Hey, filmmakers! Come to Duluth!

I’ve thought for a long time that Duluth is great on film. I think this does a good job selling our many assets. What did they miss?

Red Mountain – “Forestasia”


Perfect Duluth Day rendezvoused with Red Mountain on Goat Hill, and put together a little something special to get you in the spirit of hanging with friends and family this holiday season. Thanks to the Homegrown Music Festival for support in putting this together.

Find this video and other short clips of antics celebrating the season by clicking on this highlighted red text to view “A Perfect Duluth Christmas: PDD’s Holiday Video Showcase.”

A reminder: Homegrown band registration starts Dec. 25 and ends Jan. 31. The Winter Fiasco will be Jan. 30 at the Red Herring Lounge, Prove Gallery and Carmody Irish Pub. And the mighty Homegrown Music Festival itself happens April 26 to May 3.

Cooking on the Car: “Fish House Tacos”


Okay we’re finally going to get back to this “Cooking on the Car” thing. Here’s the first segment of our West Coast trip that we took a few years back. We have a ton of footage from that trip so there will be many more episodes to document this awesome road trip. Thanks for your patience. Peace.

Larson announces she’ll run for mayor

Larson for Duluth Mayor

City Council President Emily Larson has announced she will run to replace Duluth Mayor Don Ness, who has said he will not seek a third term.

“I’m running for mayor because the next chapter for Duluth is critical,” Larson wrote on her Facebook page. “I’m running because our community’s continued progress will require new ideas, and because I want to ensure we write Duluth’s next chapter together.”

Southwire on WCCO’s list of up-and-coming Minnesota bands

Duluth band Southwire topped WCCO’s list of the five “Best Up-And-Coming Minnesota Bands of 2014.” The trio performs at the Red Herring Lounge on Friday as part of Sarah Krueger’s album release party.

Southwire up-and-coming

Southwire debuted eight years ago, so the term “up-and-coming” seems a little odd, but the band’s debut album is not yet three years old and its popularity indeed seems to still be on the rise.

Hit by Snowballs in Slo-Mo


Lost Newfie in Twig area

NewfieA friend’s Newfie ran off from her house in Twig on Friday. Has anyone seen her?

Fat Biking Keene Creek


Video by Level Visuals.

To move back or not?

I was born and raised in Duluth (I left five years ago) and I am contemplating moving back to Duluth from the Twin Cities. The main reason: I miss my family. However, I have a few concerns and would like feedback from non-relatives that still live in Duluth. We left mostly because of the lack of jobs. Have things improved? I am also concerned about lack of activities for small children, quality of schools, etc. Is Duluth really turning around, or is it dying?

Trampled by Turtles live Pandora private studio performance


Duluth’s own Trampled by Turtles perform songs from their latest album, Wild Animals, for Pandora Live at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, Calif., on Oct. 23.

This Week: lights, flicks, tunes and more

Untitled design
Here’s a bit of what you’ll find on this week’s PDD Calendar:

As Christmas is only ten days away, now’s the time to get out and gawk at the lights. Bentleyville, Glensheen, and Fairlawn are all up to full twinkle right about now, so peep the calendar to see when to schedule your visits.

Plenty of music on tap, this week — Sarah Krueger is releasing her latest album at the Red Herring, former Duluthian Haley Bonar is in town, and the Music Resource Center is holding an open-mic night for its students.

Add to this list a good amount of notable film events — there’s the Star Wars Holiday Special, an Iranian Vampire Western and a film where J.K. Simmons yells at a drummer until he cries — and you’ve got the makings of a pretty full pre-Christmas week.

35,000 miles of scenic highway routes

Slate ran this article today from “The Vault,” its associated history blog. It details the history of Pacific Greyhound Lines, the company that eventually became Greyhound. This map is from 1935:


I was struck by the amount of routes covering Minnesota — all the way up to Thunder Bay makes sense, but no other state other than Ohio seems to have the saturation that Minnesota does. What gives?

It turns out that the intercity bus idea has its home in Hibbing. Gary Belsky outlines the history of Greyhound here, from its origins in Hibbing (as the “Snoose Line” — yes, that snoose) to its expansion across the country. Greyhound’s headquarters were in Duluth until 1930, when it relocated to Chicago.

File under stuff you probably knew, but I didn’t.

Wildwoods Notification about Distemper

A fox was found behaving abnormally, and the St. Louis County Undersheriff was able to walk right up to him and pick him up. He seemed very lethargic, and we were not certain of what we were dealing with, at first. Was he stunned from being hit by a car? However, then he began doing this, and we knew he had distemper.

Selective Focus: Time

Marija Majerle_time

Marija Majerle, untitled

Nice to see so many diverse interpretations of this week’s time theme: down time, killing time, bath time, seasonal time, time capsule, even perhaps “time to break your lease” (thanks Tyler).

Horses and Nerds

Tonight, I am home from the opening of the new art by Patricia Canelake at the Red Herring. This follows a great Nerd Nite last night.

The Canelake opening was awesome.

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