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Great Lakes as Carbon Corridor

Maude Barlow published a report on March 17 about plans to make the Great Lakes a carbon corridor for oil from the tar sands of Alberta and the fracking wells of North Dakota. Mayor Don Ness recently stated his support for more pipelines, saying his previous commitments to lowering carbon emissions were irrelevant because “the pipeline makes no impact on carbon consumption in the city of Duluth.”

I think Mayor Ness is a good mayor with a good heart, but this sounds like sophistry considering the global nature of climate change. And it may show the type of compartmentalization of thought we all indulge in to protect ourselves from larger truths.

Mayor Ness also recently stated on MPR that he was not well-enough informed to have an opinion on shipping oil by tanker across Lake Superior. I hope he will appreciate a lot of respectful pressure from his constituents on this issue, because here’s the deal: On one end is Tar Sands and fracking devastation and on the other end are climate-changing emissions. In the middle is a lot of fresh water we would be absolutely mad to put at risk. Now is the time to stand up for the big lake we all love and depend on.

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  1. Allen Richardson | Mar 24, 2014 | New Comment
  2. I feel the Mayor is well enough informed to speak out against Great Lakes Shipping, I also feel that he loves life enough that he knows that endorsing Enbridge in any way is wrong. I met with him on Mayor’s night which was Tuesday -- I was one of two people to meet with him. After speaking with him I got the distinct impression that if people interested in protecting the environment took the time to meet with him as well as engage the city in such a way that he felt support from them that he would be emboldened to speak out against things like Enbridge and Great Lakes shipping of oil. If he gets harassed by Enbridge and the people hell bent on getting Enbridge money with no one talking to him about how he can be a political success standing tall on environmental issues, he will fold to Enbridge and like lobbyists -- Go to Ness, his Facebook, his e-mail, his office and his phone line -- tell him we need people in office to fight to clean up the mess caused by fossil fuels and to end our dependency on him or don’t and we lose this potential ally to the oil lobby.

    Jesse Peterson | Mar 27, 2014 | New Comment

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