpose of enjoying each other’s company. Please visit the event page on facebook or the DGR home page or the facebook for more information.

Cheers! Hope to see you there.

MotoDojo is ready for your ride »

your bike here

As promised, here’s a peek into the previously mentioned secret world of the 3300 sqft MotoDojo. We have openings for PDD savvy types who may have interest in motor related shop stall or storage. really , it’s super cool and very convenient for storage. Currently two access plans are in place. We take our fun seriously and want to share it with like minded souls. Whether you’re looking for the secret laboratory or somewhere warm for you ride this winter, we invite you to contact us.

serious inquiries only email:

MotoDoj0 Features:

Very Central Downtown Location (hospital zone)
Fridge / Bathroom / Internet