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Woot, Nerdz! WTG. »

On the DNT story! This is for you …

Mid lake 1000 footer mating »

Sighted, two ore boats performing a mating ritual

Lest we forget »

…how we got here.

The Tea Party and Republican foot draggers are hypocrites!

WTF is wrong with taxes? »

I know this is a hot button, and the title alludes to an expletive, but please, please can any of the libertarian-minded PDD readers explain what is the moral objection to taxation? It seems to me that an intelligent and regulated tax system is a sign of an evolved society that wants to achieve some communal objectives, like good schools and investing in leading-edge technology in our infrastructure. 

Yes, humans are imperfect … there will always be people who take advantage and are greedy/dishonest.  But why the “Hell No!”? Do you have substance to back up the intransigence? “No taxation without representation!” could also be viewed as “No representation without taxation!”

Let’s keep the flame to the troll zone, I’m truly interested in intelligent, reasoned and goodhearted debate on this.

Where in Duluth? »


Tangier 57 needs you! »

Local space-lounge band Tangier 57 is playing on The Playlist this Thursday night. We’d like to recreate the melbatoasty goodness that is/was the Lawrence Welk Show. Bubble machine, glaring colors, haute smarm and all. One of the key elements of any LW show was cutaways to the audience polkaing, shadishing, waltzing and possibly even target=”blank”>”frugging”. You know what I’m talking about … there’s your grandma and grandpa, much younger but still super dorky, looking insanely proud in technicolor. Her in her horn rims and beaufant and seafoam sleeveless and him in his buddy holly glasses and cufflinks.

So, here’s where you come in … We’re asking for anyone with a 50′s 60′s vintage clothes fetish to come up to Channel 8 and be the studio dancers for the audience cutaways. We can’t promise anything other than fun, our undying appreciation and admiration and that all your friends will be at home laughing their arses off at you … don’t worry,  it’s painless and fun after you get used to it like we have. So target=”_blank”>dare to be target=”_blank”> square 8:15pm This Thursday night a Channel 8 studios. It’s up around behind UMD just off Junction Ave.

8:15pm, Thursday 06/23

632 Niagara Court
Duluth, MN 5581

P.S. The first  3 couples to show up get a copy of our new CD, “It is People!” Currently being poured through Eric Swanson’s butter boxes at Sacred Heart. It’s imminent release will change the Northland’s musical landscape forever.

Low hanging …. »

So I have several Qwest, Charter and power lines running through my yard to the rental houses next to us. Over the years, the contractor installers have run new lines and not pulled the old ones. One line is low enough for me to be able to grab it. That one isn’t a power line so don’t get excited. But really, what are the rules governing this? Do I have any recourse to get the cable or telecom to remove the old ones … or dare I say it .. route all their lines elsewhere? Do utility easements extend to non-power companies? Where do I go to find out the utility easement ordinances which apply to my Hillside home?

Ok I’ll say it »

Please excuse my profane anti-hockey manifesto as previously posted. I was needlessly spewing vitriol in the name of being iconoclastic and crude, i ask the forgiveness of PDD readers, especially my good friends who derive enjoyment and good family times from the sport. I will restate myself however by saying that I’m appalled at the money and focus that is given to organized “youth league” hockey in this area. when families have to leverage a small fortune to participate, there is something wrong. When schools reward hockey players and chastise robotics teams there is something wrong. Sometimes I get so sick of the hockey industrial complex that I want to swear

RV for rent? »

I wanna burn up some gas while I can! Seriously, We’re a responsible family looking to rent a small RV/camper van type deal (19′ or so) for a week coming up soon. Anyone in PDD land have a road ready and trusty vehicle for some family recreation? We plan to drive to Santa Fe and back with a minor amount of side trips along the way.

General Tso v. Colonel Sanders : Battle Chicken »

General Tso Harlan Sanders

I await your wisdom.

Hacker space: Duluth »

you could be here

I’m entirely enthralled with the DIY movement! I think it’s the ingenuity and nerdpower we need. How about you? Duluth needs a Hacker Space. Anyone interested? This is my “if I had a million $$” wish for Duluth. Any room in the armory for a public space like this? Anyone want to form an exploratory committee? I don’t have a lot of time, but I do have time enough to work with others to get this going.

NERD BATTLE: Serif or Sans Serif! »

In the interest of moving this thread off the well meaning post about Low playing at HCIS for their album release, I offer you a righteous old school PDD GAUNTLET! I’ve always viewed serif’d fonts to be archaic Gutenburgian throwbacks to screw presses. And now, in the days of info-overload, a visual hazard! What say you?!? Hopefully this escalates to some form of pub debate at Carmody where we get award winning graphic designers really blitzed and they fight so they break their mouse hands and can’t make bad ads the next day at work.

Where’s my jet pack? »

OK .. this would be nice too!

Finally, a guitar player who does what they’re told ;) »

Captain Beefheart RIP »

Don Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart) passed away. Doc at the Radar Station is one of my all time favorite albums. This guy was an original. Hopefully him and Zappa are enjoying a muffin of their own design in the garage. Run paint, Run Run is genius.

Attack of/on the 300′ foot rule! »

Just a quick note to let those who care know. The actual make up of the administration’s proposed rental regulations which will bring some measure of intentionality and sanity to the neighborhoods surrounding the colleges is under attack by the rental companies and organized landlords. The final wording of the ordinance, which will be voted on this upcoming Monday, is being decided just prior to the vote ( I heard 2 hours before ). The main piece of it which will help bring some form of reason to the onslaught of profit-before-community house grabbers is parking.

To be very clear: An approved off street parking spot for all but one house resident must be a part of the solution or I do not support the removal of the 300′ rule.

All the other regulations are also reasoned and will bring about positive improvements for the residents, from home owners to student renters, who actually live in the area, not just make money off the area. What can you do? Contact the city councilors just like the money interests have been doing.

Don’t let the people who stand to profit on the backs of our infrastructure fool you, this is not about resident versus student or town versus gown, they try paint that picture all the time and will again in the future, this is about being intentional about how a community grows versus making money hand over fist at the expense of a neighborhood.

Moo! »

So wrong on so many levels.

Cold outside means Duluth should turn the heat up … on Google! »

We could have this!

Google indexes all chatter on “Google Fiber” I ask you all to think what you’d do with gig connection and share it here. Other communities are turning up the heat at the last stretch, let’s show Google we care too! How about a flashmob/awarness show .. hmmm Gig for Gig?? any bands wanna donate a set?

Dirty Pool »

Plain and simple.

Please do not repeal the 300′ rule until there is an alternative in place.

To do so will undermine any motivating pressure to create, adopt and enforce an intentional response to management of the current situation. Repealing the 300′ rule without the proposed rules in place is underhanded attempt to deliver a final blow to a diverse community and underscores the profit-before-community approach which motivates rental companies and out of town landlords.

I have been a vocal advocate for smart municipal management of the neighborhoods effected by the growth of an important sector of the local economy and I agree that the proposed regulations, if enforced, concerning rentals will have a positive effect, especially regulations concerning parking. I will happily support the repeal of the 300′ rule the second the proposed regulations are in effect.

Thank you for caring about the neighborhoods.

Learn more: Duluth’s Rental Ordinances »

Tuesday, Nov. 16, 7 to 8:30pm
Grant Rec Community Center, 901 E. 11th St., Duluth

“Neighborhood Rental Reform,” proposed changes to rental ordinances

Keith Hamre, community development manager, city of Duluth
John Strongitharm, fire chief, city of Duluth

The city administration has prepared a draft document and is requesting public input. To preview the document, go to

Sponsored by the Campus Neighbors Advisory Group