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Net neutrality under attack

The Federal Communications Commission is once again planning to put an end to net neutrality. I can’t weigh in on the geek end of this issue, but it is surely a bad idea, considering that print and broadcast media are so tightly controlled, with six corporations owning 90 percent of U.S. media. Big Money should not be able to control internet traffic. What to do?

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  1. Weighing in on the geek end: It is a bad idea. Between issues with troubleshooting, stability, and adding another layer of complexity that can be hacked, it will not make the Interwebs a nicer place. It will make it a more expensive one.

    Cheer up, though! At least a handful of megacorglomeratons will be able to give special treatment to their own products and extract additional marginal profit.

    If that brings you no cheer you may want to:

    1) Get informed with this good overview.

    2) Email the FCC --

    3) Contact your representatives -- House & Senate

    pauldoom | Apr 28, 2014 | New Comment

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