Duluth Album Releases in 2004

Greg Cougar Conley
For You
HDC Records

Jerree Small
Available on CD Baby

Trampled by Turtles
Songs from a Ghost Town
Available on Amazon

Various Artists
How Long Have You Been in Love?

The Fish Heads
Tails from the Dock Side

Charlie Parr
King Earl
Available on iTunes

Number One Common
The Second Coming

Bill Isles
The Calling
Available on iTunes

Lookdown Moon
Self-titled EP

Glenda Thuener
Recording One

Sight Like December
Simply Let Go
Available on CD Baby

Dirty Knobs
Available on Bandcamp

Sara Softich
Rusted & Bent
Available on CD Baby

Available on CD Baby

Pete Ekstam Project
Two Fingers in the Air
Available on Grooveshark

A Lifetime of Temporary Relief: 10 Years of B-sides and Rarities

The Alrights
High School
City Canyons Records
Available on Amazon

Boy Girl Boy Girl
Double Date
Available on Amazon

Available on eeriearq.com

Bleat for Help
Available on Bandcamp


Skard Incorporated

Some People’s Kids
Grounded for Life EP

The DTs
Never Could Say Goodbye

Shoot all the Wounded

Dog Pookah
Wonderful World

Portrait of a Drowned Man
Live 01.02.04 EP

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greg cougar conley

about 10 months ago

Holy Crap! I'm on 6 of these albums in one form or another! That was quite a year!


about 10 months ago

Cougar just invented a better band name in his first sentence than two decades worth of Duluth bands did. You'd want to come across deadly serious if you're going to call yourselves Holy Crap though, and remember to scowl when they snap those promo shots. Beats my best band name Heavy Balls by a long shot.


about 10 months ago

Holy crap! The first two albums I recorded are on that list. Apparently it's been a decade since I started recording stuff around here.

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