Duluth one of the happiest areas in U.S.

Looking at this map, from the article linked below, it appears that Duluth is, statistically, one of the happiest cities in the United States. I completely agree with that assessment. Charlottesville may be the official “happiest region,” but you could easily substitute “Duluth” for “Charlottesville” and have an accurate description of why our city is such a great place to live in.

Richmond is America’s most contented area – with New York its unhappiest

Happiness is a place called Charlottesville, Virginia


Special K

about 9 months ago

It would be interesting to compare this to a map outlining educational achievement in the US to see how happiness and education conincide and determine if ignorance truly is bliss.


about 9 months ago

Looks like it could be Special K. Pretty much the entire sweltering south are gagging on their happiness. You got Houston and DC for top happy cities while the entire west coast is miserable. An oil field, and a festering sinkhole of a swamp run by lardy war pigs makes for true bliss apparently.

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