Seeking volunteer opportunities in Duluth that benefit the environment

I’m looking for some good organizations that provide volunteer opportunities that benefit the environment and people in any shape or form, thanks.


Jan Olson

about 1 year ago

St. Louis River Alliance, Superior Hiking Trail, Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center and the Great Lakes Aquarium are a few that are always looking for help. SLRA has an ongoing project to reestablish the Piping Plover, an endangered species in the Great Lakes Basin. Superior Hiking Trail has many opportunities to clear trails, build bridges and the like. Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center always has a variety of projects to work on including indoor and outdoor activities. The Great Lakes Aquarium utilizes volunteers for a host of projects. Also, if you want to really have a better understanding of our local environment and use that knowledge to benefit our great outdoors, check in to the Minnesota Master Naturalist Volunteer Training. I went through the program at Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn much about our surroundings and then put that knowledge to use.

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