Spirit Room Tapas Bar & Restaurant is open

Spirit Room Tapas Bar & Restaurant opened on Monday in the Trade and Commerce Marketplace in Superior. It’s a classy joint, from the tapas on down to the intricate details in the mural. Check out the menu …



about 9 months ago

I like how Budweiser, Miller and Pabst are not sourced. What does that mean? They're made in China? The Oompa Loompa factory? It's such a mystery that no one knows? Or just if you're so lowbrow as to drink that swill that they just know you don't give a damn where it's from?


about 9 months ago

Tapas is a real sign the Twin Ports are finally moving up in the world. I'll go there first, then the Black Water, then go gamble me away some wages at the casino while I take in a few packs of Merits or Salem.


about 9 months ago

The tapas menu options are amazing and their chef came from the Duluth Grill. I know I'm not alone in saying Superior has a few niche restaurants and this will be another one of them.

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