Minnesota Workout: Shoveling Snow in Duluth — March 27, 2014


I decided to put on my boots and go out and get a little workout today as only a Minnesotan can. Here is a video of how to workout in Minnesota … with a little Minnesota accentuation.


Jan Olson

about 11 months ago

Darn. I've missed my whole winter Minnesota workout by being somewhere where it hasn't snowed. Hope when I get home soon there'll be plenty left for me so I can get in shape, dontcha know. Your video is hysterical, Andrew!! Thanks for the lessons.


about 11 months ago

This has been the best winter on record. Can any of you help me build an interactive map of the Lester Ski Trails so I can show Mayor Ness exactly on which portions I become 'shit-stained' by two-cycle snow machines (that pollute up to 70 times more than a normal car) simply because they're not outfitted with something called a "catalytic converter?"


about 11 months ago

Nice Video and MN accent! (It's Michael C, haven't seen you in a while since HORO. Shoot me an email sometime...)

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